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NTN Profile: Desert Vista Girls TC

Published by
Scott Bush   Jun 21st 2010, 11:35pm

Nike Track Nationals
Desert Vista TC (AZ)

Team Website / NTN Profile

Top Athletes: Syndee Freeman (sprints), Heather Arseneau (pole vault), Julia Kline (hurdles), Yasmine Yacut (distances), Mary Krestchmar (jumps), Lindsay Jantzi (jumps), Courtney Darling (throws) and Kadie McNamara (throws).

Team Strengths: Diversity is the key to many teams’ success, especially when it comes to a meet like Nike Track Nationals.  The more diverse you are, succeeding at a variety of disciplines, the more likely you are as a team to finish very high up at the end of the day.  For Desert Vista, success comes in a variety of events, hence why this squad has found itself in the US top ten nearly all season. 

With national standout Heather Arseneau looking to come up with huge points in the pole vault, and Syndee Freeman, Julia Kline and Mary Krestchmar leading the way for the rest of the squad in the sprints, hurdles and jumps, Desert Vista should challenge for a top three finish.

Key to Success: Desert Vista will succeed if they can improve in a couple of the events.  With some tremendous performances already posted this season, the key will be improving in events where the upside is taking home additional points, instead of an event like the pole vault, where the point tally can’t get much higher.  The throws and distances are two key areas where a couple second or couple inch improvement could mean quite a bit

Q&A with Coach Hanson

NTN: Your squad has strengths both on the track and in the field events. How does having that balance help your squad grow as a team? 

Coach Hanson (CH):We have always stressed both and feel that it is important to "pepper" in every meet we compete in.  The girls know that the hand must help the foot, so to speak, and we need each other.

NTN: Heather Arseneau will be your pole vault representative at NTN, but your pole vaulters as a group have received a fair amount of attention this year.  Can you talk a little bit about your pole vault group and the reason why they are so strong? 

CH: One reason...Coach Jeff Guy.  We have always had depth and strength in the vault but never like we have since Coach Guy came over in 2003.  He is an amazing coach and one we hope we never have to do without.

NTN: Despite being ranked US#7, you still trail in-state rival US#2 Chandler.  What was it like going head-to-head against Chandler this season?  How will squaring off with them help you to perform better come July 2? 

We love it!  We know that we are in the Wolves shadow and for good reason.  But we also know we need that competition in order to bring out our best.  They know us, and we know them...well...maybe too well.  We are excited to join them as one of 3 Arizona teams and know that they have ranked high nationally year in and year out.

NTN: What are your team's expectations heading into Nike Track Nationals? 

CH: Simply to take advantage of being able to compete with the BEST in the nation!  We hope to build on this along with our boys’ success in the past!  WE only wish we could have done this the last 3 seasons with our boys team!

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