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Girls (Highlights) - D2 - CIF State XC Championships 2011

Published by
Donal Pearce   on Nov 27th 2011, 10:31am

California CIF Cross Country State Championships

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5 comment(s)
XX Dad
CIF2011......get real. You are so wrong and utterly out to lunch. The contact was minimal by both runners and if had no effect on the winner. Saugus won no matter who was DQ'd. Simi is a great team and deserves recognition and there is no doubt they are in the GD2 Top 3. Saugus - Keep your heads held up high. You have achieved something amazing ..... 6 time State Champs and are an awesome team. Not only are you outstanding runners, you are good sportsman(women), know how to race and are coach by the amazing Rene Paragas. Congrats to all the teams.
CIF2011 - I hope you are home now and have cooled off and realize what you said could be hurtful to these young ladies who work so hard and WON outright.
First of all, Saugus still would have won even if Jenay was disqualified instead of Erika.

Simi 77
1 Baxter
11 Vernola
14 Barr
21 Riggs
30 Vinas

Saugus 74
2 Frankian
15 Frankian
16 McCall
20 Huntington
21 Hoslet

Second of all, they both have terrible sprinting form and they were both gunning for their team. It's hard to tell exactly what happened.
Pacific North West
Not seeing what you're seeing. It looks like the Simi girl didn't want to get passed and tried to take the Saugus' girls head off.
Donal Pearce
I'm very curious if something else went on out on the course between these two. I'd love to see other video angles of the finish to see what those captured.
This is unbelievable!!! CIF and the officials should be ashamed of them self’s. There should be an investigation on this race. I am talking about the Simi Valley runner being wrongly disquified at the end of her race because a Saugus runner coming from behind her throwing the first arm out to push, so she can pass her and then finally throwing her shoulder and pushing down the Simi valley runner. Plus, to top it all off to hide her foul she point out immediately that she was a victim. This action by the Saugus runner and the volunteer official cost not just the Simi Valley runner an all state placement but the whole team’s placement and the recognition they deserve. The Saugus team should give back the trophy and apologize to the Simi Valley running club for such a non sport like conduct. The kicker of all this is the Saugus runner blaming the Simi Valley runner as she’s the one that put her to the ground to cover her poor ethics of a true runner. If you start watching at 1:42 into the video you can see what took place. These officials have ruined this CIF final event with poor judgment and non professionalism.

I can’t believe they disqualified this Simi Valley runner, when clearly you can see what really happen.

The Saugus Runner Club should be ashamed!!!!!

Girls (Highlights) - D2 - CIF State XC Championships 2011
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