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Senior Boys 1500 Final - LIVE REPLAY - OFSAA Track and Field Championships 2011

Published by
Ian Terpin   Jun 4th 2011, 12:04am
OFSAA Track and Field Championships - Jun 2, 2011 to Jun 4, 2011
Sudbury, ON, CA
Mens 1500m Senior
  Name Yr School Finals H# Pts
1 Sikubwabo, Yves   Glebe CI 3:53.97 1 10
2 Denault, Rob   Aurora 3:54.63 1 8
3 King, Xavier   Pickering - Ajax 3:55.29 1 6
4 Darlington, Connor   RS McLaughlin 3:56.68 1 5
5 Wilson, Mackay   Stratford Centra 3:57.49 1 4
6 Baxter, Sam   St Mary's - Kitc 3:59.09 1 3
7 Bellemore, Corey   Riverside 3:59.53 1 2
8 HUTTON, CHRIS   Sir Winston Chur 4:02.36 1 1
9 Master, Shawn   Northern - Sarni 4:03.37 1  
10 Cooper, Jeremy   Manitoulin 4:07.52 1  
11 Forbes, Austen   Highland 4:10.30 1  
12 Nunes DeSouza, Brandon   Dunbarton 4:22.81 1  

Click here for full results.
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5 comment(s)
It would have been nice if you mentioned, once at least, who the Stratford Central athlete in second place was. I would have hoped that whoever shot the video was smart enough to match bib numbers to names and could announce for all the viewers who the actual leaders were, not just where the "big four" were sitting. But I guess not.
Chris Nickinson
That announcer should get his eyes checked!
Uhhh, he placed 5th place by a considerable amount considering it came down to a kick.

Be thankful that there were announcers that knew a little bit about track. Afterall, this is a highschool meet. It may be hard for you to believe, but the general population actually doesn't know much about athletes in this age group, regardless of whether or not they compete in "OFSAA".

It's definitely the first time I've heard of Mackay Wilson.

Besides, all anyone really cared about was Yves, X, and Denault.
Chris Nickinson
Anybody from Canada want to help out next year?

It's extremely difficult to film, get splits, ID athletes, and think of something intelligent to say. It's even more difficult when you're not used to seeing all the athletes. There's were only so many meets I could get to this spring. I did have help spotting for a few events but he was a local (Thus making Jeremy Cooper easy to pick out of a crowd)and probably couldn't ID most of the kids any better than myself. Don't take things personally

If you guys want to help improve coverage next year send an email to runnerspaceofsaa@gmail.com. I'm sure we can work something out for you to be involved in covering events for us.

Uhhh, where to begin...

"all anyone really cared about was Yves, X, and Denault" - Really? No one was even slightly interested in the performance of Connor Darlington, a multiple Ofsaa track medalist and World X-Country team member? Wow, tough crowd.

As for Mackay Wilson, he won West Regionals in both the 1500 and 3000, came into the race with the 4th fasted seed in the 1500 and 3rd fasted seed in the 3000, and is a former Ofsaa medalist in the 3000. If the announcer was capable of pointing out Jeremy Cooper moving up the side, it shouldn't have been too difficult to identify the tall guy occupying 2nd for the majority of the race.
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