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Cyrus Hostetler

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Gender Male
Birthday 8/8/1986 - 27 years old
Facebook address http://www.facebook.com/Cyrus15
Twitter address @chostetler15


Cyrus Hostetler 2014Name: Cyrus Hostetler
Date of birth:
August 8, 1986
Newberg, Oregon
High School:
Newberg High School
University of Oregon, 2010
Current residence:
Eugene, Oregon
Christina Scherwin
Primary event:
Personal best:
83.16m (272’10”), 2009
Career achievements:

 • Javelin
   - Olympian, 2012 London Games
   - 2011 Pan-Am Games Silver Medalist
   - Pac 10 Conference record holder (83.16m)

What is your favorite track and field meet?  I got a chance to compete at the Diamond League meeting in Monaco. It had such a great atmosphere for the fans, and was such an exciting event. I would love to throw there again.

What is an interesting fact about you that we may not know?  A lot of people already know, but I love to cook/bake. I am also a huge nerd. I code websites, edit videos, do 3D animation/design, and like to do wood working in my garage.

If you could road trip across the country with anyone, who would it be?  Harry Marra. The guy can tell stories for days! He is so knowledgeable, nice, and supports you in every way. A road trip with him would be a blast.

What makes you different?  I am willing to make more sacrifices than most competitors. I would like to consider myself one of the hardest working guys in track and field. I train as well as have my own website and I do freelance work on the side. Not a lot of athletes are willing to do that in order to keep competing. But that’s what it takes to pay the bills.

How would you win The Hunger Games?  While people are worried that I would spear them, I would outsmart them with my dangerous booby traps.


My Results

  Pl Rd F/H# Mark Converted Wind Division  
2013 Harry Jerome Classic
Javelin 2 F 1 73.89m 242'5 Open  

2013 Edmonton International Track Classic
Javelin 3 F 1 71.31m 233'11.25 Open  

2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
Javelin 12 F 1 70.51m 231'3.75 Open  

2013 Beijing World Challenge
Javelin 9 F 1 69.71m 228'8.25 Open  

2013 Oregon Twilight
Javelin 2 F 1 74.93m 245'10  

2012 2012 London Olympics
Javelin 17 P 1 75.76m 248'6.5 Open  

2012 Monaco Diamond League - Herculis
Javelin 7 F 1 74.79m 245'4.25 Open  

2012 USA Olympic Track and Field Trials
Javelin 8 P 1 74.74m 245'2.5 Open  
Javelin 5 F 1 77.63m 254'8.25 Open  

2012 PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website
Javelin 4 F 1 81.02m 265'9.75 Open  

2012 Tucson Elite Throws Classic
Javelin 2 F 1 80.37m 263'8 Open  

2011 Pan American Games
Javelin 2 F 1 82.24m 269'9.75 Open  

2011 Toronto International Track and Field Games
Javelin 2 F 1 77.72m 254'11.75 Open  

2011 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
Javelin 3 F 1 77.84m 255'4.5 Open  



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Cyrus Hostetler Men's Javelin Throw r3- Oregon Twilight 2013
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OTC Elite Highlight Video 2012
Cyrus Hostetler 8th Javeliin Throw Qualifying 245-2 - USA Olympic Track and Field Trials 2012
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin R3 76.56 - Prefontaine Classic 2012
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin R2 81.02 - Prefontaine Classic 2012
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin R1 78.03 - Prefontaine Classic 2012
Cyrus Hostetler 4th Javelin Throw 81.02 - Prefontaine Classic 2012
Interview with Javelin Thrower Cyrus Hostetler - KPTV Channel 12 News
Mens Javelin - Pan American Games 2011