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Dillon Taylor

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Dillon Taylor

Gender: Male
High School Graduation: 2013


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My Results

  Pl Rd F/H# Mark Converted Wind Division  
2011 Florida FHSAA Cross Country State Championships
5k XC 45     17:24.04 Class 2A XC  

2011 Cape Coast Conference XC
5k XC 5     16:54.14 Varsity XC  

2011 Highlander Invite - Lake Highland Prep
800m 23 F 1 2:14.12  

5k XC 12     16:46.31 Class 2A XC  



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Boys 2A Race Footage (SG) -Florida FHSAA State Cross Country Finals 2011
FHSAA XC Finals 2A Boys Race
Boys Top 15 Awards-2011 FHSAA 2A Region 3 XC Meet
Boys Race Footage-2011 FHSAA 2A Regional 3 XC Meet
Race Footage Boys Finish Top 15-2011 FHSAA 2A Region 3 XC Meet
Boys Race Footage - Cape Coast Conference 2011
Boys Finish - Cape Coast Conference Championships 2011