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Track and Field Officials Training 2012

Published by
Craig Godwin   Jan 12th 2012, 6:57pm

New Track and Field Officials

1. People interested in becoming a track and field official can attend a training clinic on Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It will be held in the second floor of the Bowerman Building which is on 15th Avenue at Hayward Field. There will be a half hour lunch break. Attendees can bring a sack lunch or eat across the street at the Living Learning Center or at a nearby restaurant.

2. Before coming to class, attendees should email jerry_westfall@yahoo.com who is the certification and training person for USATF-Oregon. He will send each person specific information about becoming a Track and Field Official and application forms.

3. The cost of the clinic is $40 and the certification received will be good for the remainder of 2012 plus for all the next Olympiad, 2013-2016, five years total. Current officials renew their certification every four year in conjunction with the next Olympiad. There will be training CD's available for $10.

4. Officials also need to be members of USA Track and Field. New members may join at www.usatf.org. The cost varies with the length of membership desired.


Current Track and Field Officials Recertification

1. Current officials’ certification is good through 2012.  Re-certification of current officials for the next Olympiad (2013-2016) will not begin until November 2012.  Check the USATF-Oregon website for more information in the fall.

2. Current officials who want to upgrade their level of officiating (Association to National or National to Master) should contact Jerry Westfall of USATF-Oregon at jerry_westfall@yahoo.com for information on how to do this.

3. Current officials do not have to attend a new officials training clinic unless they want to.

4. Best Practices:  If current officials want to sharpen their officiating skills or look into working a variety of events they can log onto www.usatfofficials.com and go to “resources” then “best practices” for information.  They can also email Jerry Westfall at the address in #2 above and ask him for instruction videos.    

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