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A tribute to my training partners (Jan 17th 2012, 4:04am)



A tribute to my training partners

Published by
mkwilkie   Jan 17th 2012, 4:04am

First of all, I just want to make a comment on the crispness and sheer professional look of the Point Grey TFC website. Thanks to Ben for setting up and keeping up to date all that goes on within the club community. 

I will not be making many entries on this thing because, as many of you know, I am more of a spectator as they come and love to trash talk like the rest of them (must be hanging with Bart too much) so I will make my blog entries count. In any case, I thought I would kick this off by writing a personalized “thanks” to each of my training partners in the club whom I respect and rely on so much to keep me coming out every Tuesday training night:

I'll start with Marek: Thank you for the $15 per diem for no reason.

Thistlewood: Thanks for understanding the concept of sharing intervals.


Nigel: “My speed guy” Thanks for being able to keep up with me when I start dropping 24.5’s


Gant: “My threshold guy” Thanks for joining the club and being there for me in the longer repeats.


Pawluk: “My VO2 max guy” Thank-you for insisting to take every interval. It certainly helps.


Huff: Thanks for keeping it loose and ditching your old club in Ottawa for the real deal.


Kerry: Thank-you for being “the guy” to beat on the last interval. Attempt to chase this guy down on the last one and you’re sure to have a “last one best one” to put in your back pocket.



As you can see, I have an arsenal of training weapons in those individuals listed above. Certainly a well rounded crew that I can, in some way, give partial credit to for the achievement of any of my running goals in the past and probably future. Feel free to express your gratitude towards your training partners in blogs to come.






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