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Road Race Management Conference

Published by
Parks Smith   Nov 11th 2008, 11:21pm

This past weekend I had a chance to attend the Road Race Management Race Directors Meeting in Hollywood, FL.  This was a great oppurtunity not only to meet other heads of the industry from companies and races around the world, but to discuss current issues in running today.  I got to meet many people from around the world including Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, and the Carribean.  I learned a lot about issues regarding racing such as event set up, new technology, greening your event, etc. (I would be willing to share my experience with anyone interested).

One of the most stirring moments of the meeting was its conclusion luncheon with accomplished race commentator and announcer Toni Reavis.  He gave a passionate speech of how running should gear more back to competition and figurehead athletes rather than its current participatory culture.  I totally disagree with Toni, participation and the thrill of event is what makes running great for participants and race directors.  Running doesn't need a Michael Phelps or Lance Armstrong, we are all doing fine with your everyday Joe.  The lack of television commericialization also makes it great.


Other Thoughts:  the new "D" chip is the way to go to eliminate headache for race directors, but I think Championchip will have something to say, I sat down with CEO Bas Van Rens who is inspired by the slew of ideas surrounding chip timing, the "D" chips biggest problem is its lack of "greeness", it creates a lot of trash


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