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Aisha Praught

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Aisha Praught

Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/14/1989 - 25 years old


Aisha Praught 2014Name: Aisha Praught
Date of birth
: December 14, 1989
: Moline, Illinois
High School
: Moline High School
: Illinois State, 2012
Current residence
: Eugene, Oregon
Primary event
: 3,000m steeplechase
Personal bests
 • 3,000m Steeplechase, 9:34.69, 2014
 • 3,000m, 9:00.67, 2014
 • Mile, 4:27.61, 2014
 • 1,500m, 4:05.52, 2015
Career Achievements:
 • 3,000m steeplechase
  - 2015 IAAF World Championships qualifier
  - 2015 JAM National Champion
  - 2013 USA Outdoor Championships finalist
  - 2012 NCAA, Olympic Trials qualifier
  - 2011 Missouri Valley champion


What is your favorite and/or least favorite workout?  Favorite: 1K reps on Amazon Trail with training partners, long threshold workouts, or really anything that challenges me to keep my cool and make it "look easy." 

Do you have any superstitions? I lean on the tomboy side of the spectrum, but oddly enough, I always wear makeup on race day. My own battle paint, if you will.

Why have you chosen to live and train in Eugene? Eugene has this wild, eclectic charm that really speaks to me. Pair that with unmatched community support, encouraging teammates, world class facilities and a phenomenal coach and I'm sold.

What is the most challenging moment you’ve faced as an athlete? Convincing myself to love the steeplechase after taking an unsightly fall at NCAAs was very difficult. Eventually I got over it, you just have to get over it. 

How would you win The Hunger Games? Stealth. And archery of course! I am actually quite skilled with a bow, being a Midwesterner and all. I learned to be light on my feet in the forest during a few deer hunting trips in college. 

What would be your super power and why? Apparition (or teleportation for you muggles), because there is too much I want to see and do!

Why have you chosen to run for Coach Rowland? Mark Rowland is an absolute legend. From the moment we met, I felt I could trust him to mold me into the athlete I want to be. He diligently learns each individual's tendencies, encourages autonomy and roughs you up with some tough love. When he says, "good one," you know he truly means it. He builds athletes carefully over time, so that when our work is done, I'll emerge as a stronger version of myself in every way imaginable. 

What drives you to work so hard? I am a competitor deep to my core. I want to be the best at everything, always have. Ask my parents. Or just ask me to play a board game. Scary. 

What is an interesting fact about you that we may not know? Never have I ever played a traditional sport. But I do have a black belt in Shorei Ryu karate and can still bust out some half-decent tumbling, thanks to years of gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. 

If you could road trip across the country with anyone, who would it be? I'm always up for a road trip with my boyfriend, William Leer. It would be fueled by horrible gas station coffee, podcasts, spirited discussion and bad singing.

What is the coolest experience you’ve had as a Nike athlete? I had the absolute pleasure of accompanying Nike employees to Iceland for a dream run contest with the #RunViking crew. Each day was filled with the most memorable runs of my life: over pillowy basalts covered in moss to a glacial lagoon, in the dark along the edge of a mountain to a black sand beach and through a geologically "new" lava field. I connected with dedicated runners from around the world, creating lasting memories and relationships. 

What is your dream job after your athletic career? Nerd alert: I would love to study Micropaleontology and ultimately become a Biostratigrapher or Petroleum Geologist. 

What do you do to unwind after a long season? I love traveling to see friends outside of the running community. This fall I spent two weeks camping, hiking and drinking beer in Alaska with a girlfriend from college. I spend time at home in the Midwest as well, mostly sitting in my parents' back patio catching up in front of the fire.

What is the key to your success? Passion is the key to my success. I am eager to train every day with intention, which translates in my ability to race like I mean it.

Which teammate inspires you and why? Julia Lucas inspires me with her unabashed fervor for life. She just oozes passion, and it's contagious. I will always respect her. 

What makes you different? Running isn't just the left-right-left-right simplicity to me. I'm a busy body with a busy mind who cares and feels deeply for people and life experiences. Stuff excites me! I enjoy being human! 


My Results

  Pl Rd F/H# Mark Converted Wind Division  
2015 Fifth Avenue Mile
1 Mile Road 10     4:35.0  

2015 IAAF World Outdoor Championships
3k Steeple P 1 DQ Open  

2015 Monaco Diamond League - Herculis
3k Steeple F 1 DNF Open  

2015 Meeting de Sotteville
3k Steeple 3 F 1 9:36.63 Open  

2015 Jamaican Senior National Championships
1500m 1 F 1 4:15.92 Open  

2015 New York Diamond League - adidas Grand Prix
3k Steeple 7 F 1 9:39.19 Open  

2015 PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website
1500m F 1 DNF Open  

2015 Doha Diamond League - Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix
3k Steeple 11 F 1 9:40.48 Open  

2015 Seiko Golden Grand Prix - Kawasaki
1500m 3 F 1 4:05.52 Open  

2015 Payton Jordan Invitational
3k Steeple 4 F 1 9:40.43 Section 1  

2015 British Grand Prix - Birmingham
Mile 5 F 1 4:32.86 Open  

2015 NYRR Millrose Games
3k 10 F 1 9:03.36 Open  

2015 Camel City Elite Races
3k 1 F 1 9:03.27 Camel City Elite  

2014 Rieti
3k Steeple 3 F 1 9:38.79 Open  

2014 ISTAF - Berlin
3k Steeple F 1 DNF Open  

2014 Zurich Diamond League - Weltklasse Zurich
3k Steeple F 1 DNF Open  

2014 Falmouth Road Race
Mile 9 F 1 4:44.43 Open  
7 Mile Road 16     39:59 Open  

2014 KBC Night of Athletics - Heusden
3k Steeple 9 F 1 9:49.01 Open  

2014 Morton Games - Dublin
Mile 3 F 1 4:27.61 Open  

2014 Meeting Sport Solidarieta - Lignano
1500m 9 F 1 4:15.57 Open  

2014 Meeting Citta di Padova - Padova
3k 10 F 1 9:32.81 Open  

2014 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
3k Steeple 2 P 1 9:39.77 Open  
3k Steeple 4 F 1 9:34.69 Open  

2014 Portland Track Festival
3k Steeple 2 F 1 9:42.76 Open  

2014 PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website
3k Steeple F 1 DNF Open  

2014 Ponce Grand Prix
3k 4 F 1 9:00.67 Open  

2014 Oregon Twilight
1500m 3 F 1 4:18.23  

2014 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational
3k Steeple 2 F 1 9:42.08 Section 1  

2014 Oregon Preview
2k Steeple 1 F 1 6:26.72  

2013 Falmouth Road Race
Mile 8 F 1 4:47.54 Open  

2013 Memorial Rasschaert - Flanders Cup Ninove
3k Steeple 10 F 1 10:05.54 Open  

2013 Morton Games - Dublin
Mile 5 F 1 4:35.70 Open  

2013 Cork City Sports International Athletics Meeting
3k 3 F 1 9:21.55 Open  

2013 Meeting of the City of Reims
1500m 7 F 1 4:22.54 Open  

2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
3k Steeple 6 P 2 10:02.67 Open  
3k Steeple 11 F 1 10:17.32 Open  

2013 Portland Track Festival
3k Steeple 1 F 1 9:50.06 High Performance  

2013 Oxy High Performance Meet
1500m 21 F 1 4:16.66  

2013 Oregon Twilight
1500m 4 F 1 4:19.56  

2013 Washington Invitational
Mile 4 F 2 4:40.71 INVITATIONAL  



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