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Keep - Quick Tip - Adding Content to Bio Pages

Published by
Ian Terpin   Oct 20th 2010, 3:43pm

Attaching content is easy, just click the "add to bio" or "profile" button under the content you want attached and start typing the athlete's name to choose the correct athlete/team.

Anyone can attach content to someone's bio page, but that group/team's admin has the right to accept or deny it.

Group/Team admins can accept/deny content by going to their group/team's athlete tab and clicking the "manage" button on the left side of the page.

One thing to keep in mind (VERY important), don't just attach articles, photos, videos etc to any athlete's bio just because it is the right person. It has to also match the group in which that content came from. For example, a video of Rupp right now would only be attached to Rupp's Nike bio, not his Oregon or Central Cath bios. The cool thing about our setup is that we can attach all the levels of bios together so that all levels of content will show up on any of the bios (it merges it all without putting the content on all the groups main pages... ie it doesn't put the Nike Rupp video on Oregon's main video tab, it just puts it on Rupp's bio page). The also gives the admin of the Oregon site the ability to "un-merge" the bios on Oregon's site only if they choose to. We did this so the group/teams admins has the power to decide what goes on their athlete's bio pages.

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