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Catching Up With Lawi Lalang

Published by
Scott Bush   Apr 16th 2013, 9:08pm

Coming off one of the finest NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship performances of all-time, winning both the 3,000m and mile events in ridiculous times, University of Arizona junior Lawi Lalang is eyeing a historic outdoor track season. We caught up with Lalang this week as he continues to focus on his training and getting ready for the championship meets.

Scott Bush (SB): Coming off of a very successful indoor track season, where you won two national titles, what are your goals for this outdoor season?

Lawi Lalang (LL): My main goals for this outdoor season is to finish strong and God willing win the 5,000m title.

SB: You've focused quite a bit on 1,500m and 5,000m during the outdoor season in the past. Any chance we'll see you take a stab at 10,000m this spring?

LL: Right now we have no plan for doing any 10,000m, may be next year.

SB: What's your next big race coming up?

LL: An NCAA national is my next big race; I am not doing Payton Jordan or Mt. SAC Relays.  

SB:  At the University of Arizona, you have a couple volunteer coaches on your staff like Bernard Lagat and your brother Boaz Lalang. What's it like having those two around to learn from?

LL: Both of them have been role models to me and mentors, so I have really good training with them. We really support each other.

SB: How did you first get into running competitively?

LL: I first got into running competitively once I arrived in University of Arizona, about two years ago.

SB: What did you learn from your third place performance at the NCAA Cross Country Championships this past fall?

LL: I learned that you need to give out some in order to get more, which is what my coach told me. Moreover, I did not push myself hard during cross country like when I was a freshman, since we wanted to have a good outdoor season.

SB: At this point in the season, what does the typical week of training look like for you?

LL: Right now my mileage ranges from around 65-75 miles per week. I do about two workouts per week. I do weights two to three times a week.

Quick Six

SB: Your college major?

LL: Public Health

SB: Favorite race distance?

LL: 3000m

SB:  Favorite food?

LL: Pizza

SB: Best band?

LL: Rayland Baxter

SB: Shoes you train in?

LL: Pegasus 29

SB: Longest run you've done?

LL: 16 miles

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