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Jordan McNamara

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Gender Male
Birthday 3/7/1987 - 27 years old
Twitter address @JordanMcNamara


Jordan McNamara 2014Name: Jordan McNamara
Date of birth:
March 7, 1987
Auburn, Washington
High School:
Auburn Riverside High School
University of Oregon, 2010
Current residence:
Eugene, Oregon
Primary event:
Personal bests:

 • 1,500m, 3:34.00, 2013
 • Mile, 3:52.42, 2013
 • 3,000m, 7:50.48, 2011
 • 5,000m, 13:34.64, 2012
Career achievements:

• Mile
   - 2011 Falmouth Mile Champion
   - Fastest Washingtonian All-Time
 • 1,500m
   - 2013 Heusden-Zolder Champion
   - OTC Elite Record Holder

Why have you chosen to live and train in Eugene?  Racing and training around the globe has afforded me the opportunity to experience multiple communities and how they view and value the simple act of running. To put it simply, Eugene actually cares. In this city, running matters. My first visit to Eugene (to watch Prefontaine Classic) opened my eyes. Everywhere I looked, people were active. There was a certain electricity present at every track meet that reinforced that the most important fact regarding track and field here: there is no better place to be- if you are, have been, or will be a runner.

Why have you chosen to run for Coach Rowland?  Coach Rowland is the only coach for me. A good coach knows how to adapt a program/approach based on the athlete. At the end of the day, he's dealing with 20+ people who are at the pinnacle of their sport. These athletes are also driven by a variety of different motivations. It takes a special coach to decipher and cultivate those internal emotions. My coach does that better than any other. It also doesn't hurt that, as an athlete, he's "been there". Olympic medals weigh heavy in this sport. He's walked the walked, and knows what we are going through on a daily basis.

What is an interesting fact about you that we may not know?  I can whistle "Flight of the Bumblee". Ask me sometime.

What is the coolest experience you’ve had as a Nike athlete?  Being flown (business class in a lie-flat seat) to Dubai for a photo/video shoot! INCREDIBLE!

Which teammate inspires you and why?  Hassan Mead. He's dependable, physically and emotionally. He always shows up, positive and ready to do the job!

What is the most challenging moment you’ve faced as an athlete?  Weeks before the NCAA championship, running as a senior at the U of O, I sustained a navicular stress fracture. Determined to reach the end of my final season, I pushed through the pain and made it to that final meet at Hayward Field, taking All-American honors in the 5000. Unfortunately, my foot required surgery. I wouldn't run a step for six months. Graduating, I faced a big decision: pursue post-collegiate running with the grave set-back or move on to the next challenge in life. I chose the former, and am glad I did. Regardless, those long days spent in a cast and crutches provided ample time to ponder on the uncertainty of my future. The largest challenge was embracing that fear & marrying it with determination. I knew that I might fail and never become a professional runner, but I also knew that if I gave everything to my passion, I could live with whatever result followed.

What makes you different?  I'm a focused individual who, for whatever reason, is hell bent on realizing potential. I will never be that person who looks back and wonders if I could have done it better.


My Results

  Pl Rd F/H# Mark Converted Wind Division  
2013 GNC Live Well Liberty Mile
1 Mile Road 2     4:01 Open  

2013 London Diamond League - Sainsbury's Anniversary Games
1 Mile 7 F 1 3:52.42 Open  

2013 Meeting Sport Solidarieta - Lignano
1500m 2 F 1 3:37.24 Open  

2013 KBC Night of Athletics - Heusden
1500m 1 F 1 3:35.39 Open  

2013 Memorial Leon Buyle - Flanders Cup Oordegem
1500m 4 F 1 3:34.00 Open  

2013 Cork City Sports International Athletics Meeting
1 Mile 2 F 1 3:55.76 Open  

2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
1500m 8 P 1 3:41.74 Open  

2013 PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website
1500m 3 F 1 3:38.95 Open  

2013 Oxy High Performance Meet
1500m 25 F 1 3:39.25  

2013 Re:RUN - San Diego 5k/10k/Invitational Track Meet
1 Mile 2 F 1 4:04.71  

2012 Manchester Road Race
4.75 Mile Road 11     21:55 Open  

2012 Great North City Games - USA vs GB
1 Mile 3 F 1 4:02.86 Open  

2012 GNC Liberty Mile
1 Mile Road 2     3:59.1 Open  

2012 Falmouth Road Race
1 Mile 2 F 1 3:56.07 Open  
7 Mile Road 23     34:43 Open  

2012 USA Olympic Track and Field Trials
1500m 7 S 2 3:42.77 Open  
1500m 7 F 1 3:37.79 Open  
1500m 1 P 3 3:40.78 Open  

2012 TrackTown Tune Up
1500m 1 F 1 3:35.63  

2012 Harry Jerome Classic
1500m 2 F 1 3:36.03 Open  

2012 PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website
1 Mile F 2 DNF Open  
5k F 1 DNF Open  

2012 Oregon OSAA Outdoor State Championships
1k -- F 1 2:20.45 Track Town  

2012 Oxy High Performance Meet
1500m 5 F 2 3:36.48  

2012 Oregon Twilight
3k 1 F 1 8:03.68  

2012 Payton Jordan - Cardinal Invite
5k 13 F 1 13:34.64 Section 1  

2011 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot
5k Road 4     13:49 Open  

2011 Falmouth Road Race
1 Mile 1 F 1 3:54.89 Open  

2011 Meeting Sport Solidarieta - Lignano
1500m 2 F 1 3:37.19 Open  

2011 Meeting international d'athletisme de la Provence de Liege
3k 2 F 1 7:50.48 Open  

2011 Morton Mile Meeting - Dublin Graded Series
1 Mile 1 F 1 3:56.83 Open  

2011 Cork International Athletics Meeting
3k 2 F 1 8:01.68 Open  

2011 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
1500m 10 F 1 3:49.61 Open  
1500m 4 P 1 3:40.43 Open  

2011 New York Diamond League - adidas Grand Prix
1500m 8 F 1 3:41.92 Open  

2011 Festival of Miles
1 Mile Road 1     3:57.84 Open  

2011 Oxy High Performance Meet
1500m 1 F 1 3:42.26 B  

2011 Oregon Twilight
3k 1 F 1 8:00.49  

2011 Oregon Relays - OregonRelays.com
1500m 2 F 1 3:45.77  

1 Mile Road 2     3:59.1 Open  



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