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Julia Gordon   Mar 11th 2011, 12:05am

Over the past couple of years the Nike Spike Bus has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, education, and customization!  Anyone that has seen us along the road knows that we pride ourselves on providing runners with the best gear...  Whether that be customizing sweet Nike shirts and bags to showing off the latest in clothing/shoe trends!

After spending the Cross Country season on the road, hitting up tons of awesome schools and meets, we realized that we needed to switch some things up for the upcoming Track season... We've made sure that this upcoming season of visits and meets are going to blow previous seasons away, but when it came to adding something new to our customization station we were stumped...

It didn't take long to figure out that we needed to turn it over to our Fans to come up with the BEST new graphic for the upcoming season!  I mean, who really knows what our Fans want more then our Fans!?!

So we left it up to you guys to come up with the next best graphic!  You guys came out in full force, submitting tons of AMAZING graphics!

After everything one graphic made it through everything and came out on top!

Jason from Grand Island, NY is our WINNER!!! CONGRATS!

Check out the following Interview with Jason post-win, and make sure to keep an eye out for his graphic this season!

SPIKE BUS CREW: How did you first hear about the Spike Bus Graphic Contest? 

JASON: I first heard of the contest when Julia, from the Nike Spike Bus, overheard I was artsy and she thoroughly described the contest to me almost as a sneak peak!

SPIKE BUS CREW: What was your thought process / inspiration behind your winning graphic?

JASON: My inspiration was definitely to be strong but simple. The Nike Spike Bus and Nike in general are all about simplicity such as, "Just Do It."

SPIKE BUS CREW: It was certainly was a close race. Were you nervous at any point?

JASON: Hah, yes I was very nervous whenever I was behind, and especially at the end seeing I won by just a lean.

SPIKE BUS CREW: What does it feel like to know NIKE is producing your graphic?

JASON: I'm not gonna lie its pretty awesome.

SPIKE BUS CREW: How fast do you think the graphic will sell out on the Spike Bus?

JASON: Hopefully fast, but not too fast, I may want a shirt or two!

SPIKE BUS CREW: So what’s next for you in the world of running?

JASON: Well I was strictly a jumper in indoor, so I really need to get back to running, but the Vikings and I are hopefully gonna break some records in the 4 by mile relay!


Thanks to everyone that submitted graphics!  We really have the best fans out there!

Nike Spike Bus Crew

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Hey jason, im gonna go 4:45 and take your spot on the 4xmile.... js
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