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Coach Lisa Morgan reflects on 2015 World Youth Championships
Morgan calls Cali 'so fun, so rewarding'

Yesterday, 5:55pm 114 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
Official: Plane debris in Indian Ocean from Boeing 777, same type as MH370

A sea-crusted wing part washed up on an island in the western Indian Ocean may be the first trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 since it vanished nearly a year and a half ago, and a tragic but finally solid clue to one of aviation's most perplexi...
Yesterday, 11:33am 52 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
Bronzeville standoff ends with gunfire exchanged, man injured

A standoff between police and an armed man who refused to come out of a Bronzeville home ended at about 3:30 a.m. when the man fired about 20 rounds at police, who returned fire and struck him, authorities said.
Yesterday, 11:19am 96 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
Top officials critical of Ohio cop indicted on murder charge: 'This officer was wrong'

This time, some of the sharpest criticism of a police officer after the slaying of an unarmed black man came from top law enforcement and city officials.
Yesterday, 10:36am 103 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
1 dead, 5 injured in shootings since Wednesday afternoon

One person was killed and at least five have been injured by gunfire citywide since Wednesday afternoon, police said.
Yesterday, 10:16am 96 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
Kids in hot cars an enduring problem, despite education efforts

The rescue of an infant from a hot SUV in the southwest suburbs this week was another sad reminder of what advocates have been warning for years: It can happen to any parent.
Yesterday, 10:06am 96 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments