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Bus Time

Published by
tomwilliams   Mar 25th 2011, 2:36pm

Man! “Bus Season” is really starting to get in full swing; I think lately I’ve been spending more time in the bus than in my own home. And for those of you have been on the bus know this is nothing to complain about, it is in fact the way that many of us would prefer it to be. Unfortunately, I have yet to successfully cook a pancake on the T-shirt press, so the bus isn’t home to me quite yet. Anyway, this past week we got to see some awesome schools like Mainland Regional, the blazing fast Cheltenham High School and  have some good times with some cool kids. Next week begins some serious road trip action – including a trip to Boston for the Nike New England Outdoor Track and Field Kickoff at Niketown Boston – which is going to be awesome. I’m pretty stoked to get some miles done in Boston, I’ve ran the Charles River Loop at night, maybe I’ll check out it the daytime or dart around and explore the city! From there we will work our way through Connecticut and eventually Upstate NY – home sweet home. All and all I’m extremely excited for this tour and can’t wait to give you some updates from the road on it!

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