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2012 Entries - OFSAA Cross Country Championships

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/OFSAA   Oct 29th 2012, 3:08pm
numbers association category Ind/Team firstname lastname School    
1 WOSSAA junior_boys team William Kashindi A B Lucas S.S.  London
2 WOSSAA junior_boys team Tanner Martin A B Lucas S.S.  London
3 WOSSAA junior_boys team Hugh McDonald A B Lucas S.S.  London
4 WOSSAA junior_boys team Michael Woodward A B Lucas S.S.  London
5 WOSSAA junior_boys team Greg Woodward A B Lucas S.S.  London
10 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Thanujan Chandrakumar Albert Campbell C.I.  
12 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Natan Muacasso Shour Albert Campbell C.I.  
13 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Marcel Shipley Albert Campbell C.I.  
14 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Eddie Sun Albert Campbell C.I.  
15 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Jason Yeung Albert Campbell C.I.  
17 GBSSA junior_boys individual Nathan Jeffery Almaguin Highlands SS
23 SOSSA junior_boys individual Luke McConnell Ancaster    
27 SOSSA junior_boys individual Ian Searles Ancaster    
28 LOSSA junior_boys individual Dillon Renouf Anderson CVI  
31 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Tejas Pandya Assumption  
32 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Alex Rodzinka Assumption  
33 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Jacob Rothera Assumption  
34 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Nick Scali Assumption  
35 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Aidan Snively Assumption  
38 YRAA junior_boys individual Christian MacGillivray Aurora HS    
44 GBSSA junior_boys team Cole Deyman Barrie Central CI  
45 GBSSA junior_boys team Terran Duval Barrie Central CI  
47 GBSSA junior_boys team Anderson Hunter Barrie Central CI  
49 GBSSA junior_boys team Jake Innes Barrie Central CI  
51 GBSSA junior_boys team Josh Michalik Barrie Central CI  
58 COSSA junior_boys team Brad Davis Bayside    
62 COSSA junior_boys team Mitchell Genereaux Bayside    
64 COSSA junior_boys team Dimitri Larouche Bayside    
67 COSSA junior_boys team Liam Maracek Bayside    
68 COSSA junior_boys team Michael Moon Bayside    
82 GBSSA junior_boys individual Kris Snyder Bear Creek SS  
89 NCSSAA junior_boys individual Cameron Caughey Bell    
91 SWOSSAA junior_boys individual Miles Matthews Belle River  
96 YRAA junior_boys team Conner Buckley Bill Crothers SS  
108 YRAA junior_boys team Liam Mulcahy Bill Crothers SS  
110 YRAA junior_boys team Kubheran Nirmalanajah Bill Crothers SS  
111 YRAA junior_boys team Ryan Reid Bill Crothers SS  
117 YRAA junior_boys team Phillip Zivkovic Bill Crothers SS  
129 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Luke Mackrell Birchmount Park C.I.  
130 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Neil McCann Birchmount Park C.I.  
132 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Ramy Mohamed Birchmount Park C.I.  
139 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Daniel Wilson Birchmount Park C.I.  
140 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Carter Wood Birchmount Park C.I.  
144 TDCAA junior_boys individual Tim Mustard Bishop Allen  
161 GHAC junior_boys team Mitchell Barran Blakelock    
163 GHAC junior_boys team Connor Hicks Blakelock    
165 GHAC junior_boys team David MacKenzie Blakelock    
167 GHAC junior_boys team Nathan Pillinger Blakelock    
168 GHAC junior_boys team Reece Pillinger Blakelock    
187 LOSSA junior_boys individual Eric Osborne Bowmanville HS  
189 GBSSA junior_boys individual Brian Moore Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes SS
190 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Rafay Abdul Brampton Centennial SS
198 TDCAA junior_boys individual Anthony Mortorino Brebeuf College  
201 GHAC junior_boys individual Nicholas Barnes Burlington Central  
202 CWOSSA junior_boys team Yonatan Ahferom Cameron Heights  
203 CWOSSA junior_boys team Alex Kozak Cameron Heights  
204 CWOSSA junior_boys team Ilir Lazoja Cameron Heights  
205 CWOSSA junior_boys team Tanmay Patel Cameron Heights  
206 CWOSSA junior_boys team Andrew Shepherd Cameron Heights  
209 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Bartosz Antczak Cardinal Leger  
213 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Jonathan Francil Cardinal Leger  
214 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Brian Jaimes Cardinal Leger  
216 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Michaeal Martins Cardinal Leger  
219 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team James Sullivan Cardinal Leger  
229 CWOSSA junior_boys team Matthew Drover Centennial CVI  
231 CWOSSA junior_boys team Drew Neil Centennial CVI  
232 CWOSSA junior_boys team Willem Quosai Centennial CVI  
234 CWOSSA junior_boys team Simon Wells Centennial CVI  
236 CWOSSA junior_boys team Issac Wismer Centennial CVI  
241 CWOSSA junior_boys individual Mark Patton Centre Wellington DHS
243 TDCAA junior_boys individual Matthew Battista Chaminade  
247 SWOSSAA junior_boys individual Josh Kellier Chatham Kent SS  
254 NOSSA junior_boys individual Adrian Vandermeer Chippewa Secondary School
278 COSSA junior_boys team Daniel Fay Cobourg West  
279 COSSA junior_boys team Jacob Jamnicky Cobourg West  
280 COSSA junior_boys team Jesse Orser Cobourg West  
281 COSSA junior_boys team Jordan Stasiak Cobourg West  
326 CISAA junior_boys individual Emmanuel Zambazis Crestwood Prep  
327 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Steve Rocha David Suzuki SS  
329 CISAA junior_boys individual Liam Dolan De La Salle College  
335 SOSSA junior_boys individual David Altamirano Denis Morris  
354 NWOSSAA junior_boys individual Ilya Perkins Dryden HS  
358 NWOSSAA junior_boys individual Jake Wickstrom Dryden HS  
384 COSSA junior_boys individual Taylor Goodyear East Northumberland  
400 GBSSA junior_boys team Cole Gilligan Eastview SS  
403 GBSSA junior_boys team Ryan Jackson Eastview SS  
407 GBSSA junior_boys team David Thomas Eastview SS  
409 GBSSA junior_boys team Justyn Tyrell Eastview SS  
411 GBSSA junior_boys team Adam Vitums Eastview SS  
419 NEOAA junior_boys team Reed Carrier Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
423 NEOAA junior_boys team Reece Deschamps Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
437 NEOAA junior_boys team Jeric Poirier Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
438 NEOAA junior_boys team Eric Raymond Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
440 NEOAA junior_boys team Douglas Rondeau Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
442 NEOAA junior_boys individual Jacob Boisvert Ecole secondaire public Renaissance
447 NEOAA junior_boys individual Walker Houghton Englehart High School
453 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Mitchell Muizelaar Erindale SS  
454 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Braydon Rennie Erindale SS  
458 NOSSA junior_boys individual Tie Pylatuk ES Sacre-Coeur  
459 NOSSA junior_boys team Mikail Blain-Rodgers ESC Algonquin  
460 NOSSA junior_boys team Nolan Desjardins ESC Algonquin  
461 NOSSA junior_boys team Donovan Doherty ESC Algonquin  
462 NOSSA junior_boys team Brendon Lafleche ESC Algonquin  
464 EOSSAA junior_boys individual Jonathon Favero ESC L'Escale  
469 NOSSA junior_boys individual Colton Lafrance Espanola High School
509 YRAA junior_boys individual Dishanth Peter-Dias Fr. Michael McGivney CHS
512 EOSSAA junior_boys individual Mitch Kirby Frontenac Secondary School
513 NCSSAA junior_boys individual Yannick Morel Banville Garneau    
517 SWOSSAA junior_boys individual Matt Pardo General Amherst  
518 EOSSAA junior_boys team Nick DiGiaCinto General Panet High School
521 EOSSAA junior_boys team Adam Paquette General Panet High School
523 EOSSAA junior_boys team Max Serviss General Panet High School
526 EOSSAA junior_boys team Michael Wiebe General Panet High School
527 EOSSAA junior_boys team Jacob Williams General Panet High School
528 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Omid Ebrahimi George Vanier S.S.  
529 GHAC junior_boys team Owen Bahen Georgetown DHS  
531 GHAC junior_boys team Liam Carson Georgetown DHS  
534 GHAC junior_boys team Matt Knebel Georgetown DHS  
535 GHAC junior_boys team Ryan Kneenie Georgetown DHS  
536 GHAC junior_boys team Brad Murphy Georgetown DHS  
538 CWOSSA junior_boys individual Jared Ruest Georgian Bay SS  
542 NCSSAA junior_boys team Alex Bernst Glebe    
548 NCSSAA junior_boys team Ryan Ford Glebe    
552 NCSSAA junior_boys team Sam Jordan Glebe    
556 NCSSAA junior_boys team Patrick Marshall Glebe    
563 NCSSAA junior_boys team Sebastian Spoerel Glebe    
573 SOSSA junior_boys individual Joel Vansydenborgh Guido deBres  
593 SOSSA junior_boys team Owen Fisher Highland    
594 SOSSA junior_boys team Erik Heidebrecht Highland    
595 SOSSA junior_boys team Jack Holmes Highland    
598 SOSSA junior_boys team Connor McDonald Highland    
600 SOSSA junior_boys team Alex Servos Highland    
609 EOSSAA junior_boys individual Christopher Kimmer Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
619 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Myles Avlos Humberside C.I.  
657 NCSSAA junior_boys individual Aidan Caulfield Immaculata  
673 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Sergio Raez-Villanueva John Cabot  
685 EOSSAA junior_boys team Emile Flavin Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
688 EOSSAA junior_boys team Zach McIver Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
690 EOSSAA junior_boys team Ben Pulver Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
693 EOSSAA junior_boys team Ben Workman Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
694 EOSSAA junior_boys team Maks Zechel Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
699 NOSSA junior_boys individual Liam Passi Lasalle Secondary School
700 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Robert Lawand Lawrence Park C.I.  
712 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team John Fanjoy Leaside H.S.  
717 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Bobby King Leaside H.S.  
721 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Colin Long Leaside H.S.  
723 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team John Douglas McGregor Leaside H.S.  
732 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys team Aidan Uchimaru Leaside H.S.  
737 COSSA junior_boys individual Tayler King Lindsay Collegiate  
837 LOSSA junior_boys individual Rajan Brar Maxwell Heights SS  
843 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Andrew Mohammed Mayfield SS  
844 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Bem Partington Mayfield SS  
845 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Niko Racicot Mayfield SS  
852 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Aidan Sraga Mayfield SS  
855 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Alastair Wilson Mayfield SS  
867 TDCAA junior_boys team Keenan Alveras Michael Power / St. Joseph's
878 TDCAA junior_boys team David MacSporran Michael Power / St. Joseph's
881 TDCAA junior_boys team Sameer Naumani Michael Power / St. Joseph's
883 TDCAA junior_boys team Ebuka Osuji Michael Power / St. Joseph's
887 TDCAA junior_boys team Adam Tetzlaff Michael Power / St. Joseph's
894 LOSSA junior_boys team Mitchell Cauchi Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
895 LOSSA junior_boys team John Hughes Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
897 LOSSA junior_boys team Clayson Medeiros Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
899 LOSSA junior_boys team Adam Welsh Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
900 LOSSA junior_boys team Justyn White Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
901 WOSSAA junior_boys individual Muhumed Sirage Montcalm S.S.  London
903 WOSSAA junior_boys individual Braeden Bertrand-Hopper Mother Teresa C.S.S.  London
906 TDCAA junior_boys team Sergio Campos Neil McNeil  
912 TDCAA junior_boys team Paul Hussain Neil McNeil  
914 TDCAA junior_boys team Jordan Naval Neil McNeil  
917 TDCAA junior_boys team Oliver Rivera Neil McNeil  
918 TDCAA junior_boys team Callum Rodger Neil McNeil  
945 COSSA junior_boys individual David Baheare North Hastings  
975 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Phoenix Tashlin-Clifford Northern S.S.  
981 GHAC junior_boys individual Adrian Gimon Notre Dame Burlington
991 GBSSA junior_boys individual Konar Smith Nottawasaga Pines SS
1011 GHAC junior_boys individual Sean McAnuff Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1013 NEOAA junior_boys individual Ruben Escalona O'Gorman High School
1036 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Aaron D'souza Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1037 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Gavin Dias Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1038 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Dwayne Francis Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1041 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Riley Patrick Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1042 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys team Jonathan Van Drine Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1050 LOSSA junior_boys individual Matt Lozano Pickering HS  
1061 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Gabe Rees Port Credit SS  
1081 LOSSA junior_boys team Cole Brown-Lafoy R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1083 LOSSA junior_boys team Vinton Gaskin R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1085 LOSSA junior_boys team Yousuf LaHaye R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1086 LOSSA junior_boys team Lachlan MacKinnon R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1090 LOSSA junior_boys team Stuart Wilcox R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1102 EOSSAA junior_boys individual John Pettigrew Renfrew Collegiate Institute
1104 TDSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Dean Licul Richview C.I.  
1113 SWOSSAA junior_boys individual Kyle Denomme Riverside    
1120 NEOAA junior_boys individual Phillip Deacon Roland Michener Secondary School
1122 CISAA junior_boys team Benjamin Barnes Royal St. George's College
1123 CISAA junior_boys team Brendan Burleton Royal St. George's College
1125 CISAA junior_boys team Connor Gallagher Royal St. George's College
1126 CISAA junior_boys team Thomas Genua Royal St. George's College
1127 CISAA junior_boys team Chris Gunter Royal St. George's College
1138 YRAA junior_boys team Rob Ciszik Sacred Heart CHS  
1141 YRAA junior_boys team Isaiah Fernandes Sacred Heart CHS  
1143 YRAA junior_boys team Luke Forhan Sacred Heart CHS  
1144 YRAA junior_boys team Ben Freemantle Sacred Heart CHS  
1148 YRAA junior_boys team Alec Popa Sacred Heart CHS  
1164 CWOSSA junior_boys individual Dan Hilber Saugeen District SS  
1166 TDCAA junior_boys individual Brian Hanratty Senator O' Connor  
1169 WOSSAA junior_boys team Rhys Desmond Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1170 WOSSAA junior_boys team Ben Harris Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1172 WOSSAA junior_boys team Ryan Prete Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1173 WOSSAA junior_boys team Jacob Vanderzwet Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1174 WOSSAA junior_boys team Kurtis Wenman Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1177 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Josh Hummel Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1178 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team No 5th runner Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1181 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Shaun Hanycz Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1183 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Doug Russell Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1186 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys team Evan Storey Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1187 NCSSAA junior_boys team Mohamed Al-Issa Sir Robert Borden  
1193 NCSSAA junior_boys team Jonathan Halpenny Sir Robert Borden  
1195 NCSSAA junior_boys team Ethan Payne Sir Robert Borden  
1196 NCSSAA junior_boys team Christopher Pegrum Sir Robert Borden  
1197 NCSSAA junior_boys team Arjun Walia Sir Robert Borden  
1204 SOSSA junior_boys team A J Eizenga Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1205 SOSSA junior_boys team Alvin Fortaleza Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1209 SOSSA junior_boys team Drew Harshaw Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1210 SOSSA junior_boys team Cain Hassim Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1211 SOSSA junior_boys team Justin Lawless Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1220 WOSSAA junior_boys individual Brian Emery South C.I.  London  
1222 WOSSAA junior_boys individual Adam Tait South Huron D.H.S.  
1235 CISAA junior_boys individual Avery MacKenzie St. Andrew's College  
1315 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Daniel Corona St. Marcellinus  
1320 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Matthew Leliever St. Marcellinus  
1326 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Rj Ramos St. Marcellinus  
1328 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Steven Rojas St. Marcellinus  
1329 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys team Nithin Roney St. Marcellinus  
1334 ROPSSAA 1 junior_boys individual Joshua D'Lima St. Marguerite d'Youville
1335 NCSSAA junior_boys individual Justin Cuddihey St. Mark High School Manotick
1339 ROPSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Pawel Kapa St. Martin    
1347 GHAC junior_boys individual Matthew Phillips St. Mary's Hamilton  
1374 CISAA junior_boys team Colin Boone St. Michael's College  
1375 CISAA junior_boys team Michael Byrne St. Michael's College  
1377 CISAA junior_boys team Philip Conforzi St. Michael's College  
1378 CISAA junior_boys team Matthew Dinunzio St. Michael's College  
1381 CISAA junior_boys team Andrew Lovisotto St. Michael's College  
1408 YRAA junior_boys individual Jakob Coombes St. Robert CHS  
1412 YRAA junior_boys individual Vincent Baik St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS
1448 NOSSA junior_boys team John Baxter Superior Heights CVS  
1450 NOSSA junior_boys team Wyatt Fremlin Superior Heights CVS  
1451 NOSSA junior_boys team Quinton Grimm Superior Heights CVS  
1454 NOSSA junior_boys team Carter Lobert Superior Heights CVS  
1456 NOSSA junior_boys team Lucas Luciani Superior Heights CVS  
1506 NEOAA junior_boys team Ryan Burrows Timiskaming District Secondary School
1510 NEOAA junior_boys team Dominic Doupe Timiskaming District Secondary School
1511 NEOAA junior_boys team Curtis MacPherson Timiskaming District Secondary School
1512 NEOAA junior_boys team Ethan McWhirter Timiskaming District Secondary School
1515 NEOAA junior_boys team Alex Shillinglaw Timiskaming District Secondary School
1532 COSSA junior_boys individual Logan Thurston Trenton High  
1533 CISAA junior_boys individual Oliver Blecher Trinity College School  
1562 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Noah Allen Vincent Massey  
1567 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Kody Delishe Vincent Massey  
1569 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Graeme Fisher Vincent Massey  
1575 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Brad Sato Vincent Massey  
1576 SWOSSAA junior_boys team Brendan Wallace Vincent Massey  
1579 CWOSSA junior_boys individual Cameron Waind Waterloo CI  
1602 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Ehab El Sandali Westview Centennial  
1616 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Akiva Goldberg William Lyon MacKenzie C.I.
1618 TDSSAA 2 junior_boys individual Kirill Kozlov William Lyon MacKenzie C.I.
16 LOSSA junior_girls individual Paulina Mueller All Saints CSS  
18 EOSSAA junior_girls individual Alyssa Stowe Almonte District High School
29 CISAA junior_girls individual Lauren Brady Appleby College  
55 COSSA junior_girls team Taylor Blair Bayside    
60 COSSA junior_girls team Georgia Dow Bayside    
66 COSSA junior_girls team Victoria Manginas Bayside    
72 COSSA junior_girls team Amy Park Bayside    
75 COSSA junior_girls team Tasha Whitley Bayside    
100 YRAA junior_girls team Ikram Elgana Bill Crothers SS  
101 YRAA junior_girls team Victoria Gobbo Bill Crothers SS  
109 YRAA junior_girls team Marina Nichols Bill Crothers SS  
115 YRAA junior_girls team Nicole Skimming Bill Crothers SS  
116 YRAA junior_girls team Kirsten Vergara Bill Crothers SS  
118 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Kaila Bouchard Birchmount Park C.I.  
145 TDCAA junior_girls individual Katrina Power Bishop Allen  
156 CISAA junior_girls team Katie Cardiff Bishop Strachan School
157 CISAA junior_girls team Meagan Hasegawa Bishop Strachan School
158 CISAA junior_girls team Somerset Jarvis Bishop Strachan School
159 CISAA junior_girls team Mary McNee Bishop Strachan School
162 GHAC junior_girls team Hannah Burgess Blakelock    
164 GHAC junior_girls team Madeleine Jeffery Blakelock    
166 GHAC junior_girls team Charlotte Paterson Blakelock    
169 GHAC junior_girls team Emily Ramier Blakelock    
170 GHAC junior_girls team Karyn Sun Blakelock    
171 TDCAA junior_girls team Christiani Agustin Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
173 TDCAA junior_girls team Erin Kinnimont Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
174 TDCAA junior_girls team Fortunata Michael Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
175 TDCAA junior_girls team Meghan Muldoon Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
176 TDCAA junior_girls team Liselle Vas Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
178 CWOSSA junior_girls team Claire Bergen Bluevale CI  
180 CWOSSA junior_girls team Rachel Dickie Bluevale CI  
182 CWOSSA junior_girls team Alison Gilmour Bluevale CI  
183 CWOSSA junior_girls team Emily Jensen Bluevale CI  
185 CWOSSA junior_girls team Anna MacKenzie Bluevale CI  
207 SWOSSAA junior_girls individual Amy Zuccato Cardinal Carter  
210 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Paige Belo Cardinal Leger  
255 GHAC junior_girls individual Haleigh Baines Christ the King  
265 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Pari Baker Clarkson SS  
267 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Natalia Berkirsky Clarkson SS  
270 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Yuki Harada Clarkson SS  
272 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Kiera McCahill Clarkson SS  
276 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Eryn Stewart Clarkson SS  
283 GBSSA junior_girls team Noah Bridson Collingwood CI  
284 GBSSA junior_girls team Paige Foxcroft Collingwood CI  
286 GBSSA junior_girls team Conner Hollingshead Collingwood CI  
288 GBSSA junior_girls team Alex Stukator Collingwood CI  
289 GBSSA junior_girls team Kyla Wills Collingwood CI  
295 CISAA junior_girls individual Jessica Blum Country Day School  
346 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Celena Brosseau Dryden HS  
347 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Alexandra Cooper Dryden HS  
349 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Alyssa Kirouac Dryden HS  
351 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Britney Mol Dryden HS  
360 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Andie Wood Dryden HS  
363 SOSSA junior_girls team Keagin Collie E L Crossley  
367 SOSSA junior_girls team Kylie Fast E L Crossley  
368 SOSSA junior_girls team Lisa Gearing E L Crossley  
370 SOSSA junior_girls team Nikki Sohi E L Crossley  
372 SOSSA junior_girls team Kennedy Whitley E L Crossley  
391 COSSA junior_girls individual Briana Schmidt East Northumberland  
406 GBSSA junior_girls individual Hanna Simms Eastview SS  
417 NEOAA junior_girls team Natascha Brunet Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
425 NEOAA junior_girls team Alexie Galipeau Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
429 NEOAA junior_girls team Brittany Hatton Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
433 NEOAA junior_girls team France Maisonneuve Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
441 NEOAA junior_girls team Karlee Saudino Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
444 NOSSA junior_girls individual Denver Farquhar Elliot Lake Secondary School
473 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Carter Rose Etobicoke C.I.  
477 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Carly Turner Etobicoke School of the Arts
482 TDCAA junior_girls individual Olivia Campbell Father John Redmond
494 EOSSAA junior_girls individual Zoe Johnston Fellowes High School  
497 EOSSAA junior_girls individual Abby McDonald Fellowes High School  
507 NWOSSAA junior_girls individual Hailey Beaudry Fort Frances HS  
539 CWOSSA junior_girls individual Hannah Woodhouse Georgian Bay SS  
541 NCSSAA junior_girls team Emma Barrett Glebe    
554 NCSSAA junior_girls team Alexa Livingstone Glebe    
555 NCSSAA junior_girls team Katherine Marshall Glebe    
557 NCSSAA junior_girls team Zoe Pritchard Glebe    
562 NCSSAA junior_girls team Claire Smith Glebe    
571 CWOSSA junior_girls individual Leah Brodovsky Guelph CVI  
575 NWOSSAA junior_girls individual Sarah Friesen Hammarskjold HS  
589 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Maxine Bouwhuis Heart Lake SS  
596 SOSSA junior_girls individual Ryann Johnston Highland    
607 SOSSA junior_girls individual Allison Watson Holy Cross  
610 COSSA junior_girls individual Melissa Corkery Holy Cross CSS ( Peterborough)
611 SWOSSAA junior_girls individual Alicia Amante Holy Names  
620 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Arden Helena Burrows Humberside C.I.  
621 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Katarina Ciric Humberside C.I.  
623 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Sarah Jane Hill Humberside C.I.  
627 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Erin Allsion Locke Humberside C.I.  
628 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Emma Rogers Humberside C.I.  
659 GBSSA junior_girls individual Sarah Law Innisdale SS  
674 CWOSSA junior_girls team Sophia Papadedes John F Ross CVI  
675 CWOSSA junior_girls team Paige Parker John F Ross CVI  
676 CWOSSA junior_girls team Sydney Pattison John F Ross CVI  
677 CWOSSA junior_girls team Sarah Welch John F Ross CVI  
678 CWOSSA junior_girls team Soojnug Yu John F Ross CVI  
681 WOSSAA junior_girls individual Joanna Malec John Paul II C.S.S.  London
696 NOSSA junior_girls individual Erin Lee Korah CVS  
697 NOSSA junior_girls individual Audrey Steele Korah CVS  
698 EOSSAA junior_girls individual Heather Jaors LaSalle Secondary School
707 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Hannah Coyle-Asbil Leaside H.S.  
714 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Madison Hilliard Leaside H.S.  
718 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Lucy Liu Leaside H.S.  
725 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Stephanie Papaioannou Leaside H.S.  
728 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Amy Smith Leaside H.S.  
734 GHAC junior_girls individual Vivian Khuu Lester B Pearson  
742 NOSSA junior_girls team Rachel Leck Lockerby Composite School
743 NOSSA junior_girls team Sarah Maclean Lockerby Composite School
746 NOSSA junior_girls team Ashley Sandre Lockerby Composite School
747 NOSSA junior_girls team Hannah Savoie Lockerby Composite School
748 NOSSA junior_girls team Alanna Sorgini Lockerby Composite School
756 WOSSAA junior_girls team Sydney Fisher London Central S.S.  
759 WOSSAA junior_girls team Sarah Hesman London Central S.S.  
764 WOSSAA junior_girls team Ally MacDonald London Central S.S.  
765 WOSSAA junior_girls team Micayla Miller London Central S.S.  
767 WOSSAA junior_girls team Charlotte Prouse London Central S.S.  
772 WOSSAA junior_girls individual Sarah Van Wyk London District Christian S.S.
789 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Arlen Fargey Lorne Park SS  
790 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Alison Head Lorne Park SS  
792 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Katie Locke Lorne Park SS  
794 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Emily Love Lorne Park SS  
796 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Abby Waye Lorne Park SS  
797 NCSSAA junior_girls team Biance Breiding Louis Riel    
798 NCSSAA junior_girls team Sophie Chretien Louis Riel    
799 NCSSAA junior_girls team Kiana Deland Louis Riel    
800 NCSSAA junior_girls team Kelsey Ellis Louis Riel    
801 NCSSAA junior_girls team Erin Kral Louis Riel    
811 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Jessica Jardine Malvern C.I.  
830 TDCAA junior_girls individual Alicia Camacho Marshall McLuhan  
847 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Tara Routliffe Mayfield SS  
859 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Emma Beckett Meadowvale SS  
860 WOSSAA junior_girls team Lisa Gibson Medway D.H.S.  
861 WOSSAA junior_girls team Mackenzie Martin Medway D.H.S.  
862 WOSSAA junior_girls team Lindsay McVittie Medway D.H.S.  
863 WOSSAA junior_girls team Molly Miller Medway D.H.S.  
864 WOSSAA junior_girls team Heather Radcliffe Medway D.H.S.  
866 TDCAA junior_girls team Keira Allen Michael Power / St. Joseph's
873 TDCAA junior_girls team Nady Gill Michael Power / St. Joseph's
874 TDCAA junior_girls team Amire Gill Michael Power / St. Joseph's
875 TDCAA junior_girls team Savanah Goulart Michael Power / St. Joseph's
876 TDCAA junior_girls team Emma Harvey Michael Power / St. Joseph's
929 YRAA junior_girls individual Ashni Bhoolaton Newmarket HS  
934 YRAA junior_girls individual Kelsey Horner Newmarket HS  
944 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Lisa Morales Garcia Newtonbrook S.S.  
946 SWOSSAA junior_girls individual Megan Black North Lambton  
958 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Taylor Boyd Northern S.S.  
959 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Catherine Carefoote Northern S.S.  
963 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Gabrielle Foss Northern S.S.  
966 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Meve MacDonald Northern S.S.  
973 TDSSAA 2 junior_girls team Mona Sim Northern S.S.  
980 CWOSSA junior_girls individual Nicole Hessels Norwell DSS  
984 LOSSA junior_girls team Christina Calderon Notre Dame CHS Ajax
985 LOSSA junior_girls team Michelle Cornacchi Notre Dame CHS Ajax
986 LOSSA junior_girls team Danielle Cornacchi Notre Dame CHS Ajax
987 LOSSA junior_girls team Sarah Fay Notre Dame CHS Ajax
988 LOSSA junior_girls team Amelia Owens Notre Dame CHS Ajax
992 NEOAA junior_girls individual Jerra Coulombe O’Gorman High School
993 NEOAA junior_girls individual Kaitlyn Hunter O’Gorman High School
995 NEOAA junior_girls individual Kelsey Lefebvre O’Gorman High School
1018 LOSSA junior_girls individual Madison Penfold O'Neill CVI  
1019 GBSSA junior_girls team Raye Felstead Orillia District CVI  
1020 GBSSA junior_girls team Soren Meeuwisse Orillia District CVI  
1021 GBSSA junior_girls team Madison Niskanen Orillia District CVI  
1022 GBSSA junior_girls team Jessica Roach Orillia District CVI  
1023 GBSSA junior_girls team Karlee Scott Orillia District CVI  
1035 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Izabella Balcerzak Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1045 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Paula Petrovic Parkdale C.I.  
1065 COSSA junior_girls individual Emma Starke Port Hope    
1066 LOSSA junior_girls individual Caileigh Heptinsta Port Perry HS  
1074 COSSA junior_girls individual Marlissa Bevaart Quinte Christian  
1076 LOSSA junior_girls individual Chardae Henry R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1103 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Breanna Faiczak Richview C.I.  
1106 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Emily Quimby Richview C.I.  
1107 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Jillian Sprenger Richview C.I.  
1109 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Megan Watson Richview C.I.  
1110 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls team Rachael Whiteley Richview C.I.  
1118 GHAC junior_girls individual Emma Mitchell Robert Bateman  
1131 YRAA junior_girls team Stacey Andrews Sacred Heart CHS  
1133 YRAA junior_girls team Megan Caldwell Sacred Heart CHS  
1136 YRAA junior_girls team Hannah Carley Sacred Heart CHS  
1137 YRAA junior_girls team Alessia Carvalho Sacred Heart CHS  
1149 YRAA junior_girls team Madison Sandercock Sacred Heart CHS  
1157 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Georgia Auger Sarnia Northern  
1158 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Heather Baxter Sarnia Northern  
1160 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Madison Huzevka Sarnia Northern  
1161 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Teighan MacNeill Sarnia Northern  
1162 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Anika Vanderhelm Sarnia Northern  
1176 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Samy Hanrath Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1221 WOSSAA junior_girls individual Sarah Kwajafa South Huron D.H.S.  
1226 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Avery Garrett-Patterson St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1227 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Olivia Marchello St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1229 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Catherine Musson St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1230 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Paulina Prucinal St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1234 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls team Klaudia Wojtanowski St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1236 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Christina Dicarlo St. Anne    
1237 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Reily Dresser St. Anne    
1238 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Brianna Hogan St. Anne    
1240 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Jennifer Santin St. Anne    
1241 SWOSSAA junior_girls team Nancy Ulicny St. Anne    
1265 CISAA junior_girls individual Sarah MacDonald St. Clement's School  
1269 NCSSAA junior_girls individual Caroline Baker St. Francis Xavier Gloucester
1270 NCSSAA junior_girls individual Kacia Elliot St. Francis Xavier Gloucester
1272 GHAC junior_girls team Georgina Braunstein St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1276 GHAC junior_girls team Victoria Gregatti St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1280 GHAC junior_girls team Sarah Nixon St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1285 GHAC junior_girls team Dana Pope St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1287 GHAC junior_girls team Kristen Song St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1297 YRAA junior_girls individual Jessica Armstrong St. Joan of Arc CHS  
1303 CISAA junior_girls individual Laurel Buchanan St. John's Kilmarnock  
1305 NCSSAA junior_girls individual Meagan Adams St. Joseph High School Nepean
1308 GBSSA junior_girls individual Lauren McDonald St. Joseph's CHS Barrie
1309 TDCAA junior_girls individual Claire Ferneyhough St. Joseph's Wellsley  
1312 NOSSA junior_girls individual Janet Shaw St. Joseph-Scollard Hall
1318 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Kirsten Holm St. Marcellinus  
1336 NCSSAA junior_girls individual Kelsey MacLellan St. Mark High School Manotick
1340 COSSA junior_girls team Danielle Jossinet St. Mary's (Cobourg)  
1341 COSSA junior_girls team Maddison Pogue St. Mary's (Cobourg)  
1342 COSSA junior_girls team Briana Richter St. Mary's (Cobourg)  
1343 COSSA junior_girls team Cassan Roy-Sebben St. Mary's (Cobourg)  
1345 WOSSAA junior_girls individual Madeline Aarts St. Marys D.C.V.I.  
1366 EOSSAA junior_girls team Natalie Bennett St. Michael Catholic High School
1367 EOSSAA junior_girls team Katie Bohn St. Michael Catholic High School
1368 EOSSAA junior_girls team Braeden Brown St. Michael Catholic High School
1369 EOSSAA junior_girls team Kaitlin Casey St. Michael Catholic High School
1370 EOSSAA junior_girls team Linsey VanKopen St. Michael Catholic High School
1371 SOSSA junior_girls individual Simone Waller St. Michael Niagara Falls
1393 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Lexi Adduono St. Patrick HS  
1395 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Megan Clarke St. Patrick HS  
1396 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Jacqueline Locke St. Patrick HS  
1399 NWOSSAA junior_girls team Hayley Romanchuk St. Patrick HS  
1424 GBSSA junior_girls individual Alyssa Stewart St. Theresa's HS  
1426 ROPSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Crystal Orosco St. Thomas Aquinas Brampton
1435 SWOSSAA junior_girls individual Taylor Conte St. Thomas of Villanova
1441 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Krysia Brudnicki Streetsville SS  
1442 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Mikayla Fedele Streetsville SS  
1443 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Carly Gardner Streetsville SS  
1444 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Isabel Gramegna Streetsville SS  
1445 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls team Annelise Vogel Streetsville SS  
1452 NOSSA junior_girls team Lydia Heimonen Superior Heights CVS  
1457 NOSSA junior_girls team Adriane Mallinger Superior Heights CVS  
1459 NOSSA junior_girls team Danielle McKenney Superior Heights CVS  
1460 NOSSA junior_girls team Erika Mihell Superior Heights CVS  
1462 NOSSA junior_girls team Star Perry Superior Heights CVS  
1478 YRAA junior_girls individual Kristina Haghgoo Thornlea SS  
1483 EOSSAA junior_girls team Keira Brazeau Thousand Islands Secondary School
1486 EOSSAA junior_girls team Emily Carmichael Thousand Islands Secondary School
1493 EOSSAA junior_girls team Colleen Jenkins Thousand Islands Secondary School
1496 EOSSAA junior_girls team Maddy McClintock Thousand Islands Secondary School
1498 EOSSAA junior_girls team Paige Morin Thousand Islands Secondary School
1520 NEOAA junior_girls team Allison Armstrong Timmins High and Vocational School
1522 NEOAA junior_girls team Tessa Dobson Timmins High and Vocational School
1523 NEOAA junior_girls team Rebecca Jezic Timmins High and Vocational School
1525 NEOAA junior_girls team Eliisa Joiner Timmins High and Vocational School
1527 NEOAA junior_girls team Sydney Lia Timmins High and Vocational School
1534 CISAA junior_girls team Erin Christensen Trinity College School  
1535 CISAA junior_girls team Hannah Goranson Trinity College School  
1536 CISAA junior_girls team Ali Parke Trinity College School  
1538 CISAA junior_girls team Brianna Robinson Trinity College School  
1539 CISAA junior_girls team Michaela Strong Trinity College School  
1551 LOSSA junior_girls team Arden Hamilton Uxbridge SS  
1552 LOSSA junior_girls team Olivia Hansen Uxbridge SS  
1553 LOSSA junior_girls team Julia Kearney Uxbridge SS  
1556 LOSSA junior_girls team Lauren Tzogas Uxbridge SS  
1558 LOSSA junior_girls team Anna Welgan Uxbridge SS  
1577 SOSSA junior_girls individual Elise Bolger Waterdown  
1585 SOSSA junior_girls team Scotia Brailsford Westdale    
1588 SOSSA junior_girls team Zoe Haskell-Craig Westdale    
1590 SOSSA junior_girls team Maddie Kennedy Westdale    
1592 SOSSA junior_girls team Maya Opperman Westdale    
1594 SOSSA junior_girls team Stephanie Ryall Westdale    
1606 GHAC junior_girls individual Courtney Evans White Oaks  
1622 CWOSSA junior_girls individual Madison Visscher Woodland Christian HS
1624 ROPSSAA 2 junior_girls individual Hayley Jacobs Woodlands  
1631 TDSSAA 1 junior_girls individual Laura Park York Mills C.I.  
6 SOSSA midget_boys individual Tyler Thomson A N Myer    
9 LOSSA midget_boys individual Andrew Southard Ajax HS    
20 SOSSA midget_boys team Riley Hambly Ancaster    
21 SOSSA midget_boys team Sam Jenkins Ancaster    
24 SOSSA midget_boys team Peter Morse Ancaster    
25 SOSSA midget_boys team Owen Norton Ancaster    
26 SOSSA midget_boys team Connor Russell Ancaster    
54 GBSSA midget_boys individual Conor Raiku Barrie North CI  
56 COSSA midget_boys team Adam Blakely Bayside    
59 COSSA midget_boys team Nicholas Dean Bayside    
65 COSSA midget_boys team Donovan Leger Bayside    
70 COSSA midget_boys team Nate O'Gorman Bayside    
74 COSSA midget_boys team Griffin Warner Bayside    
81 GBSSA midget_boys individual Keegan Law Bear Creek SS  
93 YRAA midget_boys team Myles Ambrozic Bill Crothers SS  
105 YRAA midget_boys team James Loeschnik Bill Crothers SS  
106 YRAA midget_boys team Alex Mazur Bill Crothers SS  
107 YRAA midget_boys team Bryce Moore Bill Crothers SS  
112 YRAA midget_boys team Mike Shulman Bill Crothers SS  
119 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team William Calverley Birchmount Park C.I.  
120 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Liam Cox Birchmount Park C.I.  
123 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Edward Hayfron Birchmount Park C.I.  
126 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Jack Kelly Birchmount Park C.I.  
138 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Nikola Stakic Birchmount Park C.I.  
155 GHAC midget_boys individual Adam Sunavsky Bishop Ryan  
177 CWOSSA midget_boys team Caleb Bauman Bluevale CI  
179 CWOSSA midget_boys team Addison Derhak Bluevale CI  
181 CWOSSA midget_boys team Sandy Freeland Bluevale CI  
184 CWOSSA midget_boys team Jonathan Krech Bluevale CI  
186 CWOSSA midget_boys team Adam Snyder Bluevale CI  
238 CWOSSA midget_boys team Justus Abbot Centre Wellington DHS
239 CWOSSA midget_boys team Lorenzo Difinis Centre Wellington DHS
240 CWOSSA midget_boys team Nic Gajic Centre Wellington DHS
242 CWOSSA midget_boys team Nate Scott Centre Wellington DHS
244 TDCAA midget_boys individual Andrew Sarracini Chaminade  
245 SWOSSAA midget_boys individual Quinn Cannella Chatham Kent SS  
260 GHAC midget_boys individual Steven Moore Christ the King  
264 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Myles Abreo Clarkson SS  
290 NOSSA midget_boys team Dawson Chaperon Confederation Secondary School
291 NOSSA midget_boys team Jeremy Haw Confederation Secondary School
292 NOSSA midget_boys team Dustin Lepage Confederation Secondary School
293 NOSSA midget_boys team Rowan McCaffrey Confederation Secondary School
294 NOSSA midget_boys team Tyler Sutherland Confederation Secondary School
297 CISAA midget_boys individual Matthew Staples Country Day School  
299 LOSSA midget_boys team John Berry Courtice SS  
301 LOSSA midget_boys team David Duguay Courtice SS  
309 LOSSA midget_boys team Josh Martin Courtice SS  
315 LOSSA midget_boys team Ryan Wooten Courtice SS  
316 LOSSA midget_boys team Brandon Wooten Courtice SS  
320 CISAA midget_boys individual Abinav Dhar Crescent School  
323 CISAA midget_boys individual Ryley Mehta Crescent School  
345 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Jacob Benson Dryden HS  
352 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Treven Ouellet Dryden HS  
353 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Alex Palmer Dryden HS  
357 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Alex Urquhart Dryden HS  
361 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Sean Wood Dryden HS  
376 NCSSAA midget_boys individual Aidan Kirkham Earl of March  
381 COSSA midget_boys team Cole Bond East Northumberland  
385 COSSA midget_boys team Garret Hynes East Northumberland  
386 COSSA midget_boys team Graiden Maynard East Northumberland  
388 COSSA midget_boys team Ian Molenhuis East Northumberland  
393 COSSA midget_boys team Noah Vachon East Northumberland  
408 GBSSA midget_boys individual Ryan Tyrell Eastview SS  
413 NEOAA midget_boys team Zachary Beaudin Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
416 NEOAA midget_boys team Bradd Boucher Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
418 NEOAA midget_boys team Taylor Buczkowski Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
424 NEOAA midget_boys team Ethan Dumas Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
430 NEOAA midget_boys team Phillippe Johns Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
449 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Michael Beauchamp Erindale SS  
450 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Evan Dick Erindale SS  
451 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Ryan Lyttle Erindale SS  
452 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team William Malcolm Erindale SS  
455 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Danielle Stretton Erindale SS  
475 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Jake LeBlanc Etobicoke School of the Arts
479 TDCAA midget_boys team Audrius Azobolis Father John Redmond
484 TDCAA midget_boys team Adam Chojehi Father John Redmond
486 TDCAA midget_boys team Seph Marshall Father John Redmond
487 TDCAA midget_boys team Mateo Menalo Father John Redmond
488 TDCAA midget_boys team Malik Metivier Father John Redmond
489 LOSSA midget_boys individual Riley Tell Father Leo Austin CHS
493 EOSSAA midget_boys individual Jacob Hardwick Fellowes High School  
506 SWOSSAA midget_boys individual Joshua Dycha FJ Brennan  
510 NCSSAA midget_boys individual Bennett Mortimore Franco Cite  
515 GHAC midget_boys individual Evan Notley Garth Webb SS  
543 NCSSAA midget_boys team Andrew Burney Glebe    
546 NCSSAA midget_boys team Darion Dillabaugh Glebe    
560 NCSSAA midget_boys team Ben Risk Glebe    
564 NCSSAA midget_boys team Marcus Uhthoff Glebe    
565 NCSSAA midget_boys team Jake Weston Glebe    
569 SOSSA midget_boys individual Gavin Smith Grimsby    
572 CWOSSA midget_boys individual Michael Coccia Guelph CVI  
577 NWOSSAA midget_boys individual Zack Kondrat Hammarskjold HS  
580 NWOSSAA midget_boys individual Derek Patterson Hammarskjold HS  
588 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Matthew Ahola Heart Lake SS  
608 WOSSAA midget_boys individual Brad Sheeler Holy Cross  Strathroy  
612 SWOSSAA midget_boys individual Brendan McCarthy Holy Names  
615 NCSSAA midget_boys individual Owen Day Holy Trinity Kanata  
617 LOSSA midget_boys individual Greg Ord Holy Trinity SS  
618 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Jacob Daniel Dzieciol Humberside C.I  
631 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Dante Belvedere Humberview  
632 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Bruce Hynd Humberview  
633 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Eric Jay Humberview  
634 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Jarod Morgenroth-Rebin Humberview  
635 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Dawson Rowntree Humberview  
639 GBSSA midget_boys individual Adam Lavigne Huntsville HS  
658 GBSSA midget_boys team Kevin Kovachis Innisdale SS  
660 GBSSA midget_boys team Landon Leone Innisdale SS  
661 GBSSA midget_boys team Jake Messenger Innisdale SS  
662 GBSSA midget_boys team Kamal Murphy Innisdale SS  
663 GBSSA midget_boys team Curtis Rimkey Innisdale SS  
664 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Michael Whelan Iona    
668 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Daniel Badawicka John Cabot  
669 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Christian Beros John Cabot  
670 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Josh Dame John Cabot  
671 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Gustavo Demelo John Cabot  
672 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys team Mark Kit John Cabot  
682 YRAA midget_boys individual Thomas Gallagher Keswick SS  
687 EOSSAA midget_boys individual Cameron Linscott Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
705 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Ethan Carroll Leaside H.S.  
711 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Lucas Elliot Leaside H.S.  
715 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Brett Kawaguchi Leaside H.S.  
722 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Josh McGillivray Leaside H.S.  
727 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Josh Rivard Leaside H.S.  
736 COSSA midget_boys individual Tanner Holliday Lindsay Collegiate  
738 NOSSA midget_boys individual Sean Anderson Lockerby Composite School
751 NOSSA midget_boys individual Brendan Costello Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
763 WOSSAA midget_boys individual Sean Luke London Central S.S.  
791 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Josh Jackson Lorne Park SS  
795 ROPSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Martin Torres Lorne Park SS  
803 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Mitchell Hall Loyola    
819 NOSSA midget_boys team Ben Haner Manitoulin Secondary School
822 NOSSA midget_boys team Carter Noble Manitoulin Secondary School
823 NOSSA midget_boys team David Scott Manitoulin Secondary School
824 NOSSA midget_boys team William Scott Manitoulin Secondary School
828 NOSSA midget_boys team Brady Dearing Manitoulin Secondary Scool
829 TDCAA midget_boys individual Ezaren Wosser Marchall McLuhan  
832 TDCAA midget_boys individual Brandon Power Marshall McLuhan  
834 TDCAA midget_boys individual Jerome Jude Mary Ward  
836 LOSSA midget_boys individual Dilan Brar Maxwell Heights SS  
865 WOSSAA midget_boys individual Jacob Radcliffe Medway D.H.S.  
904 TDCAA midget_boys team Jamie Angeles Neil McNeil  
907 TDCAA midget_boys team Thomas Darbyshire Neil McNeil  
908 TDCAA midget_boys team Emanuel Desta Neil McNeil  
910 TDCAA midget_boys team Callum Ealden Neil McNeil  
916 TDCAA midget_boys team Brendan Petrasek Neil McNeil  
940 YRAA midget_boys individual Rhys Toogood Newmarket HS  
942 YRAA midget_boys individual Nicholas Whitla Newmarket HS  
956 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Spencer Adamson North Toronto C.I.  
965 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Tyson Kash Northern S.S.  
969 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Louis Sanger Northern S.S.  
970 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Zachary Savlov Northern S.S.  
971 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Julian Schwartzel Northern S.S.  
974 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys team Quinn Smith Northern S.S.  
997 NEOAA midget_boys individual Martin Sheldon O’Gorman High School
999 NEOAA midget_boys individual Derek Vien O’Gorman High School
1006 GHAC midget_boys team Jake Dickson Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1007 GHAC midget_boys team Luke Dickson Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1008 GHAC midget_boys team Dimitri Djuric Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1009 GHAC midget_boys team Patrick Ladly-Fredeen Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1010 GHAC midget_boys team Roberto Lasso Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1027 CWOSSA midget_boys individual Evan Clark Our Lady of Lourdes  
1040 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Keenan Nunes Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1043 CWOSSA midget_boys individual Kyle Madden Paris District HS  
1048 LOSSA midget_boys team Romiel Clarke Pickering HS  
1049 LOSSA midget_boys team Ameer Khan Pickering HS  
1051 LOSSA midget_boys team Shayne McLellan Pickering HS  
1052 LOSSA midget_boys team Kisanth Raguvarnan Pickering HS  
1053 LOSSA midget_boys team KJ Webber Pickering HS  
1069 COSSA midget_boys individual Brad Dath Quinte    
1093 EOSSAA midget_boys team Paul Bouvier Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1096 EOSSAA midget_boys team Braiden Foster Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1097 EOSSAA midget_boys team Ben Griggs Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1098 EOSSAA midget_boys team Anson Hunt Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1100 EOSSAA midget_boys team Paul Sagriff Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1105 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Gregorio Lopez-Bondi Richview C.I.  
1124 CISAA midget_boys team Christian Figueiredo Royal St. George's College
1128 CISAA midget_boys team Ross Hill Royal St. George's College
1129 CISAA midget_boys team Fraser Stevenson Royal St. George's College
1130 CISAA midget_boys team Marshall Woodside Royal St. George's College
1132 YRAA midget_boys team Kevin Brethour Sacred Heart CHS  
1134 YRAA midget_boys team Eamon Callaghan Sacred Heart CHS  
1140 YRAA midget_boys team Max Dowdell Sacred Heart CHS  
1146 YRAA midget_boys team Austin Kent Sacred Heart CHS  
1147 YRAA midget_boys team John Paccione Sacred Heart CHS  
1167 CWOSSA midget_boys individual Noah Defreyne Simcoe CS  
1171 WOSSAA midget_boys individual Jackson Mayers Sir Frederick Banting S.S.  London
1175 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Dylantha Fernando Sir John A. MacDonlad C.I.
1188 NCSSAA midget_boys team Haider Alnakeb Sir Robert Borden  
1189 NCSSAA midget_boys team Scott Braddon Sir Robert Borden  
1191 NCSSAA midget_boys team Jeremy Coathup Sir Robert Borden  
1192 NCSSAA midget_boys team Adam Graham Sir Robert Borden  
1194 NCSSAA midget_boys team Michael Menchetti Sir Robert Borden  
1199 SOSSA midget_boys team Millar Coveney Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1203 SOSSA midget_boys team Matt Eizenga Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1207 SOSSA midget_boys team Travis Gough Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1208 SOSSA midget_boys team Ross Halfyard Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1215 SOSSA midget_boys team Marwan Steele Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1219 TDSSAA 1 midget_boys individual Paul Robinson Sliverthorn C.I.  
1239 SWOSSAA midget_boys individual Pat Matthew St. Anne    
1242 WOSSAA midget_boys team John Cooke St. Anne's C.S.S.  Clinton
1243 WOSSAA midget_boys team Mitchell Finlay St. Anne's C.S.S.  Clinton
1244 WOSSAA midget_boys team Mitchell Heyink St. Anne's C.S.S.  Clinton
1245 WOSSAA midget_boys team Berean McMichael St. Anne's C.S.S.  Clinton
1246 WOSSAA midget_boys team Liam Melady St. Anne's C.S.S.  Clinton
1251 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Ethan Dupont St. Christopher  
1253 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Jacob Ennis St. Christopher  
1255 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Eric Lange St. Christopher  
1256 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Jarret Marks St. Christopher  
1263 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Matt Sawatzky St. Christopher  
1274 GHAC midget_boys team Sean Garvey St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1275 GHAC midget_boys team Dylan Giles St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1278 GHAC midget_boys team Adam Lefebvre St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1279 GHAC midget_boys team Liam Murphy St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1290 GHAC midget_boys team Jaydon Wiggins St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1301 EOSSAA midget_boys individual Anthony Scattolon St. John Catholic High School
1310 NOSSA midget_boys individual Christian Celebre St. Joseph-Scollard Hall
1316 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Arkhe Dela Cruz St. Marcellinus  
1323 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Joshua Nunez St. Marcellinus  
1324 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Daniel Pereira St. Marcellinus  
1331 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Tanner Tomaini St. Marcellinus  
1332 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys team Nicholas Tsekouras St. Marcellinus  
1337 NCSSAA midget_boys individual Keagin Schroeder St. Mark High School Manotick
1338 ROPSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Austin Bizier St. Martin    
1361 WOSSAA midget_boys team Jarett Bogdon St. Michael C.S.S.  Stratford
1362 WOSSAA midget_boys team Luke Goris St. Michael C.S.S.  Stratford
1363 WOSSAA midget_boys team Matt Looby St. Michael C.S.S.  Stratford
1364 WOSSAA midget_boys team Austin Louwagie St. Michael C.S.S.  Stratford
1365 WOSSAA midget_boys team Jared Nash St. Michael C.S.S.  Stratford
1373 CISAA midget_boys team Alexander Bimm St. Michael's College  
1376 CISAA midget_boys team Cameron Cira St. Michael's College  
1379 CISAA midget_boys team Matthaus Grenke St. Michael's College  
1383 CISAA midget_boys team Matthew Schmidt St. Michael's College  
1386 CISAA midget_boys team Max Yarranton St. Michael's College  
1392 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Jack Adams St. Patrick HS  
1397 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Cameron Pytyck St. Patrick HS  
1400 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Zach West St. Patrick HS  
1401 NWOSSAA midget_boys team Spencer Wood St. Patrick HS  
1410 COSSA midget_boys individual Jacob Fisher St. Theresa (Belleville)
1411 COSSA midget_boys individual Mackenzie Roach St. Theresa (Belleville)
1413 YRAA midget_boys individual Alexander Montesano St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS
1415 GBSSA midget_boys team Stephen Bell St. Theresa's HS  
1416 GBSSA midget_boys team Trent Dunford St. Theresa's HS  
1418 GBSSA midget_boys team Tyler Edwards St. Theresa's HS  
1420 GBSSA midget_boys team Hayden Jones St. Theresa's HS  
1421 GBSSA midget_boys team Andy Laurin St. Theresa's HS  
1434 GHAC midget_boys individual Peter Mazur St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School Oakville
1463 EOSSAA midget_boys individual Nicholas Adams Sydenham Secondary School
1467 SWOSSAA midget_boys team David Collins Tecumseh Vista  
1468 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Nicholas Orshinsky Tecumseh Vista  
1469 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Alex Orshinsky Tecumseh Vista  
1470 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Jonathon Taylor Tecumseh Vista  
1471 SWOSSAA midget_boys team Mitchell Ubene Tecumseh Vista  
1488 EOSSAA midget_boys team Sam Cowan Thousand Islands Secondary School
1490 EOSSAA midget_boys team Thomas Dumbrille Thousand Islands Secondary School
1495 EOSSAA midget_boys team Chris Kerans Thousand Islands Secondary School
1497 EOSSAA midget_boys team Spencer McMunn Thousand Islands Secondary School
1499 EOSSAA midget_boys team Bredan Muir Thousand Islands Secondary School
1504 NEOAA midget_boys individual Thomas Bowman Timiskaming District Secondary School
1537 CISAA midget_boys individual David Parker Trinity College School  
1546 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Jeremy Hunt University of Toronto School
1578 SOSSA midget_boys individual Addison Nixon Waterdown  
1591 SOSSA midget_boys individual Ian MacKinnon Westdale    
1599 NWOSSAA midget_boys individual Cole Bour Westgate CVI  
1613 NOSSA midget_boys individual Jacob Swain Widdifield Secondary School
1614 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Frazier Clarke William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.
1615 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Stephen DiNella William Lyon MacKenzie C.I.
1617 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Sean Huynh William Lyon MacKenzie C.I.
1619 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Jacob Matsui William Lyon MacKenzie C.I.
1620 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys team Daniel Su William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.
1621 TDSSAA 2 midget_boys individual Andrew Boughner Winfield J.H.S.  
8 COSSA midget_girls individual Nicole Snelgrove Adam Scott  
19 SOSSA midget_girls individual Camille Dahghan Ancaster    
57 COSSA midget_girls team Natalie Butler Bayside    
63 COSSA midget_girls team Ellie Hutchison Bayside    
69 COSSA midget_girls team Hunter Nixon Bayside    
71 COSSA midget_girls team Talia Pappalardo Bayside    
73 COSSA midget_girls team Erica Seeley Bayside    
83 NCSSAA midget_girls individual Vanessa Chartrand Beatrice Desloges  
92 SWOSSAA midget_girls individual Zoe Sawchuk Belle River  
94 YRAA midget_girls team Bridgett Bethell Bill Crothers SS  
98 YRAA midget_girls team Destiny Collins Bill Crothers SS  
99 YRAA midget_girls team Megan DiNatale Bill Crothers SS  
103 YRAA midget_girls team Polina Kounavina Bill Crothers SS  
104 YRAA midget_girls team Emma Loeschnik Bill Crothers SS  
124 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Maura Hickey Birchmount Park C.I.  
125 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Olympia Karipidis Birchmount Park C.I.  
128 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Tara Laing Birchmount Park C.I.  
131 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Selena Mizzi Birchmount Park C.I.  
135 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Rachel Poole Birchmount Park C.I.  
136 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Paulina Pronski Birchmount Park C.I.  
246 SWOSSAA midget_girls individual Rayne Kellier Chatham Kent SS  
256 GHAC midget_girls team Mackenzie Cameron Christ the King  
258 GHAC midget_girls team Stephanie Knowles Christ the King  
259 GHAC midget_girls team Maria Milic Christ the King  
261 GHAC midget_girls team Maddie Shiell Christ the King  
262 GHAC midget_girls team Nicole Waddick Christ the King  
273 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Hannah Sharpe Clarkson SS  
282 WOSSAA midget_girls individual Tori Webster College Ave  Woodstock
287 GBSSA midget_girls individual Heidi Ohrling Collingwood CI  
302 LOSSA midget_girls team Megan Evelyn Courtice SS  
303 LOSSA midget_girls team Lauren Jackson Courtice SS  
312 LOSSA midget_girls team Rebecca Pigden Courtice SS  
313 LOSSA midget_girls team Kylie Puddicombe Courtice SS  
314 LOSSA midget_girls team Michelle Willis Courtice SS  
325 COSSA midget_girls individual Hailley Guthrie Crestwood  
328 CISAA midget_girls team Alison Brannigan De La Salle College  
330 CISAA midget_girls team Helen Kosc De La Salle College  
332 CISAA midget_girls team Gabriele Tolnai De La Salle College  
333 CISAA midget_girls team Lindsay Tramble De La Salle College  
334 CISAA midget_girls team Stephanie Tsihlias De La Salle College  
338 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Mina Tanaka Don Mills C.I.  
339 LOSSA midget_girls individual Hiley Dobbs Donald A Wilson SS  
341 YRAA midget_girls individual Paige Sandwell Dr. G W Williams SS  
374 NCSSAA midget_girls team Jordyn DeAveiro Earl of March  
375 NCSSAA midget_girls team Isabel Johns Earl of March  
377 NCSSAA midget_girls team Katie MacAskill Earl of March  
378 NCSSAA midget_girls team Sophie Rodenburg Earl of March  
379 NCSSAA midget_girls team Talia Shearman Earl of March  
387 COSSA midget_girls individual Leah Mitchell East Northumberland  
395 GBSSA midget_girls team Jasmine Armstrong Eastview SS  
397 GBSSA midget_girls team Brianne Barcham Eastview SS  
399 GBSSA midget_girls team Alyssa Elmy Eastview SS  
401 GBSSA midget_girls team Justine Glass Eastview SS  
405 GBSSA midget_girls team Tasia Murray Eastview SS  
415 NEOAA midget_girls team Kayla Boissonneault Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
420 NEOAA midget_girls team Nadia Dagenais Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
428 NEOAA midget_girls team Olivia Ginglo-Robert Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
431 NEOAA midget_girls team Maia Kvas Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
432 NEOAA midget_girls team Kiana Labranche Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
445 CWOSSA midget_girls individual Taylor Rempel Elmira DSS  
457 EOSSAA midget_girls individual Erin Adam ES Jeanne Lajoie  
463 EOSSAA midget_girls individual Anik Belanger ESC L'Escale  
472 TDCAA midget_girls individual Sasha Kennedy Etienne Brule  
481 TDCAA midget_girls individual Natalie Blysniuk Father John Redmond
483 TDCAA midget_girls individual Stephanie Cestnick Father John Redmond
485 TDCAA midget_girls individual Maggie Dwyer Father John Redmond
508 NWOSSAA midget_girls individual Sydney Radigan Fort Frances HS  
511 NCSSAA midget_girls individual Talia Brennan Franco Ouest  
514 GHAC midget_girls individual Allison Chan Garth Webb SS  
540 NCSSAA midget_girls individual Bianca Aiello Glebe    
568 SOSSA midget_girls individual Hayley McMillan Grimsby    
574 NWOSSAA midget_girls individual Madison Clayton Hammarskjold HS  
578 NWOSSAA midget_girls individual Kielly McDonough Hammarskjold HS  
579 NWOSSAA midget_girls individual Fiona Miklas Hammarskjold HS  
583 CISAA midget_girls individual Caprice Herjavec Havergal College  
584 CISAA midget_girls individual Caroline Lampard Havergal College  
592 SOSSA midget_girls team Amy Bell Highland    
599 SOSSA midget_girls team Laura Passant Highland    
601 SOSSA midget_girls team Jenna Smith Highland    
603 SOSSA midget_girls team Meg Watson Highland    
613 SWOSSAA midget_girls individual Emma Murray Holy Names  
636 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Laura Lopachyk Humberview   
640 GBSSA midget_girls individual Shannon Marshall Huntsville HS  
650 YRAA midget_girls individual Jordyn Scott Huron Heights SS  
665 GHAC midget_girls individual Gillian Day Iroquois Ridge  
666 GBSSA midget_girls individual Olivia Perepeluk Jean Vanier CHS  
679 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Sarah Huang John Fraser SS  
680 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Gurjena Jandu John Fraser SS  
684 EOSSAA midget_girls team Caroline Cote Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
686 EOSSAA midget_girls team Jenny Lap Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
689 EOSSAA midget_girls team Rachel Porter Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
691 EOSSAA midget_girls team Heidi Scott Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
692 EOSSAA midget_girls team Johanna Whitehead Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
702 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Emily Morgan Lawrence Park C.I.  
703 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Erin Zlahtic Lawrence Park C.I.  
704 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Erika Belh-Hansen Leaside H.S.  
709 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Sarah De Lazzari Leaside H.S.  
710 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Cassie Durgy Leaside H.S.  
716 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Sarah Kelly Leaside H.S.  
731 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Alexander Tzanetakis Leaside H.S.  
735 COSSA midget_girls individual Sadie - Jan Hickson Lindsay Collegiate  
739 NOSSA midget_girls team Miranda Boudreau Lockerby Composite School
740 NOSSA midget_girls team Allie Chown Lockerby Composite School
741 NOSSA midget_girls team Delaney Johnston Lockerby Composite School
744 NOSSA midget_girls team Montana McCulloch Lockerby Composite School
745 NOSSA midget_girls team Lexi Ransom Lockerby Composite School
757 WOSSAA midget_girls team Jessie Fleming London Central S.S.  
761 WOSSAA midget_girls team Nicole Hughson London Central S.S.  
766 WOSSAA midget_girls team Stephanie Mills London Central S.S.  
769 WOSSAA midget_girls team Andie Sheidow London Central S.S.  
770 WOSSAA midget_girls team Sarah Vo London Central S.S.  
771 WOSSAA midget_girls individual Kirsten deJong London District Christian S.S.
773 WOSSAA midget_girls team Emily Ashby Lord Dorchester  
776 WOSSAA midget_girls team Dana Earhart Lord Dorchester  
779 WOSSAA midget_girls team Audrey Havlik Lord Dorchester  
780 WOSSAA midget_girls team Michelle Lefave Lord Dorchester  
784 TDCAA midget_girls team Sara Berandi Loretto Abbey  
785 TDCAA midget_girls team Jacqueline Douglas Loretto Abbey  
786 TDCAA midget_girls team Shea Gentile Loretto Abbey  
787 TDCAA midget_girls team Emma Harris Loretto Abbey  
788 TDCAA midget_girls team Emily MacKinnon Loretto Abbey  
806 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Allison Anderson Malvern C.I.  
807 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Emily Doto Malvern C.I.  
814 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Molly McBain Malvern C.I.  
815 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Haley Tice Malvern C.I.  
816 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls team Hayley Volden Malvern C.I.  
817 NOSSA midget_girls team Bronwyn Cooper Manitoulin Secondary School
821 NOSSA midget_girls team Robin Lentir Manitoulin Secondary School
825 NOSSA midget_girls team Mackenzie Turner Manitoulin Secondary School
826 NOSSA midget_girls team Meaghan Wall Manitoulin Secondary School
827 NOSSA midget_girls team Allie Cosby Manitoulin Secondary Scool
835 NOSSA midget_girls individual Myla McCormick Marymount Academy  
842 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Meaghan Hymers Mayfield SS  
848 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Lauren Rowbotham Mayfield SS  
849 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Kaytlan Shatzky Mayfield SS  
850 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Brittany Spiteri Mayfield SS  
858 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Ellen Zagar Mayfield SS  
871 TDCAA midget_girls team Amanda Downey Michael Power / St. Joseph's
872 TDCAA midget_girls team Niki Gallato Michael Power / St. Joseph's
880 TDCAA midget_girls team Nowak Michelle Michael Power / St. Joseph's
885 TDCAA midget_girls team Niedbala Rebeccea Michael Power / St. Joseph's
886 TDCAA midget_girls team Julia Szczepanski Michael Power / St. Joseph's
891 GHAC midget_girls individual Emily Wesseling Milton District  
893 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Molly White Monarch Park C.I.  
919 NCSSAA midget_girls team Julila Cawthorn Nepean    
921 NCSSAA midget_girls team Rebecca Lai Nepean    
923 NCSSAA midget_girls team Gaudet Olivia Nepean    
924 NCSSAA midget_girls team Paige Roszak Nepean    
927 NCSSAA midget_girls team Elizabeth Stanton Nepean    
931 YRAA midget_girls team Rachel Duffy Newmarket HS  
933 YRAA midget_girls team Kristen Hochfellner Newmarket HS  
937 YRAA midget_girls team Emily Maier Newmarket HS  
938 YRAA midget_girls team Jessica Pennington Newmarket HS  
939 YRAA midget_girls team Kate Stewart Newmarket HS  
943 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Michiela McNeil Newtonbrook S.S.  
950 CWOSSA midget_girls individual Alex Devries North Park CVI  
957 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Jennifer Axelson Northern S.S.  
967 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Janna Midgen Northern S.S.  
972 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Jazz Shukla Northern S.S.  
976 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Emma Tse Northern S.S.  
977 TDSSAA 2 midget_girls team Laura Wheeler Northern S.S.  
998 NEOAA midget_girls individual Deanna Vien O’Gorman High School
1017 LOSSA midget_girls individual Emma Johnston-Whee O'Neill CVI  
1024 CWOSSA midget_girls team Stephanie Benninger Our Lady of Lourdes  
1028 CWOSSA midget_girls team Alison Donovan Our Lady of Lourdes  
1029 CWOSSA midget_girls team Carissa Gobbi Our Lady of Lourdes  
1031 CWOSSA midget_girls team Taylor McKenzie Our Lady of Lourdes  
1034 CWOSSA midget_girls team Meaghan Smith Our Lady of Lourdes  
1046 CWOSSA midget_girls individual Francesca Maltais Pere Rene de Galinee
1054 LOSSA midget_girls individual Chloe Winslow Pickering HS  
1055 NCSSAA midget_girls individual Samantha Eisnor Pierre Savard  
1056 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Jill Amirault Port Credit SS  
1057 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Stephanie Gava Port Credit SS  
1058 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Mary Frances Leon Port Credit SS  
1060 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Charlotte Ponsonby Port Credit SS  
1062 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Mica Theofilopoulos Port Credit SS  
1091 EOSSAA midget_girls individual Branna MacDougal Regioplois Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1119 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Paige Doyle Robert F. Hall  
1151 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Chelsea Crundwell Sandwich Secondary  
1152 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Ines Fielder Sandwich Secondary  
1154 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Lauren Harris Sandwich Secondary  
1155 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Sabreena Pontoni Sandwich Secondary  
1156 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Kennedy Snively Sandwich Secondary  
1165 WOSSAA midget_girls individual Tatiana Desender Saunders S.S.  London
1168 LOSSA midget_girls individual Vanessa Cotter Sinclair SS  
1216 SOSSA midget_girls individual Kennedy Thomson Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1224 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Kristen Dasilva St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1225 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Olivia Dicristofaro St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1228 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Sofia Marcuzzi St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1231 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Mackenzie Ruffo St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1232 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls team Kate Tominac St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1248 NOSSA midget_girls individual Karly Piro St. Benedict Secondary School
1257 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Kristin Parkes St. Christopher  
1259 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Ashleigh Pettit St. Christopher  
1260 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Clara Rastin St. Christopher  
1262 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Ginger Ruypers St. Christopher  
1264 SWOSSAA midget_girls team Sarah Wise St. Christopher  
1268 SOSSA midget_girls individual Paulina Sergnese St. Francis  
1273 GHAC midget_girls team Vanessa Corbett St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1281 GHAC midget_girls team Lexi Noden St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1283 GHAC midget_girls team Kristen Oneill St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1288 GHAC midget_girls team Samantha Verdurmen St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1291 NWOSSAA midget_girls team Sienna Bergagnini St. Ignatius SS  
1292 NWOSSAA midget_girls team Alexa Bohemier St. Ignatius SS  
1293 NWOSSAA midget_girls team Molly Carlson St. Ignatius SS  
1294 NWOSSAA midget_girls team Kimmy Dunnigan St. Ignatius SS  
1296 NWOSSAA midget_girls team Christina Provenzano St. Ignatius SS  
1298 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Carolina Engering St. Joan of Arc Mississauga
1311 NOSSA midget_girls individual Jilleen Kilroy St. Joseph-Scollard Hall
1314 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Kaitlyn Colonna St. Marcellinus  
1317 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Kristen Duic St. Marcellinus  
1321 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Bailey Menchise St. Marcellinus  
1322 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Alexa Morgan St. Marcellinus  
1333 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls team Alana White St. Marcellinus  
1346 WOSSAA midget_girls individual Natalie Topp St. Marys D.C.V.I.  
1350 CWOSSA midget_girls team Syndey Collins St. Marys HS Kitchener
1351 CWOSSA midget_girls team Carina Desousa St. Marys HS Kitchener
1352 CWOSSA midget_girls team Christie Downey St. Marys HS Kitchener
1356 CWOSSA midget_girls team Alanna Lawrence St. Marys HS Kitchener
1357 CWOSSA midget_girls team Heather Lehan St. Marys HS Kitchener
1387 CISAA midget_girls team Monica Anand-Knowlton St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
1388 CISAA midget_girls team Sonia Anand-Knowlton St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
1389 CISAA midget_girls team Megan Jenkinson St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
1390 CISAA midget_girls team Makenzi Mellon St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
1391 CISAA midget_girls team Alexandra Szybbo St. Mildred's Lightbourn School
1407 YRAA midget_girls individual Christina Chin St. Robert CHS  
1409 ROPSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Kyra Constantine St. Roch    
1414 GBSSA midget_girls team Melissa Anastasakis St. Theresa's HS  
1417 GBSSA midget_girls team Julia Dunn St. Theresa's HS  
1419 GBSSA midget_girls team Megan Gieseler St. Theresa's HS  
1422 GBSSA midget_girls team Caitlin Power St. Theresa's HS  
1423 GBSSA midget_girls team Simone Smith St. Theresa's HS  
1427 ROPSSAA 2 midget_girls individual Rachel Ortiz St. Thomas Aquinas Brampton
1433 GBSSA midget_girls individual Natasha Charbonneau St. Thomas Aquinas CSS (Lindsay)
1436 SWOSSAA midget_girls individual Keegan Sloan St. Thomas of Villanova
1437 YRAA midget_girls individual Alycia Holt Stouffville DHS  
1466 EOSSAA midget_girls individual Jaycee Farmer Sydenham Secondary School
1472 CISAA midget_girls individual Gabriella Banhara The York School  
1473 COSSA midget_girls team Jenna Bolton Thomas A Stewart  
1474 COSSA midget_girls team Bethany Bolton Thomas A Stewart  
1475 COSSA midget_girls team Kasey Hainer Thomas A Stewart  
1476 COSSA midget_girls team Sarah Hatherly Thomas A Stewart  
1477 COSSA midget_girls team Rhiannon Kissel Thomas A Stewart  
1481 EOSSAA midget_girls team Emily Berriman Thousand Islands Secondary School
1482 EOSSAA midget_girls team Rayanna Birtch Thousand Islands Secondary School
1484 EOSSAA midget_girls team Alex Brett Thousand Islands Secondary School
1492 EOSSAA midget_girls team Tory Gowland-Wood Thousand Islands Secondary School
1502 EOSSAA midget_girls team Tara Warren Thousand Islands Secondary School
1505 NEOAA midget_girls team Angelica Brisson Timiskaming District Secondary School
1513 NEOAA midget_girls team Mary-Katherine Rowe Timiskaming District Secondary School
1514 NEOAA midget_girls team Jenna Sanderson Timiskaming District Secondary School
1516 NEOAA midget_girls team Emily Steis Timiskaming District Secondary School
1519 NEOAA midget_girls team Jessica Veley Timiskaming District Secondary School
1526 NEOAA midget_girls individual Taylor Kirley Timmins High and Vocational School
1529 CISAA midget_girls individual Lucia Stafford Toronto French School
1549 LOSSA midget_girls team Taylor Anderson Uxbridge SS  
1555 LOSSA midget_girls team Kassandra King Uxbridge SS  
1557 LOSSA midget_girls team Rebecca Voogjarv Uxbridge SS  
1559 LOSSA midget_girls team Emma Winnitoy Uxbridge SS  
1560 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Savannah Rouse Vaughan Road Academy
1580 NOSSA midget_girls individual Erin Hansel West Ferris Secondary School
1584 SOSSA midget_girls team Mara Balvers Westdale    
1586 SOSSA midget_girls team Jasmine Buckridge Westdale    
1589 SOSSA midget_girls team Chloe Hewitt Westdale    
1593 SOSSA midget_girls team Olivia Rodgers Westdale    
1597 SOSSA midget_girls team Emma Waddington Westdale    
1601 CWOSSA midget_girls individual Samantha Mallon Westside SS  
1603 TDSSAA 1 midget_girls individual Libby Marlatt Wexford C.I.  
1607 GHAC midget_girls individual Christine Morris White Oaks  
208 YRAA para x-c individual Christina DiMaria Cardinal Carter CHS  
217 ROPSSAA 2 para x-c individual Nicholas Neri Cardinal Leger  
490 EOSSAA para x-c individual Lacie Cardiff Fellowes High School  
491 EOSSAA para x-c individual Nick Chaput Fellowes High School  
492 EOSSAA para x-c individual Britney Fields Fellowes High School  
496 EOSSAA para x-c individual Kyle Maher Fellowes High School  
498 EOSSAA para x-c individual Sarah Measor Fellowes High School  
499 EOSSAA para x-c individual Heather Robinson Fellowes High School  
500 EOSSAA para x-c individual Alicia Tustin Fellowes High School  
641 GBSSA para x-c individual Jocelyn Roberson Huntsville HS  
783 WOSSAA para x-c individual Madison Wilson-Walker Lord Dorchester  
948 SWOSSAA para x-c individual Dylan Eisnor North Lambton  
30 SWOSSAA senior_boys individual Garrick Loewen Assumption  
40 YRAA senior_boys individual Joey Stel Aurora HS    
41 NCSSAA senior_boys individual Brendon Howard AY Jackson  
42 NCSSAA senior_boys individual Alec Jarvis AY Jackson  
53 GBSSA senior_boys individual Jonathan Bunn Barrie North CI  
61 COSSA senior_boys individual Adam Doxtator Bayside    
121 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Benjamin Devito Birchmount Park C.I.  
122 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Robbie Gillies Birchmount Park C.I.  
127 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Rowan Kelly Birchmount Park C.I.  
133 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Tari Mubu Birchmount Park C.I.  
134 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Thier Nunguwenimama Birchmount Park C.I.  
148 GHAC senior_boys individual Ben Preisner Bishop Reding  
149 GHAC senior_boys individual Nathan Schaper Bishop Reding  
150 GHAC senior_boys team Bradley Doering Bishop Ryan  
151 GHAC senior_boys team David Martin Bishop Ryan  
152 GHAC senior_boys team Joel Merino Bishop Ryan  
153 GHAC senior_boys team Tyler Rabatich Bishop Ryan  
154 GHAC senior_boys team Luke Sianchuk Bishop Ryan  
172 TDCAA senior_boys individual Zack Guy Blessed Cardinal Newman Toronto
195 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Justin Moakler Brampton Centennial SS
199 TDCAA senior_boys individual Elijah Silva Brebeuf College  
221 WOSSAA senior_boys individual Seth Marcaccio Catholic Central High School  London
248 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Harvinder Aujula Chinguacousy SS  
249 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Abhishek Joshi Chinguacousy SS  
250 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Shivam Patel Chinguacousy SS  
251 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Sandeep Prabhakar Chinguacousy SS  
252 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Amit Sharma Chinguacousy SS  
263 NWOSSAA senior_boys individual Wilson Poulter Churchill CVI  
266 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Liam Bekirsky Clarkson SS  
268 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Aaron Blais Clarkson SS  
271 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Joey Heartwell Clarkson SS  
274 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Robbie Shoji Clarkson SS  
275 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Robert Simpson Spook Clarkson SS  
285 GBSSA senior_boys individual Zack Hannon Collingwood CI  
298 LOSSA senior_boys team Nathan Ackerman Courtice SS  
300 LOSSA senior_boys team Keith Cole Courtice SS  
305 LOSSA senior_boys team Zack Jones Courtice SS  
308 LOSSA senior_boys team Mads Marschall Courtice SS  
317 LOSSA senior_boys team Jon Zavitski Courtice SS  
318 CISAA senior_boys team Toms Black Crescent School  
319 CISAA senior_boys team Matthew Corolis Crescent School  
321 CISAA senior_boys team Jack Hayward Crescent School  
322 CISAA senior_boys team Taylor Keating Crescent School  
324 CISAA senior_boys team Nick Mehta Crescent School  
331 CISAA senior_boys individual Arakel Minassian De La Salle College  
337 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Kia Gharibi Don Mills C.I.  
342 YRAA senior_boys individual Neil Bender Dr. G W Williams SS  
343 YRAA senior_boys individual Matthew Roach Dr. G W Williams SS  
350 NWOSSAA senior_boys individual Kirk Markowski Dryden HS  
362 LOSSA senior_boys individual Brandon Kirkup Dunbarton HS  
364 SOSSA senior_boys team Eric Deba E L Crossley  
365 SOSSA senior_boys team Mitchell Deba E L Crossley  
366 SOSSA senior_boys team Alex Delle Monache E L Crossley  
371 SOSSA senior_boys team Fraser Weir E L Crossley  
373 SOSSA senior_boys team Tyler Young E L Crossley  
380 WOSSAA senior_boys individual Paul Rochus East Elgin    
382 COSSA senior_boys individual Riley Dagg East Northumberland  
412 NEOAA senior_boys team Ryan Banks Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
421 NEOAA senior_boys team Samuel Delage Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
426 NEOAA senior_boys team Jordan Gelinas Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
427 NEOAA senior_boys team Donovan Gignac Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
439 NEOAA senior_boys team Connor Ritchie Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
448 NEOAA senior_boys individual Dennis Schinkel Englehart High School
465 EOSSAA senior_boys individual Nicholas Favero ESC L'Escale  
466 NOSSA senior_boys team Stephen Beange Espanola High School
467 NOSSA senior_boys team Devin Deschamps Espanola High School
468 NOSSA senior_boys team Aric Emery Espanola High School
470 NOSSA senior_boys team Josh Rodley Espanola High School
471 NOSSA senior_boys team Tanner Tallon Espanola High School
474 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Santi Bessai Etobicoke School of the Arts
476 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Nathan McCoy Etobicoke School of the Arts
501 COSSA senior_boys team Sammy Dickie Fenelon Falls  
502 COSSA senior_boys team Landen Dobsi Fenelon Falls  
503 COSSA senior_boys team Mark Dudman Fenelon Falls  
504 COSSA senior_boys team Brant Peel Fenelon Falls  
505 COSSA senior_boys team Gavin Taylor Fenelon Falls  
516 SWOSSAA senior_boys individual Brandon Allen General Amherst  
519 EOSSAA senior_boys team Ty Lebannister General Panet High School
520 EOSSAA senior_boys team Scott Mills General Panet High School
522 EOSSAA senior_boys team Brandon Royce General Panet High School
524 EOSSAA senior_boys team Sam Serviss General Panet High School
525 EOSSAA senior_boys team Nathan Smith General Panet High School
547 NCSSAA senior_boys team Colin Foley Glebe    
549 NCSSAA senior_boys team Isaac Freda Glebe    
550 NCSSAA senior_boys team Nick Harrison Glebe    
553 NCSSAA senior_boys team Alex Kerzner Glebe    
561 NCSSAA senior_boys team Nicholas Rupar Glebe    
567 NCSSAA senior_boys individual Farah Abdulkarim Gloucester  
570 SOSSA senior_boys individual Troy Smith Grimsby    
576 NWOSSAA senior_boys individual Nick Kondrat Hammarskjold HS  
591 LOSSA senior_boys individual Bayley Winkel Henry Street HS  
597 SOSSA senior_boys individual Paul Kolb Highland    
602 SOSSA senior_boys individual Liam Smith Highland    
605 CISAA senior_boys individual Cameron McMillan Hillfield Strathallan College
614 GBSSA senior_boys individual Jonathan Ellis Holy Trinity HS  
616 NCSSAA senior_boys individual Mickey Day Holy Trinity Kanata  
625 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Jack Kennedy Humberside C.I.  
637 GBSSA senior_boys team Ben Forestell Huntsville HS  
638 GBSSA senior_boys team Alexander Griffiths Huntsville HS  
642 GBSSA senior_boys team Austin Simonett Huntsville HS  
644 GBSSA senior_boys team Joshua Stevens Huntsville HS  
645 GBSSA senior_boys team Bryan Stone Huntsville HS  
646 YRAA senior_boys team Marley Dickenson Huron Heights SS  
647 YRAA senior_boys team Robby Elmhirst Huron Heights SS  
648 YRAA senior_boys team Dustin Hill Huron Heights SS  
649 YRAA senior_boys team Liam Lees Huron Heights SS  
651 YRAA senior_boys team Keaton Smee Huron Heights SS  
667 TDCAA senior_boys individual Daniello Tectangco Jean Vanier Toronto  
695 SWOSSAA senior_boys individual Ryan Sleiman Kingsville District  
701 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Christopher Moore Lawrence Park C.I.  
706 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Ben Carson Leaside H.S.  
708 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team David De Lazzari Leaside H.S.  
713 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Jeremy Fraeys Leaside H.S.  
720 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Palmer Lockridge Leaside H.S.  
729 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys team Conor Smith Leaside H.S.  
755 WOSSAA senior_boys team Kwesi Asantey London Central S.S.  
758 WOSSAA senior_boys team Tristan Fleming London Central S.S.  
760 WOSSAA senior_boys team Aaron Hesman London Central S.S.  
762 WOSSAA senior_boys team William Litchfield London Central S.S.  
768 WOSSAA senior_boys team Jack Sheffar London Central S.S.  
774 WOSSAA senior_boys team Chris Caddey Lord Dorchester  
775 WOSSAA senior_boys team Patrick Deane Lord Dorchester  
778 WOSSAA senior_boys team Andrew Frampton Lord Dorchester  
781 WOSSAA senior_boys team Jamie McNorgan Lord Dorchester  
782 WOSSAA senior_boys team Josh McNorgan Lord Dorchester  
793 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Sean Locke Lorne Park SS  
802 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Preston Borg Loyola    
804 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Scott Labella Loyola    
820 NOSSA senior_boys individual Wyatt Kennedy Manitoulin Secondary School
833 TDSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Robert Kanko Martingrove C.I.  
839 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Jack Grant Mayfield SS  
853 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Cody Tremblay Mayfield SS  
854 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Matthew Van Huekelom Mayfield SS  
856 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Myles Zagar Mayfield SS  
857 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys team Aidan Zagar Mayfield SS  
868 TDCAA senior_boys team Luke Bannon Michael Power / St. Joseph's
877 TDCAA senior_boys team Alex Jaffray Michael Power / St. Joseph's
879 TDCAA senior_boys team Curtis Massinghan Michael Power / St. Joseph's
882 TDCAA senior_boys team Connor Niedbala Michael Power / St. Joseph's
889 TDCAA senior_boys team Matthew Viveiros Michael Power / St. Joseph's
896 LOSSA senior_boys individual Zac Johnson Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
905 TDCAA senior_boys team Nick Bomer Neil McNeil  
909 TDCAA senior_boys team Kafuie Dosu Neil McNeil  
911 TDCAA senior_boys team Johnathan Fernandes Neil McNeil  
913 TDCAA senior_boys team Zen MacLellan Neil McNeil  
915 TDCAA senior_boys team Nick Owen Neil McNeil  
920 NCSSAA senior_boys team Jake Gaudet Nepean    
922 NCSSAA senior_boys team Jordan McTaggart Nepean    
925 NCSSAA senior_boys team Aidan Roszak Nepean    
926 NCSSAA senior_boys team Peter Silins Nepean    
928 NCSSAA senior_boys team Kerian Wilson Nepean    
947 SWOSSAA senior_boys individual Connor Black North Lambton  
951 CWOSSA senior_boys team Riley Malcolm North Park CVI  
952 CWOSSA senior_boys team Jacob Moore North Park CVI  
953 CWOSSA senior_boys team Ben Sawikci North Park CVI  
954 CWOSSA senior_boys team Ben Sayles North Park CVI  
955 CWOSSA senior_boys team Austin Solak North Park CVI  
960 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Lucas D'Angelo Northern S.S.  
961 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Samuel Dahan-Meyboom Northern S.S.  
962 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Taylor Everard Northern S.S.  
964 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Aaron Heaps Northern S.S.  
978 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Derek Wilson Northern S.S.  
983 EOSSAA senior_boys individual Alex Wilke Notre Dame Catholic High School (Carleton Place)
989 NOSSA senior_boys individual Aaron Mohammadi Notre Dame du Sault  
994 NEOAA senior_boys individual Colton Labine O’Gorman High School
996 NEOAA senior_boys individual RJ Roy O’Gorman High School
1001 GHAC senior_boys team Robert Chung Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1002 GHAC senior_boys team Kristo DeGroodt Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1003 GHAC senior_boys team Aleks Djuric Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1004 GHAC senior_boys team Connor Hammond Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1005 GHAC senior_boys team Nolan O'Shaghnessy Oakville Trafalgar SS  
1044 CWOSSA senior_boys individual Brandon Thomas Paris District HS  
1047 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Michael Kaca Philip Pocock  
1063 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Peter Wilson Port Credit SS  
1064 COSSA senior_boys individual Jeremy Coughler Port Hope    
1072 COSSA senior_boys individual Nick Holden Quinte    
1082 LOSSA senior_boys team Isaac Dobos R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1084 LOSSA senior_boys team Alan Hetherington R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1087 LOSSA senior_boys team Chris McGowan R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1088 LOSSA senior_boys team Jordan McNally R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1089 LOSSA senior_boys team Matt Stephenson R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1112 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Makram Al Matary Riverside    
1114 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Lyjah Dunn Riverside    
1115 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Ryan Marchand Riverside    
1116 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Scott Neilson Riverside    
1117 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Jacob Wagner Riverside    
1121 CISAA senior_boys individual Cam Lawrence Royal St. George's College
1135 YRAA senior_boys team Ciaran Callaghan Sacred Heart CHS  
1139 YRAA senior_boys team Luke Deighan Sacred Heart CHS  
1142 YRAA senior_boys team Clay Fernandes Sacred Heart CHS  
1145 YRAA senior_boys team Alex Freemantle Sacred Heart CHS  
1150 YRAA senior_boys team Eric Ulgiati Sacred Heart CHS  
1163 CWOSSA senior_boys individual Logan Chappell Saugeen District SS  
1198 SOSSA senior_boys team Matt Cormier Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1201 SOSSA senior_boys team Garrett Dion Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1206 SOSSA senior_boys team Zach Godin Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1213 SOSSA senior_boys team Andrew Nebel Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1214 SOSSA senior_boys team Spencer Raby Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1233 ROPSSAA 1 senior_boys individual Nicholas Vukelic St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1249 YRAA senior_boys individual Matthew Wieser St. Brother Andre CHS
1266 CWOSSA senior_boys individual James Milton St. Dave CSS  
1267 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Dimitry Giunta St. Edmund Campion  
1289 GHAC senior_boys individual Connor White St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1302 CWOSSA senior_boys individual Tyler Van Leeuen St. John's College  
1304 EOSSAA senior_boys individual Joshua Commodore St. Joseph Catholic Scondary School - Cornwall
1306 GBSSA senior_boys individual Matthew Druken St. Joseph's CHS Barrie
1313 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Lucas Altomare St. Marcellinus  
1319 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Jeramie Lai St. Marcellinus  
1325 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Marc Pereira St. Marcellinus  
1327 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Jerome Ramos St. Marcellinus  
1330 ROPSSAA 2 senior_boys team Lucas Tartaglia St. Marcellinus  
1344 NOSSA senior_boys individual Daniel Turco St. Mary's College  
1348 CWOSSA senior_boys team Dejen Abraha St. Marys HS Kitchener
1349 CWOSSA senior_boys team Jose Alba St. Marys HS Kitchener
1353 CWOSSA senior_boys team Ben Flanagan St. Marys HS Kitchener
1354 CWOSSA senior_boys team Taylor Gagne St. Marys HS Kitchener
1355 CWOSSA senior_boys team Keaton Jones St. Marys HS Kitchener
1359 TDCAA senior_boys individual Jacob Carson St. Mary's Toronto  
1372 CISAA senior_boys team Thomas Badali St. Michael's College  
1380 CISAA senior_boys team Justyn Knight St. Michael's College  
1382 CISAA senior_boys team Philip Messina St. Michael's College  
1384 CISAA senior_boys team Ian Tramble St. Michael's College  
1385 CISAA senior_boys team Mitchell Valic St. Michael's College  
1398 NWOSSAA senior_boys individual Mason Quarrell St. Patrick HS  
1402 COSSA senior_boys team Anthony Cozzarini St. Peter's    
1403 COSSA senior_boys team Patrick Daley St. Peter's    
1404 COSSA senior_boys team Ryan Heney St. Peter's    
1405 COSSA senior_boys team Adric Heney St. Peter's    
1406 COSSA senior_boys team David Laurie St. Peter's    
1438 WOSSAA senior_boys individual Cael Wishart Stratford Central S.S.  
1439 WOSSAA senior_boys individual Mark Schmidt Stratford Northwestern
1465 EOSSAA senior_boys individual Nich Belore Sydenham Secondary School
1485 EOSSAA senior_boys team Jayson Brown Thousand Islands Secondary School
1487 EOSSAA senior_boys team Declan Colwell Thousand Islands Secondary School
1489 EOSSAA senior_boys team Eric Cowan Thousand Islands Secondary School
1500 EOSSAA senior_boys team Garrett Rodley Thousand Islands Secondary School
1503 EOSSAA senior_boys team Eric Wynands Thousand Islands Secondary School
1507 NEOAA senior_boys team Evan Burrows Timiskaming District Secondary School
1508 NEOAA senior_boys team Skylar Dejardins Timiskaming District Secondary School
1509 NEOAA senior_boys team Morgan Dewar Timiskaming District Secondary School
1517 NEOAA senior_boys team Corey Steis Timiskaming District Secondary School
1518 NEOAA senior_boys team Colin Steis Timiskaming District Secondary School
1528 NEOAA senior_boys individual Keldon Smith Timmins High and Vocational School
1540 GBSSA senior_boys team Zach Buchan Twin Lakes SS  
1541 GBSSA senior_boys team Jake Buchan Twin Lakes SS  
1542 GBSSA senior_boys team Jeff Davis Twin Lakes SS  
1543 GBSSA senior_boys team Jack Finlayson Twin Lakes SS  
1545 GBSSA senior_boys team Jacob Lasci Twin Lakes SS  
1548 CISAA senior_boys individual Jake Taber Upper Canada College
1554 LOSSA senior_boys individual Thomas Kemp Uxbridge SS  
1565 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Carter Day Vincent Massey  
1568 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Skylar Edwards Vincent Massey  
1570 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Hassan Hawilo Vincent Massey  
1572 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Ian Manser Vincent Massey  
1574 SWOSSAA senior_boys team Alexander Rocheleau Vincent Massey  
1581 NOSSA senior_boys individual Graham Hansel West Ferris Secondary School
1582 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Matthew Boutda West Humber C.I.  
1600 SOSSA senior_boys individual Theodore Kountourogiannis Westlane    
1604 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys individual Greg Nettleton Wexford C.I.  
1605 GHAC senior_boys individual Alexander Dos Santos White Oaks  
1608 NOSSA senior_boys team Jack Bowness Widdifield Secondary School
1609 NOSSA senior_boys team Cooper Chirico Widdifield Secondary School
1610 NOSSA senior_boys team Mitchell Martyn Widdifield Secondary School
1611 NOSSA senior_boys team Malcolm McCubbin Widdifield Secondary School
1612 NOSSA senior_boys team Colin Rodger Widdifield Secondary School
1626 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Hei Chan York Mills C.I.  
1627 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Matt Fynney York Mills C.I.  
1628 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Nathaniel Hu York Mills C.I.  
1629 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Alex Medrek York Mills C.I.  
1630 TDSSAA 2 senior_boys team Tian Shi Ning York Mills C.I.  
7 GHAC senior_girls individual Evelyne Guay Abbey Park HS  
11 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Lovissa Cheung Albert Campbell C.I.  
22 SOSSA senior_girls individual Abby Llewellyn Ancaster    
36 CWOSSA senior_girls individual Cozette Collin Assumption College  
37 YRAA senior_girls individual Carolyn Denault Aurora HS    
39 YRAA senior_girls individual Meghan Rothenbroker Aurora HS    
43 GBSSA senior_girls team Sara Corcoran Barrie Central CI  
46 GBSSA senior_girls team Kaetlin Fenton Barrie Central CI  
48 GBSSA senior_girls team Torey Hutchinson Barrie Central CI  
50 GBSSA senior_girls team Kylee Innes Barrie Central CI  
52 GBSSA senior_girls team Charlotte Ward Barrie Central CI  
76 CISAA senior_girls team Julia Glynn Bayview Glen  
77 CISAA senior_girls team Katie Hicks Bayview Glen  
78 CISAA senior_girls team Stephanie Jennings Bayview Glen  
79 CISAA senior_girls team Lok Hang Lee Bayview Glen  
80 CISAA senior_girls team Iren Shananova Bayview Glen  
84 NCSSAA senior_girls team Marie-Eve Dahms Beatrice Desloges  
85 NCSSAA senior_girls team Brigit Desjardins Beatrice Desloges  
86 NCSSAA senior_girls team Catherine Errington Beatrice Desloges  
87 NCSSAA senior_girls team Danielle Lamont Beatrice Desloges  
88 NCSSAA senior_girls team Olivia Siddock Beatrice Desloges  
90 SWOSSAA senior_girls individual Jazmin Martin Belle River  
95 YRAA senior_girls team Sarah Bloome Bill Crothers SS  
97 YRAA senior_girls team Logan Carmichael Bill Crothers SS  
102 YRAA senior_girls team Taylor Jones Bill Crothers SS  
113 YRAA senior_girls team Erin Sitarz Bill Crothers SS  
114 YRAA senior_girls team Emily Sitarz Bill Crothers SS  
137 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Renne Robertson Birchmount Park C.I.  
141 TDCAA senior_girls team Alexandra Lucki Bishop Allen  
142 TDCAA senior_girls team Madeleine Maio Bishop Allen  
143 TDCAA senior_girls team Maria Markovac Bishop Allen  
146 TDCAA senior_girls team Brittany Rego Bishop Allen  
147 TDCAA senior_girls team Matija Skoko Bishop Allen  
160 GHAC senior_girls individual Marissa Codispodi Bishop Tonnos  
188 GBSSA senior_girls individual Natalia Hawthorn Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes SS
191 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Bisleen Attli Brampton Centennial SS
192 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Trisha Dewhirst Brampton Centennial SS
193 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Jori Johnson Brampton Centennial SS
194 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Kristina Klintsaris Brampton Centennial SS
196 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Coby Phillips Brampton Centennial SS
197 CISAA senior_girls individual Connor Ostoich Branksome Hall  
200 NCSSAA senior_girls individual Olivia Robertson Brookfield    
211 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Daniela Casas Cardinal Leger  
212 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Lara Dobbins Cardinal Leger  
215 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Ivon Jaimes Cardinal Leger  
218 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Samantha Pejic Cardinal Leger  
220 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Magdalena Ziemnicki Cardinal Leger  
222 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Kimberly Beech Cawthra Park SS  
223 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Zoe Mack Cawthra Park SS  
224 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Laura Nosella Cawthra Park SS  
225 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Michelle Ouellett Cawthra Park SS  
226 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls team Samantha Pitton Cawthra Park SS  
227 CWOSSA senior_girls team Jackie Bowman Centennial CVI  
228 CWOSSA senior_girls team Micayley Cromwell Centennial CVI  
230 CWOSSA senior_girls team Rachael Harman-Denhoed Centennial CVI  
233 CWOSSA senior_girls team Monica Sanago Centennial CVI  
235 CWOSSA senior_girls team Sarah Wismer Centennial CVI  
237 COSSA senior_girls individual Kayla Cassibo Centennial SS - Belleville
253 NOSSA senior_girls individual Madi Fraser Chippewa Secondary School
257 GHAC senior_girls individual Irene Kiroplis Christ the King  
269 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Rachel Clark Clarkson SS  
277 COSSA senior_girls individual Tabitha Casselman Cobourg West  
296 CISAA senior_girls individual Brittany Jackson Country Day School  
304 LOSSA senior_girls team Riekie Jobb Courtice SS  
306 LOSSA senior_girls team Lauren Kennedy Courtice SS  
307 LOSSA senior_girls team Jenna Layng Courtice SS  
310 LOSSA senior_girls team Elise Moore Courtice SS  
311 LOSSA senior_girls team Paige Nock Courtice SS  
336 SOSSA senior_girls individual Alysa Woodhouse Denis Morris  
340 LOSSA senior_girls individual Bettina Boucher Donald A Wilson SS  
344 NWOSSAA senior_girls team Nicole Allam Dryden HS  
348 NWOSSAA senior_girls team Rachel Egli Dryden HS  
355 NWOSSAA senior_girls team Emily Plett Dryden HS  
356 NWOSSAA senior_girls team Sarah Smith Dryden HS  
359 NWOSSAA senior_girls team Martina Wintle Dryden HS  
369 SOSSA senior_girls individual Megan Rempel E L Crossley  
383 COSSA senior_girls team Olivia Dyer East Northumberland  
389 COSSA senior_girls team Olivia Patton East Northumberland  
390 COSSA senior_girls team Alexandra Rainville-Barzy East Northumberland  
392 COSSA senior_girls team Tori Sharpe East Northumberland  
394 COSSA senior_girls team Karli Voskamp East Northumberland  
396 GBSSA senior_girls team Madeline Armstrong Eastview SS  
398 GBSSA senior_girls team Jenny Campbell Eastview SS  
402 GBSSA senior_girls team Kelly Hunter Eastview SS  
404 GBSSA senior_girls team Jenn Jackson Eastview SS  
410 GBSSA senior_girls team Cynthia Veitch Eastview SS  
414 NEOAA senior_girls team Alexa Beland Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
422 NEOAA senior_girls team Jessica Demers Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
434 NEOAA senior_girls team Renee Maisonneuve Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
435 NEOAA senior_girls team Melanie Malette Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
436 NEOAA senior_girls team Marie-Pierre Nadon Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault
443 NOSSA senior_girls individual Stephanie Clark Elliot Lake Secondary School
446 YRAA senior_girls individual Zatie Phillips Emily Carr SS  
456 EOSSAA senior_girls individual Adrienne Morgan Ernestown Secondary School
478 TDCAA senior_girls individual Sydney Arnold Father John Redmond
480 TDCAA senior_girls individual Joena Azubalis Father John Redmond
495 EOSSAA senior_girls individual Madeleine Kelly Fellowes High School  
530 GHAC senior_girls team Lauren Brewster Georgetown DHS  
532 GHAC senior_girls team Claire Dickson Georgetown DHS  
533 GHAC senior_girls team Summer Gidge Georgetown DHS  
537 GHAC senior_girls team Caitlin Watson Georgetown DHS  
544 NCSSAA senior_girls team Alexa Derksen Glebe    
545 NCSSAA senior_girls team Adara Dillabaugh Glebe    
551 NCSSAA senior_girls team Annabelle Harvey Glebe    
558 NCSSAA senior_girls team Charlene Rhead Glebe    
559 NCSSAA senior_girls team Kendra Ridley Glebe    
566 EOSSAA senior_girls individual Mila MacLean Glenngary District High School
581 CISAA senior_girls team Grace Acan Havergal College  
582 CISAA senior_girls team Shannon Dowling Havergal College  
585 CISAA senior_girls team Katherine Lampard Havergal College  
586 CISAA senior_girls team Julia Nakanishi Havergal College  
587 CISAA senior_girls team Annie Rueter Havergal College  
590 LOSSA senior_girls individual Rebecca Wendt Henry Street HS  
604 NCSSAA senior_girls individual Kelsey Grimes Hillcrest    
606 SOSSA senior_girls individual Laura Korsmit Holy Cross  
622 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Natasha Goncharenko Humberside C.I.  
624 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Jamie Lynn Kavanagh Humberside C.I.  
626 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Amy Ashley Locke Humberside C.I.  
629 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Alicja Tryczynska Humberside C.I.  
630 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Kristen Wilson Humberside C.I.  
643 GBSSA senior_girls individual Mariah Smith Huntsville HS  
652 WOSSAA senior_girls team Rachel Pace Huron Park  
653 WOSSAA senior_girls team Josee Priestap Huron Park  
654 WOSSAA senior_girls team Suzy Sparling Huron Park  
655 WOSSAA senior_girls team Marissa Ukos Huron Park  
656 WOSSAA senior_girls team Mariah Wilson Huron Park  
683 CWOSSA senior_girls individual Cheyenne Hunter Kincardine DSS  
719 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Claire Lockridge Leaside H.S.  
724 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Margue McGregor Leaside H.S.  
726 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Micha Powell Leaside H.S.  
730 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Maddie Theodorlis Leaside H.S.  
733 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls team Paula Zonneveld Leaside H.S.  
749 NOSSA senior_girls team Laura Battaion Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
750 NOSSA senior_girls team Erica Conlin Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
752 NOSSA senior_girls team Isabelle Maclean Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
753 NOSSA senior_girls team Bronwyn Novak Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
754 NOSSA senior_girls team Katie Wiwchar Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
777 WOSSAA senior_girls individual Mariel Fluttert Lord Dorchester  
805 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Cailie McGuire Loyola    
808 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Rachel Eng Malvern C.I.  
809 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Elena Fornazzari Malvern C.I.  
810 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Katherine Iwrin Malvern C.I.  
812 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Nicole Lawson Malvern C.I.  
813 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Cristina Leone Malvern C.I.  
818 NOSSA senior_girls individual Tess Doane Manitoulin Secondary School
831 TDCAA senior_girls individual Krystal Dos Santos Marshall McLuhan  
838 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Kaitlyn Gillelan Mayfield SS  
840 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Aliana Hellmuth Mayfield SS  
841 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Elise Huet Mayfield SS  
846 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Maggie Rodrigues Mayfield SS  
851 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls team Hayley Square Mayfield SS  
869 TDCAA senior_girls team Kaitlin Callegara Michael Power / St. Joseph's
870 TDCAA senior_girls team Alexandra Clarke Michael Power / St. Joseph's
884 TDCAA senior_girls team Serena Partington Michael Power / St. Joseph's
888 TDCAA senior_girls team Maria Turano Michael Power / St. Joseph's
890 TDCAA senior_girls team Julia Woznowski Michael Power / St. Joseph's
892 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Helena Kita Monarch Park C.I.  
898 LOSSA senior_girls individual Alison Smegal Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS
902 WOSSAA senior_girls individual Sarah Spottiswood Montcalm S.S.  London
930 YRAA senior_girls team Claire Brown Newmarket HS  
932 YRAA senior_girls team Jennika Gratgmans Newmarket HS  
935 YRAA senior_girls team Marianne Irish Newmarket HS  
936 YRAA senior_girls team Stephanie Lau Newmarket HS  
941 YRAA senior_girls team Ellen Whitfield Newmarket HS  
949 SWOSSAA senior_girls individual Emily Williams North Lambton  
968 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Sarah Paull Northern S.S.  
979 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Christine Doyle Northview Heights S.S.
982 GHAC senior_girls individual Erin Mawhinney Notre Dame Burlington
990 TDCAA senior_girls individual Rochelle Ramirez Notre Dame Toronto  
1000 WOSSAA senior_girls individual Stefanie Smith Oakridge S.S.  London
1012 NEOAA senior_girls team Michaela Beach O'Gorman High School
1014 NEOAA senior_girls team Alex Godin O'Gorman High School
1015 NEOAA senior_girls team Shelby Pepin O'Gorman High School
1016 NEOAA senior_girls team Mariah Torresan O'Gorman High School
1025 CWOSSA senior_girls team Allysa Bolliger Our Lady of Lourdes  
1026 CWOSSA senior_girls team Charlotte Case Our Lady of Lourdes  
1030 CWOSSA senior_girls team Emily Horsfall Our Lady of Lourdes  
1032 CWOSSA senior_girls team Grace Nicols Our Lady of Lourdes  
1033 CWOSSA senior_girls team Coleen Scott Our Lady of Lourdes  
1039 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Sierra Kellar Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1059 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Bridget Leon Port Credit SS  
1067 COSSA senior_girls team Emily Babcock Quinte    
1068 COSSA senior_girls team Brooke Babcock Quinte    
1070 COSSA senior_girls team Elizabeth Drummond Quinte    
1071 COSSA senior_girls team Roberta Drummond Quinte    
1073 COSSA senior_girls team Amber Leonard-Free Quinte    
1075 LOSSA senior_girls team Katerina Cirone R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1077 LOSSA senior_girls team Katie Kawzenuk R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1078 LOSSA senior_girls team Kaitlyn Kirk R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1079 LOSSA senior_girls team Claire Wilcox R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1080 LOSSA senior_girls team Emily Wilson R. S. McLaughlin CVI  
1092 EOSSAA senior_girls team Julie Bates Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1094 EOSSAA senior_girls team Noel Desasio Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1095 EOSSAA senior_girls team Emily Drouin Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1099 EOSSAA senior_girls team Marissa Rostek Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1101 EOSSAA senior_girls team Sarah Sanders Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
1108 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Alessia Stefenatti Richview C.I.  
1111 CISAA senior_girls individual Heather Petrick Ridley College  
1153 SWOSSAA senior_girls individual Lauren Fisico Sandwich Secondary  
1159 SWOSSAA senior_girls individual Shae Colman Sarnia Northern  
1179 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Cadence Currie Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1180 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Emilie D'Costa Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1182 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Amanda Hummel Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1184 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Kaitlynn Sanger Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1185 TDSSAA 2 senior_girls team Amy Stephenson Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.  
1190 NCSSAA senior_girls individual Elyse Charrier Sir Robert Borden  
1200 SOSSA senior_girls team Felicia Dagenais Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1202 SOSSA senior_girls team Talasia Eizenga Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1212 SOSSA senior_girls team Daria Lutz Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1217 SOSSA senior_girls team Carley Toderick Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1218 SOSSA senior_girls team Elise Wiley Sir Winston Churchill St. Catharines
1223 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Raquel Castro St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
1247 NOSSA senior_girls individual Emily Marcolini St. Benedict Secondary School
1250 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Allison Deery St. Christopher  
1252 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Diana Enache St. Christopher  
1254 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Lauren Holman St. Christopher  
1258 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Nicki Parkes St. Christopher  
1261 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Michelle Reddy St. Christopher  
1271 GHAC senior_girls team Isabella Borea St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1277 GHAC senior_girls team Corey Hennessy St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1282 GHAC senior_girls team Dayna Ohanlon St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1284 GHAC senior_girls team Bridget Oneill St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1286 GHAC senior_girls team Alex Ratcliffe St. Ignatius of Loyola  
1295 NWOSSAA senior_girls individual Marla Keyes St. Ignatius SS  
1299 ROPSSAA 2 senior_girls individual Tiana Mistry St. Joan of Arc Mississauga
1300 ROPSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Emily Nowak St. Joan of Arc Mississauga
1307 GBSSA senior_girls individual Natalie McCormick St. Joseph's CHS Barrie
1358 CWOSSA senior_girls individual Jamie Phelan St. Marys HS Kitchener
1360 NCSSAA senior_girls individual Lindsay Kary St. Matthew Orleans  
1394 NWOSSAA senior_girls individual Renee Clarke St. Patrick HS  
1425 COSSA senior_girls individual Carlee Cassidy St. Thomas Aquinas  
1428 WOSSAA senior_girls team Sarah DeSumma St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.  London
1429 WOSSAA senior_girls team Cecelia Lamb St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.  London
1430 WOSSAA senior_girls team Montana Portenier St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.  London
1431 WOSSAA senior_girls team Hilary Stafford St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.  London
1432 WOSSAA senior_girls team Laura Travalgini St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.  London
1440 WOSSAA senior_girls individual Katie Matthews Strathroy D.C.I.  
1446 NWOSSAA senior_girls individual Tanya Bobrowski Superior CI  
1447 NWOSSAA senior_girls individual Jamis Hall Superior CI  
1449 NOSSA senior_girls team Madelyn Christenson Superior Heights CVS  
1453 NOSSA senior_girls team Alley Holley Superior Heights CVS  
1455 NOSSA senior_girls team Marisa Lobert Superior Heights CVS  
1458 NOSSA senior_girls team Amellia Marato Superior Heights CVS  
1461 NOSSA senior_girls team Sarah Peltham Superior Heights CVS  
1464 EOSSAA senior_girls individual Nicole Armstrong Sydenham Secondary School
1479 EOSSAA senior_girls team Emily Baldessera Thousand Islands Secondary School
1480 EOSSAA senior_girls team Rachel Bennett Thousand Islands Secondary School
1491 EOSSAA senior_girls team Chelsea Ferguson Thousand Islands Secondary School
1494 EOSSAA senior_girls team Shelby Kent Thousand Islands Secondary School
1501 EOSSAA senior_girls team Courtney Searson Thousand Islands Secondary School
1521 NEOAA senior_girls individual Carly Charbonneau Timmins High and Vocational School
1524 NEOAA senior_girls individual Jennifer Jezic Timmins High and Vocational School
1530 CISAA senior_girls individual Gabriela Stafford Toronto French School
1531 COSSA senior_girls individual Rachel Faulds Trenton High  
1544 GBSSA senior_girls individual Georgia Hamilton Twin Lakes SS  
1547 TDSSAA 1 senior_girls individual Brynne Yarranton University of Toronto School
1550 LOSSA senior_girls individual Katie Fisher Uxbridge SS  
1561 YRAA senior_girls individual Yulia Federov Vaughan SS  
1563 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Ashley Bracci Vincent Massey  
1564 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Brianne Bracci Vincent Massey  
1566 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Paiton Del Monte Vincent Massey  
1571 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Olivia Little Vincent Massey  
1573 SWOSSAA senior_girls team Fiona Rocheleau Vincent Massey  
1583 SOSSA senior_girls team Maya Amoah Westdale    
1587 SOSSA senior_girls team Phoebe Cseresnyes Westdale    
1595 SOSSA senior_girls team Natalie Stacey Westdale    
1596 SOSSA senior_girls team Heather Summer Westdale    
1598 SOSSA senior_girls team Yinze Xu Westdale    
1623 CWOSSA 1623 CWOSSA 1623 CWOSSA 1623 CWOSSA 1623
1625 ROPSSAA 1 1625 ROPSSAA 2 1625 ROPSSAA 3 1625 ROPSSAA 4 1625
1632 TDSSAA 1 1632 TDSSAA 2 1632 TDSSAA 3 1632 TDSSAA 4 1632
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History for Centennial Collegiate & Vi Track & Field and Cross Country - Guelph, Ontario
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2014 32 7    
2013 10 7    
2012 32 11    
2011 40 10    
2010 16 8    
2009   4    
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