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Arbor View Newcomers
Fri, 11 Las Vegas, NV
Bulldog Early Bird Invitational
Fri, 11 Mesquite, NV
Cheyenne Newcomers
Fri, 11 North Las Vegas, NV
Green Valley Newcomers
Fri, 11 Henderson, NV
Heitkotter Invitational
Sat, 12 Las Vegas, NV
Meadows Invitational
Sat, 12 Las Vegas, NV
Liberty Relays
Sat, 19 Las Vegas, NV

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Chase Wood - Nevada Wendy's Heisman Winner

Faith Lutheran senior, Chase Wood, was named Nevada male winner of the Wendy's Heisman Award. The Wendy's High School Heisman recognizes students for excellence in athletics, academics and community service.  Chase recently defended his 2014 D1A State XC Championship by winning the 2015 title Nov 7 in Reno. The national winners will be announced on Dec. 11 in New York. Congratulations Chase!

Mark Fordney Photo


Katie Gorczyca


Katie Gorczyca, former Palo Verde and Centennial XC and Track athlete, recently competed in the 2015 NCAA Women's Collegiate Triathlon National Championship held at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida.

Katie, now at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, placed 5th overall.  She has also received her professional triathon license by willing an event in Richmond, Va.

2015 Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship
Clermont, Florida November 7, 2015
750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run

Individual Overall
1. Abby Levene (Colorado), 1:02:39
2. Jocelyn Bonney (Queens University of Charlotte), 1:04:06
3. Marissa Ferrante (Stanford), 1:04:16
4. Melissa Rios La Luz (Webber International), 1:04:42
5. Katie Gorczyca (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), 1:04:49
6. Kelly Kosmo (UCLA), 1:05:02
7. Grace Obando (Junior elite), 1:05:10
8. Brittany Warly (Colorado), 1:05:29
9. Melissa Teeple (Marymount University), 1:06:05
10. Jessica Tomasek (Queens University of Charlotte), 1:06:30

Team Overall
1. Queens University of Charlotte, 12 points
2. Marymount University, 19 points
3. Colorado, 36 points
4. California, 38 points*
5. UCLA, 38 points*
6. U.S. Naval Academy, 52 points
7. Texas A&M, 66 points



Dajour Braxton

Former Centennial Track and XC All-State athlete Dajour Braxton, now running at LSU was named Southeast Conference Freshman of the Year for cross country.  Dajour just finished 30th as LSU placed 12th in the SE Conference Championships. See Results. Congratulations Dajour!!


Photo by:Madeline VeZain, LSU Photography Intern


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Invitational-Championship Results


2015 Cross Country

NIKE  NXN SW Regional





NIAA State XC Championships

Results Videos Photos


Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
D1 Girls  Karina Haymore  Centennial  19:39  Centennial - 40
D1A Girls  Julia Mahlke  Spring Creek  20:14  Spring Creek - 42
D3 Girls  Elaina Marchegger  Sierra Lutheran  20:12  North Tahoe-22
D1 Boys  Henry Weisberg  McQueen  16:32  McQueen - 52
D1A Boys  Chase Wood  Faith Lutheran  16:46  Elko - 49
D3 Boys  Samuel Stewart  White Pine  17:16  North Tahoe -29


Henry Weisberg, McQueen  D1 State Camp


Chase Wood, Faith Lutheran  D1A State Champ



Karina Haymore, Centennial  D1 State Champ 

Julia Mahlke, Spring Creek   D1A State Champ


Spring Creek D1A State Champions


North Tahoe D3 State Champions

Photos by Mark Fordney






NIAA Southern Nevada XC Regionals


Photos   Videos


Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
D1 SS Girls  Emma Wahlenmaier  Palo Verde  20:01  Centennial-31
D1 SR Girls  Mia Smith  Green Valley  20:47  Green Valley-35
D1A Girls  Sierra Selinger  Boulder City  21:22  Faith Lutheran-35
D3 Girls  Ellen Hirsberg Meadows  21:32  Meadows-21
D1 SS Boys  Daniel Ziems  Palo Verde  17:21  Palo Verde-54
D1 SR Boys  Austin Rogers  Green Valley  16:33  Green Valley-26
D1A Boys  Chase Wood  Faith Lutheran  16:51  Clark-51
D3 Boys  Samuel Stewart White Pine  17:39  Meadows-61


Sunrise Champ - Mia Smith    Sunset Champ - Emma Wahlenmaier


Sunrise Champ - Austin Rogers    Sunset Champ - Daniel Ziems


D1A Champ - Sierra Selinger     D3 Champ - Ellen Hirsberg


Green Valley and Palo Verde Boys


Green Valley and Centennial Girls


Clark Boys and Faith Lutheran Girls


The Meadows Boys and Girls


NIAA Northern Nevada XC Regionals



Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
D1 Girls  Caitlin Amburgey  Damonte Ranch  20:06  Reno-56
D1A Girls  Kacie Bell  Elko  20:26  Truckee-28
D3 Girls

 Elaina Marchegger

 Sierra Lutheran  20:25  N.Tahoe-24
D1 Boys  Henry Weisberg  McQueen  16:57  McQueen-48
D1A Boys  Cole Campbell  Spring Creek  17:25  Spring Creek-45
D3 Boys  Trevor Martin  Silver Stage 17:43  North Tahoe-31



Northeast Nevada JV Championships



Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
Boys Jorge Aguirre W.Wendover 18:59 Spring Creek-28
Girls Alandra Mauer Spring Creek 23:35 Spring Creek-20




Northern Division Championship


Winners Table
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
Sierra Girls  Caitlin Amburgey Damonte Ranch  20:04  Damonte Ranch -34
Sierra Boys  McKennion Melton Galena  17:14  Douglas-43
High Desert Girls  Kyra Hunsberger Reno  19:48  Reno-26
High Desert Boys  Henry Weisberg McQueen  16:41  Spanish Springs -42



Spanish Springs JV Championship



Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time TeamChamp
Boys Kiefer Catron Carson 18:14 McQueen-39
Girls Emily Pasillas Damonte Ranch 22:11 Damonte Ranch-17



Southern Division Finals

8 DyeStat Elite Performances

Results - Photos - Videos


 Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
MS Girls 2.0  Kelly Denninghoff Miller 14:05 Miller
MS Boys 2.0  Bryce Tondryk  Miller 11:45 Miller
NW Girls Karina Haymore Centennial 19:32 Centennial
NE Girls  Skyler Free Liberty  20:31 Liberty
SE Girls  Mia Smith Green Valley 19:58 Coronado
SW Girls  Emma Wahlenmaier  Palo Verde  19:12 Palo Verde
NW Boys  Dominic Roberts  Centennial 16:34 Centennial
NE Boys  Miguel Ramirez Las Vegas 16:49 Liberty
SE Boys  Austin Rogers  Green Valey  15:45  Green Valley


SW Boys Robert Daseler                    Bishop Gorman  16:04 Palo Verde
D1A SR Girls  Ingrid Zarate  Del Sol 21:02             SECTA    
D1A SS Girls  Sarriah Brown  Sierra Vista  20:35  Faith Lutheran
D1A SR Boys  Tyler Campbell  Boulder City  17:15  SECTA
DA1 SS Boys  Chase Wood Faith Lutheran  15:44  Faith Lutheran
D3 Girls  Ellen Hirsberg  The Meadows  19:54  The Meadows
D3 Boys  Tucker Hansen  The Meadows  18:26 The Meadows


Var B Girls        Addie Hall        Centennial     20:29    Centennial
Var B Boys  Brendan Palmer Clark  17:05 Green Valley



Elko Invitational


Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
Var Boys Timothy Rose Elko 17:00 Spring Creek
Var Girls Julia Mahlke Spring Creek 19:33 Spring Creek



Sparks Railroader Invitational


Winners Table 5k
Event Indiv Champ School Time Team Champ
Var Boys Trevor Martin Silver Stage 17:25 S. Tahoe
Var Girls Ally Sullivan S. Tahoe 21:09 Fernley



Lake Mead Invitational

1125 Entries!!!

Results  Videos  Photos

2 DyeStat Elite Performances


Varsity Boys Finish


Winners Table 5K
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
MS Girls 2.1  Erica Schulz  Mannion  15:26  Mannion
MS Boys 2.1  Bryce Tondryk  Miller 13:03  Mannion
Var Girls D1  Emma Wahlenmaier  Palo Verde  20:14  Palo Verde
Var Boys D1  Austin Rogers Green Valley  16:21  Green Valley
Var Girls D1A-3  Ingrid Zarate  Del Sol  21:32  SECTA
Var Boys D1A-3  Chase Wood  Faith Lutheran 16:21  Clark
Var "B" Girls  Mystique Delgadillo  Arbor View  22:12 Arbor View
Var "B" Boys  Seth Blackwell Basic  18:15 Green Valley


Middle School Winners

Bryce Tondryk and Erica Schulz


D1 Winner Austin Rogers

D1A-3 Winner - Chase Wood


D1 Winner Emma Wahlenmaier



Lowry Invitational



Winners Table 5K
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
Var Girls  Julia Mahlke  Spring Creek 19:31  Spring Creek
Var Boys  Trevor Martin  Silver Stage  16:46  Spring Creek
JV Girls  George Aguirre West Wendover  18:15  Spring Creek
JV Girls  Rebecca Kuskie  Lowry 22:11  Spring Creek




Bud O'Dea Classic


Finish Videos


Winners Table 2.5 Miles
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
Girls 9th  Grace Edwards  Palo Verde  16:54  Centennial
Boys 9th  Andrew Rangel  Basic 14:30  Palo Verde
Girls 10th  Alexis Gourrier  Centennial  15:46  Centennial
Boys 10th  Bryce Odegard  Pahrump Valley  13:38  Arbor View




UNLV Invitational




Winners Table 5K
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
Women 5K  Elaine Riberio  San Diego St  17:45  San Diego St
Var Girls Alexis Gourrier  Centennial  19:04  Centennial
Var Boys Chase Wood  Faith Lutheran  16:07  Basic
Var B Girls Kaitlynn Menger  Centennial  20:52  Centennial
Var B Boys  Cutty Zanghi  Adelson  18:01  Shadow Ridge



Reed Invitational

5K Results

Winners Table
Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
Var Girls  Samantha King-Shaw  Reed  20:19  Truckee
Var Boys  Anthony Ocegueda  Reed  16:37  McQueen
Var B Girls  Rebecca Kuskie  Lowry  22:38  Fernley
Var B Boys  Josh Kirk Fernley  19:08  McQueen




Falcon Invitational


Photos and Videos 

Winners Table

Event Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
MS Girls 2.1 Erica Schulz Mustangs 14:48 Mustangs
MS Boys 2.1 Bryce Tondryk Miller 12:30 Mustangs
9-10 Girls 5K Ellen Hirsberg Meadows 20:39 Centennial
9-10 Boys 5K Bryce Odegard Pahrump 16:39 Green Valley
11-12 Girls 5K Erica Williams Foothill 20:29 Coronado
11-12 Boys 5K Austin Rogers Green Valley 16:08 Green Valley


Wells Invitational



Fernley Roadhill Invitational



Stanford Invitational


Kyra Hunsberger, Reno Wins D1 Girls 18:35 3 Miles

Reno Girls 7th


Seeded Girls

Alexis Gourrier, Centennial 7th 18:01

Karina Haymore, Centennial 72nd 19:19

Kayla Roberts 79th 19:28

Team 9th 


Mc Queen Boys 8th in Seeded Race

Gregory Gephart 10th 15:22

Henry Weisberg 28th 15:40


Dana Hills Invitational

3 Miles


Daniel Ziems, Palo Verde 15:53

Dax Jabobsen, Palo Verde 16:22

Kate Vandersteldt, Palo Verde 18:52

Molly Marias, Palo Verde 19:06

Lauren Marcos, Palo Verde 19:21

Team 1st in Girls D2 Senior Race

Team 2nd in D2 Sophomore Race

Team 5th in D2 Freshman Girls Race

Team 7th in Boys D2 Freshman Race


Woodbridge Invitational


Sweepstakes Girls

Alexis Gourrier, Centennial 13th 17:08

Kayla Roberts, Cent. 18:27

Karina Haymore, Cent 18:40

Centennial Team - 17th

Varsity Boys Div IV

Chase Wood, Faith Lutheran 15:10 1st

Girls Varsity Blue

Centennial Girls 4th, Green Valley 5th

Julia Weaver, Centennial 18:49

Amy Amezcua, GV 19:05

Boys Varsity Blue

Green Valley 3rd Centennial 5th

Austin Rogers, GV  15:18  1st

Lenny Rubi, GV 15:35

Dominic Roberts, Centennial 15:49


Other DyeStat Elite Performances

Johnathan Blaine, Shadow Ridge 15:33

Delani Dietrich, Centennial 18:50


Moapa Valley

Kill Hill Challenge 5K




Race Indiv Champ Team Time Team Champ
MS Girls 1.4mi Hannah Cardon Lyon MS 12:09  
MS Boys 1.4 mi Oracia Leon Agassi 11:21 Agassi
Var Girls Rebecca Langley Australia 23:18 Australia
Var Boys Bryce Odegard Pahrump 18:02 SECTA
"B" Girls Emma Wanwaring Australia 25:57 Coral Acad
"B" Boys Oliver Westwick Australia 20:45 Australia


Dayton Invitational




Trevor Martin, Silver Stage 17:55

Urs Volz, Incline 21:45


North Tahoe Kiwanis

Truckee Girls-North Tahoe Boys

Win Team Championships

Cam Goldstone, N.Tahoe 21:01

Kaela Dishion, Bret Harte 24:07

Fastest Times 3.3 Miles



Larry Burgess-Las Vegas Invitational 

1199 Entries!!


Video Highlights



Winners Table
MS Girls 1.25Miles  Hailey Okekirk Hurricane  7:28  Hurricane
MS Boys 1.25Miles  Bryce Tondryk  Milller MS  6:55  Mustangs
9-10th Girls 3.0 McKenzie Morgan Centennial 19:58 Centennial-28
9-10th Boys 3.0 Andrew Rangel Basic  16:32 Palo Verde-52
Var. Lg Girls Alexis Gourrier Centennial 17:34 Centennial-28
Var Lg Boys Austin Rogers Green Valley 15:23 Green Val-53
Var Sm Girls Kendall Larson Faith Luth 19:50 Faith Luth -24
Var Sm Boys Bryce Odegard Pahrump 15:45 Clark-43
JV Girls  Kaitlynn Menger  Centennial  19:40 Centennial-24
JV Boys  Mark Bowler  Green Valley 17:22   Green Val-17




 Palo Verde Labor Day Classic

Complete Results

Video Highlights


Winners Table
Race Individual Champion Time Team Title
9-10th Girls Alexis Gourrier, Centennial 19:24 Centennial
9-10th Boys Bryce Odegard,Pahrump 17:25 Palo Verde
11-12th Girls Emma Wahlenmaier,Palo Verde 20:12 Palo Verde
11-12th Boys Austin Rogers, GV 16:31 Green Valley


Mark Fordney Photos



UNR Twilight Classic

McQueen Boys-Reno Girls

Win Large School Division

Anthony Ocegueda, Reed 13:04 (4K)

Kyra Hunsberger, Reno 15:24 (4K)


South Tahoe Boys-Sonora Girls

Win Small School

Jackson McIllory, Sonora 13:39 (4K)

Cassi Land, Sonora 15:18 (4K)



Douglas Class Races 

Results Posted

Top Times  4K - No Team Scoring

Henry Weisberg, 11,  McQueen 12:48

Kyra Hunsberger, 11, Reno 15:19



Legends Run

Results Posted



2015 Track Results









Boys Division 3 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Boys Division 1A 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Boys Division 1 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Girls Division 3 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Girls Division 1A 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Girls Division 1 5k XC - Nevada State Championship - 2015
Donnie Nelson, Assistant Director NIAA - 2015
Julia Mahlke, Spring Creek HS - Nevada State D1A XC Champion - 2015
Introduction - Nevada State XC Championships 2015
Karina Haymore, Centennial HS - Nevada State D1 XC Champion - 2015

Yellow Jersey Award

Each week RunnerSpace/NV will award a Yellow Jersey to the top boy and girl cross country runner based on their performances in the previous week.  This award is being sponsored by YOUNG LIFE, RunnerSpace/NV, NTS-Timing, and the Southern Nevada Track & XC Coaches Association.




2015 Yellow Jersey Winners

Week #1 - Palo Verde Labor Day Classic - Austin Rogers, Green Valley and Alexis Gourrier, Centennial

Week #2 - Larry Burgess-LVI - Bryce Odegard, Pahrump Valley and Karina Haymore, Centennial

Week #3 - Woodbridge Invite - Chase Wood, Faith Lutheran and Kayla Roberts, Centennial

Week #4 - Falcon Invitational - Erica Williams, Foothill and Dominic Roberts, Centennial
Dana Hills Invitational - Daniel Ziems, Palo Verde and Kate Vandersteldt, Palo Verde

Week #5 - UNLV Invitational - Steven Birch, Basic and Julia Weaver, Centennial

Week #6 - Bud O'Dea Classic - Frosh Boys-Andrew Rangel, Basic - Frosh Girls-Grace Edwards, Palo Verde - Soph Boys-Ian Jackson, Arbor View - Soph Girls-Ellen Hirsberg, The Meadows --- Lake Mead Invitational - Leonardo Rubi, Green Valley and Emma Wahlenmaier, Palo Verde

Week #7 - Division Finals - Boys - Miguel Ramirez, Las Vegas; Robert Daseler, Bishop Gorman; Tyler Campbell, Boulder City; Tucker Hansen, The Meadows.  Girls - Skyler Free, Liberty; Mia Smith, Green Valley; Ingrid Zarate, Del Sol; Sarriah Brown, Sierra Vista.