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Shelby Davidson Blog # 8- Hills in Florida??

Published by
DrBob   on Nov 14 2011, 06:27 PM

Shelby Davidson

Who would’ve thought there would be hills in Cocoa, Florida?

Out of ALL places, that would be the last place I would imagine- let alone in Florida at all. Last weekend I had my district cross country race in this area, on a course I had never ran before. Normally new courses are exciting, but of course my first reaction was fear because we all know what happened on the course I had never ran on at the Katie Caples race… typical Shelby just getting lost.

If you are not familiar with that story, it’s really quite funny and embarrassing and you should go read my blog about it. But anyway, thankfully there was a golf cart leading this race so I was able to find my way on the correct course.
This race actually turned out to be a lot of fun, regardless of the fact that there were only about 8 teams there. Leading up to this race, we didn’t really taper much because there were still 3 weeks until states and 4 weeks until Foot Locker Regionals.

My week of workouts and easy runs went really well, so I basically was in the mindset to really just make this race a great experience for myself. After all, this was my last district cross country race of my entire high school career! As soon as the gun went off, I knew I did not want to expend all of my energy and go completely to the well and so I raced it pretty hard for about the first 1.5 miles to see how it would feel, and then cruised in for the last few miles.
The course was pretty nice, it was near Cocoa High School with areas going through muddy ditches, going up a pretty large hill twice, and some inclines/declines here and there. Definitely an unexpected and fun change compared to racing on flat terrain for almost every meet this year.
In this race I finished first place with a 17:57, which I was very happy with considering I ran alone and the course was hilly. Claire Castillo from Titusville got second with a 19:18, which is so awesome for her because she has come such a long way this season. Everyone watch out for her next year!
Also this race was awesome because my girls team won, as well as the boys team. We scored only 21 points, which is a huge deal because the Cocoa Beach girls team has not done that since 1984!

I still can’t even process how quickly this season has gone by, most likely because it is my senior year and as everyone says time seems to fly by in the last year of high school. I am looking forward to racing this coming Saturday for regionals, and hopefully snatching another individual/team champion title. Best of luck to everyone in their regional races, and just remember: if you fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Don’t run in fear, but rather in determination to reach your full potential.




Editor's Note- Shelby will be keeping a blog for us this year as she is set to improve on a stellar junior year. Last year Davidson was a Footlocker Finalist and has had one of her best summers of her high school career.


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