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Catching Up With Stephanie Rothstein Bruce

Published by
Scott Bush   Mar 14th 2013, 4:59pm

After running a new 10k best of 32:24.25 at the Olympic Track and Field Trials, where she finished eighth, Stephanie Rothstein Bruce decided it was time to tackle the roads. In November of 2012, Rothstein Bruce won the Big Sur Half-Marathon in 1:12:19, then a month later ran to a third place finish of 2:32:47 at the Honolulu Marathon. Fast forward to 2013 and Rothstein Bruce is working hard to take her talent to a whole new level. In January, she won the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in 1:15:18. Following up her half-marathon victory, Rothstein Bruce placed third at the competitive USA 15 km Championships and heads into the NYC Half this weekend with eyes set on competing hard and pushing for a very high finish.

We caught up with the Flagstaff-based runner this week, discussing her progression as a runner, her expectations for the NYC Half and her ultimate spring goal, the Boston Marathon.

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce: Website / Twitter

Scott Bush (SB): Congratulations on your third place performance at the USA 15 km Championships this past weekend. You are still in the middle of your marathon build-up, yet ran a great race. What did Saturday's race tell you?

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce (SRB): Thanks! The 15k told me I am really strong right now and listening to how your body feels during heavy training is extremely important. However, even if it tells you "you feel like crap" don't let that get into your head on race day. 

SB: This week you are headed to New York City for the NYC Half. What are your goals for Sunday's race?

SRB: Every time I get a chance to race in New York, there is a bit of nostalgia for me. I was born in New York and my father lived here until he passed away, so I like to devote each of my races in New York to him.

I am hoping to keep the positive momentum I have going for my Boston Marathon build up. The New York City Half is an opportunity to race with the best in the world in a place where dreams are made!

SB: With eyes set on the Boston Marathon, how will your training look over the coming weeks leading up to April 15?

SRB: This back-to-back weekend of races is serving as a marathon tempo simulator, so the plan is to recover from these hard efforts and get back to altitude for a last mini-stint. I'll start practicing my fluids and gels for race day and just have a few more solid workouts to carry me into Boston.

SB: As usual, the Boston Marathon field is incredibly strong. You've progressed quite a bit over the past few years and are running strong. What are your expectations heading into Boston?

SRB: I like to give myself opportunities rather than expectations that way regardless of how the weather is or how the race plays out I am prepared for all scenarios to have my strongest marathon finish thus far in my career. I'm looking forward to mixing it up with a stellar international field.

SB: You're a co-founder of Picky Bars. How is the business going and how are you able to manage your day-to-day training with running a business?

SRB: Picky Bars is growing fantastically thanks in part to our Picky eating revolution and our loyal fans and Picky Club members. I am fortunate that we hired an awesome Picky crew to run the day-to-day show and of course Lauren and Jesse run the majority of the show out of their home. I balance my training with working from my home on my computer joining our Picky meetings via Google chat and connecting with Picky eaters whenever I have the chance.

It's a great feeling to be competing at a race and have a Picky customer come and introduce themselves. To know we make an impact on such a personal level is very rewarding. My hope is to race at enough locations where Picky Bars aren't located and bring awareness to those stores and local areas that they must have us!

SB: What’s your current training situation?

SRB: I currently train in Flagstaff, AZ along with my husband Ben Bruce. I do most of my easy runs alone and a few Ben will tag along with. For training partners I am very lucky to have a few guys that will jump in and help pace my workouts. Coaching wise Ben and I are on our own for the time being with Ben overseeing both of our training schedules. 

SB: With a new quadrennial starting up, where do you see yourself heading as an athlete over the next few years?

SRB: I have so many goals over the next 4 years, it's silly! Of course the ultimate is making the Olympic Team in 2016, but I see plenty of checkmarks along the way. I want to win a national title on the road, make the World Team, run some pbs in the 5k-marathon and one day win the New York City Marathon. I believe in a steady progression over time and have learned these skills from my husband Ben.

Quick Six

SB: Shoes you race in?

SRB: Adidas Adios

SB:  Favorite movie?

SRB: Rocky 4

SB: Best TV show?

SRB: The Today Show

SB: Favorite food?

SRB: Bacon

SB: Favorite running route?

SRB: Bike path that parallels Falmouth road race looking out to Martha's Vineyard

SB: Favorite musician?

SRB: Katy Perry

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