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Temperature Change (Apr 4th 2011, 6:52pm)
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Temperature Change

Published by
Coach Matt   Apr 4th 2011, 6:52pm

After a beautiful Friday and Saturday with temperatures of 75-85, Sunday brought a little storm in. You can see part of that storm blowing in on the premier of the Matt and Pat Show. There was some snow in the afternoon and the cold temperatures -- low 40's -- lingered around for todays run... though the sun coming back was a great relief.


Got in a 2.75M run at about 7:10 pace today. Made it around the 1.4M loop of the reservoir in 10:04 even with a real controlled effort. Too early to be able to say my fitness is really improving that much over the 10:30-40 loops I usually do, but I think it is realistic to say that my body is becoming more comfortable with running daily again. It's probably about time to start doing some light workouts on a regular basis and trying to extend the runs a bit.


Check out Training Plan v1.


RIAA, Coach Matt

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