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D2 Indoor Nationals: Loughney's winning mark surpasses D1 national champ

Published by
Martin Bingisser   Mar 11th 2012, 2:23pm

After an amazing season by many competitors, the NCAA Division II championships lived up to the high expectations. Ryan Loughney (Ashland) broke 22 meters for the fourth time this year to easily take the men's title. His winning mark of 22.20 meters was even better than the winning mark at the Division I championships. Matt Royer (Indianapolis), Derrick Vicars (Findlay) and Richard Quick (Ashland) also all broke 21 meters to place second through fourth respecitvely. With four men over 21 meters, the meet was also nearly as deep as the Division I championship where just six men broke that barrier. The championships were definitely a high point for one of the deepest years in the history of Division II weight throwing.

Sam Lockhart (Grand Valley State) continued her consistent season with another 20 meter throw and a win in the women's competition. Jessica Rowland (Findlay) led most of the competition while Lockhart and teammate Liz Murphy (Grand Valey State) sat in second and third position. But both Lockhart and Murphy improved in the final round. Lockhart's throw was good enough for gold and Murphy was able to pass Rowland by inches for the silver.

                  2012 NCAA Division II Indoor Championships                   
     Hosted by Minnesota State University Mankato  - 3/9/2012 to 3/10/2012     
                                  Mankato, MN    

Men Weight Throw
 Top 9 marks advance to final.
        Meet: * 25.08m  3/9/2007    Kibwe Johnson, Ashland                     
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals            Points
  1    59 Ryan Loughney       SR Ashland               22.99m     22.20m   72-10.00  10   
      21.19m  21.97m  21.32m  21.48m  22.11m  22.20m
  2   193 Matt Royer          SR Indianapolis          21.53m     21.36m   70-01.00   8   
      21.18m  21.04m  21.36m  FOUL  21.14m  20.67m
  3   134 Derrick Vicars      SR Findlay               21.20m     21.34m   70-00.25   6   
      18.94m  FOUL  21.34m  21.19m  FOUL  FOUL
  4    61 Richard Quick       JR Ashland               21.94m     21.18m   69-06.00   5   
      20.88m  21.18m  FOUL  FOUL  19.84m  20.45m
  5   195 Ryan Smith          JR Indianapolis          19.50m     20.57m   67-06.00   4   
      19.28m  FOUL  19.27m  FOUL  18.93m  20.57m
  6   387 Ross Bunchek        SR Wayne St. (N          21.01m     20.50m   67-03.25   3   
      20.44m  FOUL  FOUL  20.50m  FOUL  19.62m
  7    57 Garrett Grey        JR Ashland               20.54m     20.27m   66-06.00   2   
      19.09m  FOUL  FOUL  20.27m  FOUL  FOUL
  8    60 Cory Meuleman       SR Ashland               20.59m     19.69m   64-07.25   1   
      18.61m  18.84m  18.50m  19.69m  FOUL  FOUL
  9    53 Craig Call          JR Ashland               19.97m     19.39m   63-07.50 
      19.39m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
 10   259 Brandon Karlin      SR Nebraska-Kea          18.54m     18.80m   61-08.25
 11   233 Mark Manno          JR Lock Haven            18.47m     18.38m   60-03.75
 12   408 Ryan Walstrom       SR Western Stat          18.92m     18.36m   60-03.00
Women Weight Throw
 Top 9 marks advance to final.
        Meet: * 20.53m  3/9/2002    Jackie Jeschelnig, Ashland (OH)            
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals            Points
  1   165 Sam Lockhart        JR Grand Valley          20.61m     20.57m*  67-06.00  10   
      18.51m  19.54m  19.52m  19.72m  FOUL  20.57m
  2   167 Liz Murphy          JR Grand Valley          21.19m     19.93m   65-04.75   8   
      19.19m  19.39m  19.21m  FOUL  FOUL  19.93m
  3   127 Jessica Rowland     JR Findlay               19.56m     19.89m   65-03.25   6   
      19.11m  19.89m  FOUL  18.14m  19.85m  19.89m
  4    49 Jessica Bridenthal  FR Ashland               19.60m     19.10m   62-08.00   5   
      FOUL  18.07m  18.32m  18.22m  18.21m  19.10m
  5    46 Kelly Ash           SR Ashland               20.25m     19.01m   62-04.50   4   
      18.21m  19.01m  18.52m  FOUL  17.88m  18.48m
  6   416 Jenny Schuler       SR Winona State          19.62m     18.55m   60-10.50   3   
      18.23m  FOUL  18.55m  17.98m  17.43m  17.36m
  7   180 Kathy Dirksen       JR Hillsdale             18.41m     18.41m   60-05.00   2   
      FOUL  18.05m  18.41m  18.18m  18.23m  18.21m
  8   170 Jamie Smith         JR Grand Valley          18.64m     18.34m   60-02.00   1   
      17.87m  18.34m  FOUL  17.59m  17.60m  17.82m
  9   351 Ashley Dewitt       SO Tiffin                18.55m     17.93m   58-10.00 
      17.32m  17.87m  17.93m  17.72m  16.89m  17.39m
 10   277 Kristin Cameron     SR Northwood             19.46m     17.85m   58-06.75
 11    51 Kim Habegger        FR Ashland               19.08m     17.66m   57-11.25
 12   414 Michelle Potter     SR Winona State          18.34m     17.51m   57-05.50
 13    35 Bidemi Balogun      SR American Int          18.65m     17.39m   57-00.75
 14   385 Carly Fehringer     SO Wayne St. (N          18.32m     17.34m   56-10.75

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