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Wheating 3:38 1500 - Oregon Twilight 2008(Length: 04:29 |Views: 34434)



Wheating 3:38 1500 - Oregon Twilight 2008

Published by
Kevin   on May 10th 2008, 4:29am

Wheating 3:38 1500 - Oregon Twilight 2008

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3 comment(s)

I got myself and my kids down to the fence on the bowerman curve to
watch this race, and it paid off.  I wanted them to understand the
speed from up close rather than what we were seeing from the stands,
and Wheating gave us all a show we'll never forget.  Okay, my 10 month
old might, but he clapped anyway.  He high-fived us on his victory lap and seemed to
appreciate every fan. The 1500/mile distance is my favorite as a fan
and a runner, I'll be back in the stands just weeks from now rooting
for this guy to pull out a top three.  I know, a long shot, but I think
he has a few more seconds in him, and if the race starts slow...

Wizzo800 - Mark Wieczorek

seriously...it will be exciting to see what he can do

Donal Pearce

Fabulous effort for the win!

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