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Championship Season (May 18th 2011, 3:02pm)
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The Originator Has Returned

Published by
dex jr   Mar 1st 2011, 3:43pm

It’s been a great cross-country season! The NIKE SPIKE BUS met some cool kids, visited awesome high schools, and always had a great time. Mother Hen, The Driver and myself Black Velvet were a great team but with the outdoor season rapidly approaching a change was in order. If you guessed 25” rims on the Bus, you’re not correct though I admit that would be cool.

Dexter aka Black Velvet is going back to the van!!! (applause)

Thank You (bowing and waving)

With the outdoor season here the best thing to do was to get back in touch with my roots. Many experienced me on the van before and know that it’s unlike none other; so get ready. I have new workouts and drills to do with you all and I look forward to an OUTRAGEOUS season, see you soon

Nike East Running Van

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