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Hot & Fresh

Published by
Chris Nickinson   Apr 19th 2009, 7:45pm

Many moons ago (2002), back in the day when Runners World had a magazine and website called High School Runner, I read about some crazy tradition that some kids in some far off state did this crazy workout with doughnuts. An idea was born.

Growing up in the South, the Land of Krispy Kreme (don't you dare mention Dunkin' Donuts down here), this workout made perfect sense. My teammates and I loved doughnuts. We loved running fast. Why not combine the two?

That year we did the workout in early March to allow an alumna running for the University of Florida to join us. Brent properly destroyed us that day. Legend has it that Brent Schnieder swallowed 13 of Krispy Kreme's finest yeast-raised doughnuts while clicking off 65 second 400s.

Brent's record was challenged but never toppled until last year when a precosious freshmen by the name of Peter Fricke outlasted senior and 2x State Champ Eric Larson 16 doughnuts to 15 doughnuts.

With some old timers like myself (Most I've mustered is 8 - but I was running 62s :) ) returning this year and the defending champ running better than ever, will we see a new record set this year?

Stay tuned boys and girls.


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