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Random Fartlek - Newport News Park - CNU Distance 10-06-2011

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Coach Matt   Oct 7th 2011, 10:49pm

A fartlek with random surges. Each athlete is given a time to surge on a sheet of paper, known only to him. When it is their turn to surge, they must take the lead and others must respond. This workout is not done to drop teammates, but is done to help teach reaction to moves, covering moves, and staying connected even if little gaps happen. After each person's hard segment is done, they ease back into normal run pace, and anybody behind must catch up. A few surges ended up being back-to-back, causing a "ok, I'm done, time to ease up... oh, gotta respond to that new move" moments. There was one overlapping surge, where the goal was to have the two athletes both try to lead for a one minute time frame and "battle it out" a little bit.

WU - 10min, 4x30s on-off, 6min

20-23min Van
24-26 Scott
26-27 Gabe
28-31 Dan
33-34 Patrick
34-37 Corey
39-41 Ray
40-42 Brad
46-47 Will
49-50 Aaron
53-55 Coach on bike

CD - 5min, 3x30s on-off, 5min


Total run 10.6M, 67:30 - 6:22 pace on only 25min hard running

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