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Results for the Weekend of 3/03/12 (Mar 4th 2012, 5:16pm)
Results for the Weekend of 2/25/12 (Feb 28th 2012, 11:19am)
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Results for the Weekend of 2/25/12

Published by
Martin Bingisser   Feb 28th 2012, 11:19am

Nearly everyone was in action this weekend as collegiate throwers faced off at their conference championships and post-collegiate throwers headed to Albuquerque for the U.S. Championships. While Conor McCullough (Princeton) again posted the best mark of the weekend, he has stated he plans on focusing on the outdoor season and will not compete at the NCAA Championships. This leaves the door open for his competitors, which were packed between 21 and 22 meters. Marcel Lomnicky (Virginia Tech) threw 21.88m, but he was one of just 11 D1 throwers over 21 meters, and an impressive four broke 21 meters at the Big 10 Championship. Also impressive was Ryan Loughney (Ashland) who once again broke 22 meters and leads D2. The GLIAC Championship had three ment over 21 meters as the "small school" divisions continue to impress this year.

Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) returned over 23 meters to produce the top collegiate women's mark of the weekend. While she is the clear front runner a deep field will fight it our for second place at the NCAA Championships in two weeks. Kelly Closse (Texas Tech) broke 21.50m for the third meet in a row. Both Mele Vaisima (Boise State) and Ida Storm (UCLA) were among a handful of throwers that improved over the 21 meter mark. Liz Murphy (Grand Valley State) also set a new D2 leading mark at 21.19m.

At the US Championships, favorite A.G. Kruger won, while Michael Mai threw a personal best for second place. The women's title went to Amber Campbell in a slight upset over world leader Brittany Riley. Campbell's mark was a new personal best and also the second best mark in any event during the Visa Championship Series.

Collegiate Men's Weight Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Conor McCullough          FR Princeton               22.94m   75-03.25
  2 Ryan Loughney             SR Ashland (D2)            22.29m   73-01.75
  3 Marcel Lomnicky           SR Virginia Tech           21.88m   71-09.50
  4 Richard Quick             SR Ashland (D2)            21.62m   70-11.25
  5 J.C. Lambert              SR Southern Illinois       21.57m   70-09.25
  6 Micah Hegerle             JR Minnesota               21.50m   70-06.50
  7 Jeremy Postin             JR Florida                 21.48m   70-05.75
  8 Alex Faldermeyer          SO UCLA                    21.45m   70-04.50
  9 Alexander Ziegler         JR Virginia Tech           21.32m   69-11.50
 10 Max Mays                  SR Ohio State              21.26m   69-09.00
 11 Derrick Vicars            SR Findlay (D2)            21.20m   69-06.75
 12 Matt DeChant              SR Ohio State              21.18m   69-06.00
 13 Jay Gillespie             SR Michigan State          21.16m   69-05.25
 14 Michael Lauro             SR LSU                     21.09m   69-02.50
 15 Ross Bunchek              SR Wayne State (D2)        21.01m   68-11.25
 16 Brandon Pounds            JR Indiana State           20.95m   68-09.00
 17 Lonnie Pugh               JR Michigan State          20.78m   68-02.25
 18 Montrell Morrow           JR East Carolina           20.63m   67-08.25
 19 Antonio James             FR Michigan State          20.61m   67-07.50
 20 Akil Mills                SO Illinois State          20.54m   67-04.75
 21 Pete Delzer               SR Wisconsin-Oshkosh (D3)  20.48m   67-02.25
 22 Matt Royer                SR Indianapolis (D2)       20.41m   67-01.25
 23 Justin Welch              SO Georgia                 20.35m   66-09.25
 24 David Triassi             JR Florida                 20.29m   66-07.00
 25 Cory Meuleman             SR Ashland (D2)            20.22m   66-04.25
 26 Ben Ludtke                SR Wisconsin-Oshkosh (D3)  20.10m   65-11.50
 27 Jon Lehman                SO Minnesota               20.09m   65-11.00
 28 Pascal Tang               SR Northern Arizona        19.99m   65-07.00
 29 Eric Hubbard              SR Akron                   19.86m   65-02.00
 30 Tony Sigrist              SR Wisconsin-Eau Claire (D3) 19.73m 64-08.75
 31 Trevor Kraychir           SR Boise State             19.65m   64-05.75
 32 Garrett Grey              JR Ashland                 19.58m   64-03.00
 33 Denis Mahmic              JR Virginia Tech           19.51m   64-00.25
 34 Ryan Smith                SR Indianapolis            19.50m   63-11.75
Cutoff: 19.50m

Post-Collegiate Men's Weight Throw  
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    24.57m   80-07.50
  2 Michael Mai                  U.S. Army               23.91m   78-05.50
  3 Garland Porter               Unattached              23.37m   76-08.25
  4 Brian Tolcser                Unattached              22.01m   72-02.50
  5 Paul Wagner                  Shore AC                20.74m   68-00.50
  6 Davis Fraker                 Unattached (Illinois)   20.69m   67-10.75
  7 Jake Basher                  Syracuse Chargers       19.69m   64-07.25
Cutoff: 19.50m

Collegiate Women's Weight Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Jeneva McCall             SR Southern Illinois       23.39m   76-09.00
  2 Kelly Closse              JR Texas Tech              21.54m   70-08.00
  3 Mele Vaisima              SR Boise State             21.24m   69-08.25
  4 Ida Storm                 SO UCLA                    21.21m   69-07.00
  5 Liz Murphy                JR Grand Valley State (D2) 21.19m   69-06.25
  6 Brittany Smith            JR Illinois State          21.13m   69-04.00
  7 Alena Krechyk             JR Kansas                  21.01m   68-11.25
  8 Felisha Johnson           JR Indiana State           20.99m   68-10.50
  9 Dani Bunch                SO Purdue                  20.93m   68-08.00
 10 Erin Atkinson             SO Baylor                  20.84m   68-04.50
 11 Valerie Wert              SR Akron                   20.76m   68-01.50
 12 Sam Lockhart              JR Grand Valley State (D2) 20.56m   67-05.50
 13 Alexis Thomas             JR Ohio State              20.48m   67-02.25
 14 Beth Rohl                 JR Michigan State          20.38m   66-10.50
 15 Brittney Waller           JR Clemson                 20.37m   66-10.00
 16 Favian Cowards            SR Mississippi State       20.24m   66-05.00
 17 Maggie Mullen             SR Ohio State              20.21m   66-03.75
 18 Taylor Smith              JR Wisconsin               20.11m   65-11.75
 19 Kelly Ash                 SR Ashland (D2)            19.88m   65-02.75
 20 Amanda Bingson            SR UNLV                    19.86m   65-02.00
 21 Benia Gregoire            JR Florida International   19.78m   64-10.75
 22 Victoria Zimmerman        SR Nebraska                19.73m   64-08.75
 23 Nicole Elliott            SR Northern Arizona        19.73m   64-08.75
 24 Shatora Lewis             JR Michigan State          19.72m   64-08.50
 25 Amethyst Holmes           SR Alabama                 19.68m   64-07.00
 26 Angelica Howard           SR Alabama                 19.64m   64-05.25
 27 Ify Agwuenu               SR Sacramento State        19.64m   64-05.25
 28 Rickael Roach             SR Southern Illinois       19.64m   64-05.25
 29 DeAnna Price              FR Southern Illinois       19.62m   64-04.50
Cutoff: 19.50m

Post-Collegiate Women's Weight Throw  
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 Amber Campbell               Nike                    24.78m   81-03.75
  2 Brittany Riley               Unattached              23.88m   78-04.25
  3 Gwen Berry                   New York AC             22.80m   74-09.75
  4 Shelby Ashe                  Throw1Deep              21.90m   71-10.25
  5 Kristin Smith                Kristin Smith           20.79m   68-02.50
Cutoff: 19.50m

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