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Mens 800m Final - Meeting Citta di Padova 2011
Mens 800 Final - USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2011
Mark Wieczorek 5th Place Mens 800 Post-Race - USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2011

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1. David G. 100.5m
2. Matt Scherer: 100.2m
3. Paul Wieczorek: 99.5m
4. Mark Wieczorek: 55.4m
5. Adriane Wunderlich: 26.2m
6. Chris Nickinson: 22.6m
7. Scott Joerger: 15.4m
8. Christian Smith: 12.0m
9. Ninja Scout: 12.0m
10. Tim Ramirez: 11.2m
11. Julia Conway: 2.0m


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Outdoor Training Blog 2011 - Makin It Happen

Published by
Wizzo800 - Mark Wieczorek on May 1st 2011, 1:45am

Saturday Jul 30
Final race of the season for me minus a possible road mile in september and pan am games in october if i am selected to the team. I promised myself I would get out and at least put myself in position to run fast. I broke in the lead with a little gap on the field and went through the 200 in 24 flat, then the 400 in 50 mid to high. I definitely got out too fast and I felt it later in the race. It was really windy and I felt it big time on the backstretch the 2nd time. I hit the 600 in 1:17 high, which i dont think is bad for me but that first 200 was too fast and I was just toast with 150 to go. I couldnt change gears at all and I was struggling just to finish the race. I led from the gun till the last 50m or so and I finished 4th in 1:46.93. Hard to be disappointed with the result, I put myself out there and really went for it. I think i could have run 1:45 if i had run smart in a fast race where I could just sit in mid pack like I prefer to do, but I was still able to finish the season very pleased with how everything went, and i am definitely excited knowing how much I will be able to do better next year; from my living situation, to working, and even to how I structured my training program. I learned alot about how to best train myself and i am so excited to make those changes to my training plan next season. Also, just being able to have the time for me to do all the supplemental things i know I would benefit from such as cross training (supplemental biking and swimming), lift some weights, hip mobility, hurdles, core etc. Even my diet and sleeping schedule were pretty rough. But i think I trained smart, and this year knowing what I learned i will be able to train even smarter. Just being happy and having fun with my running I think is the biggest difference in my performance. I also definitely think I have to give credit to Coach Rowland. I used alot of his training and what i learned from him to build my program this year. Also, I was fit the previous year under him. Not his fault I broke my foot playing basketball, and in addition the fitness from that year carried over to this year definitely. Another big factor for me, is that I think i'm a few years behind most runners in development. I mean this in the fact that i havnt been ttraining as long, or as intense. Also i think i am just a slow developer physically...I think I am gaining still quite considerably just by natural physical development, so in all there is alot for me to look forward to for next year. It has been fun and perhaps I will continue to log my training when i start back up here. I havnt thought through my off season plan here yet, as I still dont know what I will be doing for sure with those summer races, or exactly where I will be living or training. Its been fun!

Friday Jul 29
Race day warmup with some strides in the spikes. Cooldown. 3 miles.

Thursday Jul 28
Easy 20 min jog. 3 miles.

Wednesday Jul 27
4x200 in 23-24. 4 miles.

Tuesday Jul 26
Easy 20 min jog. 3 miles

Monday Jul 25
The plan was to do 15 minutes of 15 sec on 15 off on the track, but after 8 minutes I literally couldnt hold off going to the bathroom so i took a break :) It was about a 5 minute break so I just came back and did another 10 minutes and called it good. It wasnt anything special anyway, i got the heartrate where i wanted it and held it there for a bit so I got the stimulus i wanted and there isnt anything to be gained at this point anyway, just need to keep myself mentally and physically ready to go for Saturday. 5 miles.

Week Starting Monday Jul 18 - Outdoors Week 21 - Mark:  21.5 miles

Sunday Jul 24
25 min easy with drills and strides. 3.5 miles

Saturday Jul 23
25 min easy. 3.5 miles.

Friday Jul 22
I wanted to get in one more real good workout and figured might as well keep the speed sharp so I was going to do 300-200-100-300 like i did back before usa's but its a really weird track with the start being in the middle of the straightaways and its thr closest track to a circle i have seen so I didnt know where to start the 300 without doing something bizarre so I just did the 200-200-400-200 workout again. Which is a negligible difference, same benefits for me in the sessions. With 8 min rest i went 22.5 - 22.0 - 47.8 - 23.0. I was pretty happy with the 47. I got out hard and i was lockin up a bit the last 150 which was good. Last time I dont think i got quite as much out of the workout. 4 miles.

Thursday Jul 21
Easy 25 min. 3.5 miles.

Wednesday Jul 20
Flew back to Belgium and took a train to our base in Leuven where i just rested and took the day off. 0 miles.

Tuesday Jul 19
Al along i knew this would be a good race and i was targeting this one to be my best race and hpefully a pr. It is a really fast track and i had high hopes. They ended up putting us on a waterfall because there was 13 entries and that was a very rough start. I was a little back of whee I wanted to be but I dont think it mattered tremendously. I still think I could have run a 145 with my fitness but that being said if I would have been able to close well I would have run 145 as well so I had the chance but came up short. I ran 1:46.45 for 4th place. One last shot in Gent, Belgium on the 30th. 4 miles

Monday Jul 18
Traveled to lignano, Italy. Easy recovery run, 3 miles

Week Starting Monday Jul 11 - Outdoors Week 20 - Mark:  25 miles

Sunday Jul 17
Raced in Padova. There is a race video but again i got out really well and just relaxed too much on the backstretch and let myself get spit out the back. Very poor race tactically and in a big field of 14 athletes i ended up running 1:48.30. Disappointing race but it was nothing against my fitness, i need to mature alot as a runner and not let myself be controlled by the other runners so much and just run my race and I will be lot more competitive. 4 miles.
Saturday Jul 16
Went to the practice track and did some strides and drills in the spikes. 4 miles.

Friday Jul 15
Easy 30 min. 4 miles.

Thursday Jul 14
Flew in to venice and took a van ride to padova with the other athletes. Easy 3 mile jog.

Wednesday Jul 13
After breakfast I went for an 8 min easy jog and did a few light drillsd just to get the blood flowing a bit. I got in a good 70 min warmup before my race and I felt like I got out well the first 100, but I was cut off at the break and slid back to the rear of the 9 person race where I remained along the rail through about 420.  I came through in what I would guess to be 53 low or so and then i moved out to lane 2 around the turn to move up some. I continued to pass people along the back stretch and I was in 3rd with 200 to go. After moving into 2nd around the final bend someone stepped on the back of my foot and they went down and I almost went down as well. I slowed a bit but I was able to regain my momentum and accellerated down the homestrecth and moved in to first maybe 30m before the finish for a time of 1:46.50. I was very pleased with the race, especially after my poor showing iun the last race. Very good to know it was indeed the travel that caused the performance and not being burnt out or fatigued and losing fitness. Oh, and the calf held up fine. I think I will be feeling it for a while but unless something happens it wont actually be hindering me at all any more. 4 miles.

Tuesday Jul 12
Woke up at 5am to catch my flight from Brussels to Rome, then to Venice where the meet people picked us up and drove us 90 minutes or so to Nuoru, Italy. I went to the track with most of the other athletes competing and did a pre race warmup and drills with some extended strides in the spikes. I wanted to do a 200 but I could feel the calf still so I didnt wanna push it. I shouldnt have any problems in the race i think. Cooled down, 3 miles.

Monday Jul 11
Took another easy day with some real light drills afterwards, I would have liked a light session of maybe some back to backs today but I have to take it easy on the calf still, it is quite tender. 3 miles

Week Starting Monday Jul 4 - Outdoors Week 19 - Mark:  21 miles

Sunday Jul 10
Easy 20 min, my calf still hurts a bit and Iam surprised how much that race took out of me. My sleep has been off pretty bad since I got here, so I suppose that isnt helping things. I planned to do a few 200's tomorrow but i think I will just jog easy again and then do some extended strides on tuesday, the day before my next race in Italy. 3 miles.

Saturday Jul 9
Hopped on a train from Leuven to Kartrijk, Belgium for my first race. I got in this race to give me something to shake out so I would be ready fot the rest of my races. I still wanted to race well though, and my calf was still bothering me but it didnt really get any worse in the race so I didnt pull out early. I felt really sluggish and just had nothing left the last 200 and ended up running 1:47.88. Rather disappointing to get 3rd in that time, but as long as I am able to turn things around in the next race it wont matter and I can be content that it served its purpose to get me ready. 4 miles.

Friday Jul 8
Biked over to the track and jogged and then did some strides in my spikes. I was gonna do a few 150's but my left calf down in the lower soleus around the achilles was hurting so I cut it short. 3 miles

Thursday Jul 7
I arrived in Brussels early his morning after losing 7 hours or so and I got no sleep on the plan so Im strategizing how to get on schedule here the quickest....we'll see what happens. I went for a jog over by the track in Leuven where I am based and i felt pretty bad. No energy and my body just doesnt feel good...I imagine its the lack of sleep but I went ahead and did a few drills and a couple light strides on the infield just to loosen the legs a tad...then rode bike back to the dorm to pass out until dinner. 2 miles.

Wednesday Jul 6
Flew to Brussells, Belgium today so I took the day off.

Tuesday Jul 5
I waited for the eveing so it would be cool and I did a 10 min wu/cd and 17.5 minutes of back to backs for some aerobic stimulus but I figured it would again be easy to recover from after sundays workout. I felt really horrible warming up and almost bumped it to early in the morning but I felt great during the workout so i was glad i decided to do it. 5 miles.

Monday Jul 4

Easy 30 min run with some light drills and strides. 4 miles

Week Starting Monday Jun 27 - Outdoors Week 18 - Mark: 29 miles

Sunday Jul 3
I needed to get in one solid effort this week and i have had plenty of time to recover from USA's, so I decided to do 200-200-400-200 with 8 min rest in between. The heat wave in Oklahoma continued today, and it was 105 today. So I looked at the hourly forecast and there was some chances of rain in the evening so I decided to wait until 7 to go to the track. Just as I was finishing the warmup, it started to rain lightly and the temperature dropped down to the low 80's...it worked out really well and i felt great. I went 22.33 - 22.16 - 48.48 - 22.80. I was very pleased with the workout and glad I was able to get a solid one in here. 4.5 miles

Saturday Jul 2
Easy 24 min run in the stupid 107 degree Oklahoma heat. I actually didnt feel that bad out there today, and was able to run in some shade part of the time. 3.5 miles.

Friday Jul 1
So i was going to do my workout outside but it was just toooo hot. With all the wedding preparations and such I wasnt able to do it in the morning, and we had the rehearsal and dinner in the eveing so that was out. So I opted to just head over to the ymca. I hopped on a treadmill and started out doing back to back style with 15 sec on 15 off, but the treadmill only went to 12.4 mph so I coulod tell i wasnt getting enough work in off that and i didnt wanna have to do like 30 minutes of it. So like 5 miutes or so I switched to 30 sec on and 15 sec off. Around 11 minutes I decided that still wasnt cutting it because i was just going a little bit too slow, so I bumped it up to 2 min on 30 sec off and that was quite a bit better. I did 4 intervals of that to finish off the workout. 1 mile wu/cd. 5 miles.

Thursday Jun 30
So after 2 hours of sleep I got up at 3 in the morning and finished up my laundry, packed it up and drove to the airport. Got in to Wichita, drove to Ponca City with my mom and sisters and decided to just get the run out of the way. So i thought I was excited about the 112 heat index cuz I hadnt had some good sun in a while...but literally 8 min in to the run I was struggling pretty bad. I mean, it hasnt been uncommon the last 6-8 weeks for me to get more tired than an athlete should be on these easy 3-4 mile recovery jogs, but this was rough. I turned around at 12 minutes, but had a little stretch/ walk break. Ended up stopping at 22 min and just waked it in and drank alot of water. Im gonna have to figure something out because it is just too hot to do a workout out there right now. 3 miles.

Wednesday Jun 29
Same easy jog over to the track with Dal and Ash as Monday, did someskipping while they did their pre meet routine and then we jogged back. 3.5 miles.

Tuesday Jun 28
I met up with someof the others in the group over at Bellarmine prep, and did 3 miles of lane 8 in 15:06. Didnt feel amazing but it wasnt too bad. I think it was a good session to do after a big weekend of racing. 6 miles.

Monday Jun 27
Easy jog over to the track with Dal and Ash, did a few drills and then a couple light strides with Dallas. 3.5 miles

Week Starting Monday Jun 20 - Outdoors Week 17 - Mark:  23 miles

Sunday Jun 26
So today was the big final...I was very happy to have made it and i felt so good in that prelim I was sure I could run at least a 1:45 low today. But as it turned out the legs just werent underneath me the whole day. Its hard to be disappointed, because honestly that was by far the best I have raced through rounds, I ran a pr, and I didnt run a bad race. I think that was just all there was in the tank today. My mileage is low and I havnt trainined to be s strong through rounds and it has been a big concern all season, so to do as well as i did I am very pleased. Hopefully I can get something else going now and drop some better times this season, because I know Im fit enough to if i can get in a good race. 4 miles

Saturday Jun 25
It was very nice to just have a day off of racing. I went over to the track and did a light jog and drills just to get warmed up enough to get a massage. 2 miles.

Friday Jun 24
So I have pretty much been gearing my season to make the final here. So today is the race i had to run not only very well, but very smart. The plan was to be in the middle of the pack with 200 to go and then I knew I could kick with the group and shouldnt have any trouble being top 4. Well I went through the 400 in 56.77 and i was in last so things didnt go at all how I planned, or how i should have run if I was racing smart. I was still in the back with 200 to go, so I was fortunate to have the kick of my life in 25.73. Honestly that was a poorly run race tactically and I was lucky I was able to advance to the final. This race definitely felt like it took more out of me than the prelim, but a day off tomorrow and I should be ready to go Sunday. I am just happy to get a shot in the final. 4 miles

Thursday Jun 23
First day of nationals. I got a good heat draw, and Elijah took it out honest, and that made it easy for everyone. Our whole heat was able to advance, and I felt like I ran a 1:48 mid and it was a 1:46.82. So for 146 to just feel that easy, I am excited for the weekend, I am right where i hoped i would be for nationals. 4 miles

Wednesday Jun 22
We drove down from Washington to Eugene, checked i the hotel and went to the track to get a shakeout. I jogged in the cemetary, did my pre race drills, a few strides in the spikes and cooled down. 3 miles.

Tuesday Jun 21
Nice easy 20 min jog. 3 miles.

Monday Jun 20
Went to steilacoom high school and did 4x200 with 3 minutes recovery and went 23-24-22-24. i just wanted to turn it over a bit and i knew it would be easy to recover by Thursday. 3 miles.

Week Starting Monday Jun 13 - Outdoors Week 16 - Mark:  29.5 miles

Sunday Jun 19
I didnt get the work in I wanted on Friday, so I decided to do some back to backs today, and I cn just follow it up with some 200's tomorrow and I should be primed fornext week. I did 14 minutes of b2b with a 1.5 mile wu/cd. 5 miles.

Saturday Jun 18
Easy 20 min run. 3 miles.

Friday Jun 17
I didnt sleep well last night so I was just super tired today. I was planning to do 3 miles of lane 8 but after 5 laps I was just so tried so I just called it a day and cooled down. 4.5 miles.

Thursday Jun 16
Easy 25 min run, then a 40 min bike in the evening. 3.5 miles.

Wednesday Jun 15

Nice easy recovery run, 30 minutes. 4 miles.

Tuesday Jun 14
I wanted to get a really good workout in today, hit some good speed work which I actually havnt done alot of. So I decided to do 300-200-100-300 with 8 min recovery. With rolling starts I went 34.7 - 22.3 - 10.8 - 33.7. I was very happy with that workout...after the first 300 I thought it might have been too fast but I was able to get through the workout easily and felt like adding another 200 on the end (good call I didnt though, cuz I was plenty sore later). 5 miles

Monday Jun 13
33 min run with Asher...she just kept getting me to go longer :) 4.5 miles

Week Starting Monday Jun 6 - Outdoors Week 15 - Mark: 28.5 miles

Sunday Jun 12
Easy 25 min run. 3.5 miles

Saturday Jun 11
We drove down to Portland, and it ended up not being quite as deep of a race as it was supposed to be, as a few of the top guys didnt race. But I still had my old training partner Kevin Hicks in the race and he took it out nicely and made it a solid race for both of us. I ended up running 1:47.44, which wasnt too bad at all. I felt a little flat and didnt finish as strong as i have been but I think I accomplished what I wanted to and that was just to get in one more solid effort before nationals. 4.5 miles

Friday Jun 10
Nice easy recovery day, put the slipes on for a few good strides, getting ready for an 800 at the Portland distance festivl tomorrow. 3 miles.

Thursday Jun 9
1.5 mile wu/cd. I went out to Ft Steilacoom park and i was planning to jog over to the high school and do some 600's but I audibled during the warmup and ended up doing 20 minutes of back to backs on the path. I think it was a good call, I felt really good and got some solid work in. 5.5 miles

Wednesday Jun 8
30 min recovery run. 4 miles.

Tuesday Jun 7
1.5 mile wu/cd. 3x400 with 8 min recovery. The goal was to break 50 on alll 3 and I ended up going 50.3 - 49.8 - 50.5. I fell a little short, but I was pretty toast after the 2nd one. This workout was more difficult than I tought it would be and i think it was likey due to being a bit fatigued still from last week. 4 miles.

Monday Jun 6
Easy25 min recovery run. 4 miles

Week Starting Monday May 30 - Outdoors Week 14 - Mark: 27.5 miles

Sunday Jun 5
I drove up with all my stuff to Steilacoom, WA to stay with my college roommate Dallas for a bit. We went for a 20 min easy jog, did some drills, and I finished up the day with an hour biike ride with his wife Asher and friend Andy on their runs. 3 miles.

Saturday Jun 4
Paced pre today...supposed to go 1:52 and continue through 900...I was right on at 400 but i started to break away from the pack so I backed it off and the field caught be on the homestrectch coming up to 800. I did well through there but I didnt pick it back up enough around the turn so the 2nd rabbit moved on my shoulder at 900...here I should have stepped off the inside but i tried to slide behind the other rabbit and move outside...I was lucky it didnt turn out poorly there. After pacing I went over to the turf soccer field and did 10 min of back to backs. 1.5 mile cd for 5.5 miles on the day.

Friday Jun 3
Nice easy day just to flush the legs out, 2 mile wu followed by drills and a few light strides. 1 mile jog cooldown. 3 miles.

Thursday Jun 2
I needed to get oe more day of work in this week before pacing pre this weekend so Matt and I went to Hayward and I did a 3 miles lane 8 in 14:43 with a 2 wu/cd. Finished up with 3x150 striders with Matt. I felt really good today and I will definitely be ready to go on Saturday. 7 miles

Wednesday Jun 1
I really wanted to do a threshold workout today, but I still feel pretty bad from the long drive yesterday so I just did a 2 mile wu, then went through drills and strides and did a 2 mile cd. 4 miles

Tuesday May 31
Basically took the day off because we got up at 5 to ifnish packing up the vehicles and didnt get to Eugene till almost midnight. We did jog a little at a few of the stops but since we totaled less than a mile Im not gonna count anything for the day. 0 miles

Monday May 30
I wated to get back to some good speed endurance, and decided that today would be a good day to get in the solid effort of the week because I am pacing Pre on Saturday, and we will be driving up to Eugene tomorrow so that will throw me off for a few days so I wont be working out much this week before Pre. So usually its good to mix it up a bit, but we decided it would work well for Matt to run with me if i did the 5x300 workout again (and I just like that workout anyway) so we went with that. 2 mile wu, then 5x300 with 5 minutes rest, I went 37.0 - 36.7 - 36.0 - 36.1 - 35.9. i was very happy with that workout, granted I had Matt pacing me through 200 on all of them (and running a 34.5 on the last one for me to chase him) and we kinda dodged the wind, I think I did very well and was happy to not only match what i did a few weeks ago,  but I improved. I try to avoid competing against myself too often but (in this case against the session from 2 mondays ago) but it has proven to be useful every now and again to help push myself as i dont have a training group or coach. 1.5 mile cd and then hopped in the pool to cool off in the sun :) nice to get one last little burn before heading off to Eugene. 5 miles.

Week Starting Monday May 23 - Outdoors Week 13 - Mark: 34.5 miles

Sunday May 29
Easy 4 miles.

Saturday May 28
1.75 mile wu, then I did 20 min of 15 sec on 15 sec off on the bike path. Matt did most of it with me with a 3-4 min break in the middle for him. 2 mile cd. 6.5 miles

Friday May 27
Easy 4 miles.

Thursday May 26
2 mile wu, the plan was 5x600 with 2 minutes recovery and to start at 1:42 and move down to 1:37 or so. Matt paced me on the workout, and we went 1:46 - 1:39 - 1:37 - 1:34 - 1:32. After the first one, the next 2 we just went out too fast and I didnt slow down too much. I thought about backing them off but I felt good and decided to just get more out of the session and cut down the last 2. Took a good 10 minutes or so and put the spikes on and did 4x150, going 50-50-50 slowly accellerating the first 50 up to speed, running the 2nd 50 and striding out the last 50. 1.5 mile cd. 6 miles.

Wednesday May 25
Easy 4 mile jog.

Tuesday May 24
So this has kinda turned into my go-to workout this year, and I really like it alot: 10x200 with a 200m jog recovery in 90 sec. Today I went 26.7 - 26.2 - 25.0 - 25.7 - 25.3 - 25.0 - 24.5 - 24.6 - 24.0 - 23.6 for an average of 25.04, which was better than the last time i did it. I will say I did have a solid wind at my back and Matt pacing me the whole workout, but regardless I was very pleased and I think it was one of the better workouts I have done. 5 miles.

Monday May 23
Decided to stretch it out a bit today: Easy 5 mile jog.

Week Starting Monday May 16 - Outdoors Week 12 - Mark: 28.5 miles

Sunday May 22
Easy 4 mile jog.

Saturday May 21
Race day at the Oxy Invite...My heat was very solid but i didnt get out as well as I should have to give myself a chance to be competitive in the race. Had to tell my high scholl kids I coach to do as I say not as I do :) But in the end, had everyone else not run so fast, theres no reason to be disappointed with the effort. My 2nd best time and i felt really good, definitely ready to roll. 4 miles

Friday May 20
Easy 3 mile jog th some drills and strides in our apartment parking lot.

Thursday May 19
I wanted to be nice and fresh for this weekend so I just wanted to turn it over a little bit without doing alot of work. So I ran a 1k in 2:56 and toook a good 8-9 minutes and put the spikes on and then did 4x150. I did the 1k just so that i could get something going on the 150's without having to do too much work. 5 miles

Wednesday May 18
Easy 4 mile run.

Tuesday May 17
So I wanted to get back to a little more to the aerobic end of things with a little work at mile pace this week, but still wanted to keep the volume relatively low. So I did 6x400 with 90 sec recovery and I went 61 - 58 - 58 - 59 - 58 - 58. If i could have I would have donw 8 like I did the last time I did this session but I was hurting this time around and was done after 6...and I didnt have Matt pacing me today :) 4.5 miles

Monday May 16
Easy 4 mile jog.

Week Starting Monday May 9 - Outdoors Week 11 - Mark:  27 miles

Sunday May 15

So after not cooling down after the race, getting 2 hours of sleep and flying all the way back to LA, I wasnt feeling super great. So I decided that I didnt think i would be able to workout well on Monday, so instead of trying i just did 15 minutes of back to backs with a mile warmup and cooldown to help flush everything out and to still hopefully get some benefit while being able to push the workout to Tuesday. 4.5 miles

Saturday May 14
So the big race day had finally arrived. Easy 15 minute shakeout in the morning. I had been pretty much gearing up this outdoor season to run well here and next week at Occidental. The big goal today was to be with the leaders at 600 and try to close well and go for the win. So we started the warm up about 70 minutes before the scheduled race time. We were supposed to be in the check in area 45 minutes before race time, so I wanted to make sure i had plenty of time before then in case I couldnt do much in there. So I did my pre race warmup and then got there and we ended up being delayed. So we just sat there in our spikes all ready to go not knowing what was happening. We ended up being prolly half an hour behind so we pretty much just sat around for a while. We finally got out on the track and got in a few strides and got ready to race. I got out pretty well (that was a big goal, no sitting back today) and slid comfortably into 4th halfway down the backstretch. Coming up on the 400 the guy in 3rd moved to 2nd and I followed him around the other guy. Karjuan said he was ~53 low so I think I was probably 53 mid to high at the half way mark. I statred to press on the back stretch just a bit because I didnt want Karjuan to pull away from us but I didnt get around into 2nd until we started in on the final curve. I used the curve to close in on Karjuan and then just kicked it home with what was left. It was nice to finally dip under 1:47 with a 1:46.46, and after the last few years it has really just been nice to win a few races. Then the whole drug testing thing...story for another day :) 4 miles.

Friday May 13

I planned to go to the track today sometime in the afternoon, but since I didnt get a run in yesterday and I was feeling stiff I decided to go for a 15 minute morning run with Karjuan as well. Then I did a raceday style warmup, then put the spikes on and did 100-150-150-100 just to open up the stride a bit and get ready for tmorrow. 1 mile cooldown. 5 miles

Thursday May 12
Flying all day to puerto Rico for the Ponce Grand Prix meet so I dint get a run in...crazy day of travel.

Wednesday May 11
1.5 mile warmup and cooldown pn group run with running store. In the middle i did 18 minutes of 15 sec on 15 sec off fartlek. 5.5


Tuesday May 10
Easy 4 mile recovery run.

Monday May 9
1.5 mile warmup, then 5x300 with 5 minutes rest. Last time I did this workout ws 2 years ago, and I ran 36.0 - 36.5 - 37.0 - 37.8 - 39.0 and I was just toast afterwards, and i took like 7 minutes rest after the 4th one but it was horrible afterwards. So today I wanted to keep things more under control so the plan was to start at 38.5 and move down and try to average 37.0-37.5 and feel better throughout. I ended up hitting 37.7 - 36.5 - 36.9 - 36.6 - 36.5. The first 2 were a little quicker than I intended, but i felt strong and i ended up doing better on the workout than I thought I would. I wanted a 35 on the last one bad and I went out quick with a 23 low through 200 but I just couldnt hold it around the last turn. 1 mile cooldown, and I was very pleased with the session, especially for being one of the first more purely anaerobic sessions I have done in a while. 4 miles.

Week Starting Monday May 2 - Outdoors Week 10 - Mark: 30 miles

Sunday May 8

Easy 4 miles.

Saturday May 7
Easy 4 miler.

Friday May 6
Race day at the Dakota Relays in Sioux Falls, SD. So I have TONS of family here to see me run, so I was definitely feeling the pressure to perform well. I wanted to run 1:47 today and set the meet record, but I slipped into my pansy running ways and went through the 400 in 6th place or so at a leisurely 56.5 seconds. I did close well the last 250 for the win and a 1:49.08, so as far as performing for the family went it was exciting and I did well, but I need to start working on being a bit more tactically astute with my racing. 4 miles today.

Thurdsday May 5
Easy 2 miles with drills and strides when I landed in South Dakota. My uncle Jumbo (Jim, but thats what we call him) rode bike with me :)

Wednesday May 4
2 mile warmup, then 3x1 mile with 2 min recovery in 5:22 - 5:19 - 5:19, 1 mile cooldown. That workout felt considerably more difficult than I felt it should have. I backed off of doing 2x2 mile because of the race on friday at the Dakota Relays, but the effort level was on par with the 2x2 I did last saturday and I almost cut it back to just 2 intervals but I still wanted to train through the meet just a tad because I have 2 important races the next 2 weekends at Ponce de Leon in Puerto Rico, and Oxy the next weekend...and holy run on sentence. Aaanyway hopefully I can recover well because i want to perform really good in front of all my family that will be there. 6 miles

Tuesday May 3
Easy 5 miler with Scherer.

Monday May 2
So I got really lazy with my blogging and Im gonna try and be a bit more regular in my updates to this one, and if I do that I will be able to actually be talking about the workout sessions more rather than just copying over what the workouts were. Sooo today I wanted to revisit the 10x200 because I wanted to do a good workout where I could get in the spikes and the main sessions the last couple wrkouts were more speed endurance and I still wanted to be able to workout under goal 800m race pace, but I wanted to keep more in touch with the aerobic system as well as not overdoing it on taxing the anaerobic end too much here. So like last time I did this session, I took a 90 sec active 200m jog recovery in between each one (which also conveniently put the wind at my back for all of them). Matt led me on the first 5, then the 7th 8th and 10th intervals. Also I wanted to start out quicker this time to try and get a bit more work done, even if it meant I could only finish 8, but I really wanted to get all 10. My times were 25.3 - 26.7 - 25.5 - 25.9 - 25.6 - 26.0 - 25.4 - 24.9 - 24.8 - 23.8. 1 mile cooldown. I was pretty pumped with the workout, and it was pretty much aerobic until the last couple intervals, which I think indicates my anaerobic fitness is really pretty good right now for having not done any true speed sessions yet. Hopefully I'm a halfway decent coach here cuz i'm hitting the workouts really really well so I have high hopes that i dont suck as a coach here :) 5 miles.

Week Starting Monday April 25 - Outdoors Week 9 - Mark:  29 miles

Sunday May 1
4 miles easy

Saturday Apr 30
1 mile warmup, 20 min 15 sec on, 15 sec off. 1 mile cooldown. 5.5 miles

Friday Apr 29
4 miles easy

Thursday Apr 28
1.5 mile wu, 200-200-400-200 x2 with 1 min rec after 200’s and 2 min rec after 400’s; 10 minutes between sets. 26.8 - 25.6 - 52.6 - 25.8, 25.7 - 25.4 - 49.4 - 24.9. 1 mile cd. 4.5 miles

Wednesday Apr 27
3 miles easy

Tuesday Apr 26
2 mile wu, 4x200 with 2 minutes recovery. 26-25-25-23, the last one was with matt on his workout to give him someone to run with. 1 mile cd. 3.5 miles

Monday Apr 25
1.5 mile wu, 4x800 on the bike path  with 3 min recovery. 2:13 - 2:14 - 2:09 - 2:10. 1 mile cd. 4.5 miles

Week Starting Monday April 18 - Outdoors Week 8 - Mark:  33.5 miles

Sunday Apr 24
4 miles easy 26.5

Saturday Apr 23
1.75 mile wu. 2x2 mile with 3 min recovery on the bike path. 5:19 - 5:19, 5:08 - 5:06, 1.75 mile cd. 7 miles

Friday Apr 22
4 miles easy

Thursday Apr 21
1.5 mile wu, 500-300 x2 with 2 min recovery after the 500’s and 10 min between sets. 1:06.8 - 38.6, 1:02.8 - 41.5. 800m cd. 3.5 miles.
Wednesday Apr 20
5 miles easy.

Tuesday Apr 19
2 mile wu, 3 miles lane 8 tempo, 5:05 - 5:00 - 4:47, 1 mile cd. 6 miles

Monday Apr 18
4 miles easy.

Week Starting Monday April 11 - Outdoors Week 7 - Mark:  34.5 miles
Sunday Apr 17
5 miles easy.

Saturday Apr 16
Mt Sac 800m 1st place in 2nd heat, 1:48.43. 15 min cd and then 7.5 min of back to backs. 5 miles.

Friday Apr 15
Mt Sac 1500m 5th place in heat 5, 3:47.9. 5 miles.

Thursday Apr 14
3.5 miles easy run plus strides.

Wednesday Apr 13
1.75 mile wu, then the plan was 2x2 mile with 3 min recovery, but I didnt want to overwork and i was tired after the first 2 miles so i cut the 2nd one to just 1 mile. 5:18 - 5:18, 5:08. 1.75 mile cd. 6 miles

Tuesday Apr 12
5 miles easy.

Monday Apr 11
1.5 mile wu, 8x400 with 60 sec rec, 60-59-59-59-59-59-59-58, 1.5 mile cd. 5 miles.

Week Starting Monday April 4 - Outdoors Week 6 - Mark:  31 miles

Sunday Apr 10
2 miles easy.

Saturday Apr 9
UCLA JJK invite mile 4:05.7 PR for 3rd place. 4 miles.

Friday Apr 8
4 miles easy.

Thursday Apr 7
2 mile wu, 4x600 1:44 - 1:43 - 1:38 - 1:37 with 2 min rec. 1.5 mile cd, 5 miles.

Wednesday Apr 6
Mark: 4 miles, moderate pace.

Tuesday Apr 5
Mark: 45 minute easy run with the fellas...longest since...well, a long time ago! 6 miles

Monday Apr 4
Mark: 1.5 mile warmup, 10x200 with 90 sec recovery. 27.4 - 27.7 - 26.5 - 26.7 - 26.2 - 25.5 - 25.9 - 25.5 - 25.0 - 24.6. It felt awkward to run fast on the first 2 and I was feeling a little more tired than I felt like I should be after 4, but then I just got in a groove and felt great through 8 so I picked it up a tad on the last 2 and finished strong. I felt like it was a great workout, and I didnt feel like I depleted myself too much todays so thats good as well. Depending on how it goes, I will let you know whether I race or this coming Saturday :)  3 mile cooldown. 6 miles.

Week Starting Monday March 28 - Outdoors Week 5 - Mark: 28.5 miles

Sunday Apr 3
Mark: 4 miles easy with Tim...Inger roller skated with us :)

Saturday Apr 2
Mark: 20 minutes of back to backs with Matt doing most of it with me. 1.75 mile wu, 1.5 mile cd. 6 miles

Friday April 1
Mark: Day OFF. 0 miles.

Thursday Mar 31
Mark: 1.5 mile wu, then the goal of the workout was to do 3x800 in 2:00 with 5 minutes recovery. I went 2:01 - 2:01, and then I was just so tired I was only able o manage a 1:29 for 600 on the 3rd one and I had to drop out. Apparently its difficult on a random day that happens to be 95 out of the middle of nowhere! haha it was very hot but also just a tough session, so Im happy with the work I got in. .5 mile cooldown. 3.5 miles

Wednesday Mar 30
Mark: Moderate paced 4 miles at work.

Tuesday Mar 29
Mark: Easy 30 with Matt today. Did hip mobility and hurdle drills and barefoot strides at the track before the high school practice, then some drills and then a medball circuit with my high school athletes. 5.5 miles.

Monday Mar 28
Mark: 2 mile warmup. 2x400-400-400-300, all at mile goal pace of 4 flat with 60 sec recovery and 9 minutes between sets...we planned for 8 but we took 9 so we could coordinate with Matts workour to have him take us through 200 on each of the 400’s. Sean Grumney, one of my high school athletes, joined me for the workout. On the first set I hit 60.8 - 60.9 - 59.3 - 45.1, then on the 2nd set I was 58.5 - 58.3 - 57.6 - 41.9. I was very happy with the workout, I dont think 4 flat will happen but I think sub 4:05 is realistic after some of the workouts I have done, which will still be an improvement of my 4:19 pr. 1.5 mile cool down. 5.5 miles.

Sunday Mar 27 - Outdoors Week 4 - Mark: 33.5 miles
Mark: Took the day off. 0 miles.

Saturday Mar 26
Mark: So it turned out there was a coaches mile at the meet I was at with my high school kids that I am coaching...so I ran that in my flats and hit 4:26. Not too shabby for how easy it felt. Afterwards I did 10 minutes of back to backs to get more of a workout in. so I warmed up 2 miles, cooled down 2, the ran 2 more with Sean during his warmup for a solid 7.5 mile day.

Friday Mar 25
Mark: 4 miles easy with matt.

Thursday Mar 24
Mark: 4 consecutive miles of lane 8 tempo...my miles were 5:08 - 5:11 - 5:03 - 4:51. 2 mile warmup, 1 mile cooldown. 7 miles.

Wednesday Mar 23
Mark: Easy 4 miles with the group run at the running store where I work. 4 miles.

Tuesday Mar 22
Mark: Easy 5 miles with Tim and Matt.

Monday Mar 21
Mark: 2 mile warmup. 4x400, 4x300, 4x200 with everything at 4:00 pace so 60’s for the 400’s, 45 for the 300’s and 30 for the 200’s with 6 minutes rest between sets. I went 61-60-60-61; 44-44-45-44; 28-29-30-29. Very solid effort for me today, again didnt have to go to the well on this workout but it was very solid for me and Im feeling comfortable at this pace. 1.5 mile cool down. 6 miles.

Sunday Mar 20 - Outdoors Week 3 - Mark: 31.5 miles
Mark: It just rained so much today so I took the day off...and I got in a fender bender so I was in a bad mood thus it was either run myslef into the ground cuz I was mad or just take the day off. 0 miles.

Saturday Mar 19
Mark: Helped with meet coverage at the Redondo High School meet so I snuck away at the end of the day for 20 minutes of back to backs with a mile warmup and cooldown. 5 miles.

Friday Mar 18
Mark: Stepped it up for a 5.5 mile run today.

Thursday Mar 17
Mark: 1.75 mile warmup, then 2x2 mile cruise intervals with 3 minutes recovery. We ran 5:19 - 5:16, then 5:08 - 4:52. 1.75 mile cool down. 7 miles.

Wednesday Mar 16
Mark: Easy 3 miles at the group run where I work.

Tuesday Mar 15
Mark: Easy 4 miles.

Monday Mar 14
Mark: Solid 2 mile warmup with Tim, then we did 10x400 with 75 sec rest. I ran basically the same times as Tim, maybe a second faster on a couple of them and the 9th one was 64 for me. Got in a good 2 mile cool down and called it a day. 7 miles.

Sunday Mar 13 - Outdoors Week 2 - Mark: 31 miles
Mark:     25 minute steady run before work. 4 miles.

Saturday Mar 12
Mark: So I was at the Ventura Invitational all day with NPHS and I just didnt really have a chance to get a workout in so I just took the day off. 0 miles.

Friday Mar 11
Mark: Tim talked me into doing a long run today so I ended up running like 38 minutes. 5.8 miles.

Thursday Mar 10
Mark: Cruise intervals day (takes the place of our pace runs). We did a 1.75 mile warmup, then 2 miles in 5:26 and 5:21, 2.5 minutes rest, a mile in 5:17, 2.5 minutes rest, then finished with another mile in 5:12. 1.75 mile cooldown. 7.5 miles.

Wednesday Mar 9
Mark: Easy 27 minute run. 4 miles.

Tuesday Mar 8
Mark: Matt and Tim went to the long stop, so I just stopped a street early and waited for them cuz my knee is really bothering me after yesterday. 4.5 miles
Monday Mar 7
Mark: Got Tim to come out to NPHS for the first time to do the workout. I did 6x800 in 2:24-2:24-2:20-2:17-2:14-2:09. That was much better than I thought it was going to go so I’m happy with that. I will need to try and start down around 2:17 next time...But I will say it does help having Matty in front breaking the wind for the whole workout :) So 1.5 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown for 5.5 miles on the day.

Sunday Mar 6 - Outdoors Week 1: Mark: 20 miles

Mark: I jogged 1.5 miles from auto zone to the running store where I work...then about half a mile back before walking the rest so I’m gonna call it a solid 2 miles for the day!

Saturday Mar 5
Tim: Took the day off, trying to recover from the high school kids pwning me.
Mark: We were at the Don Green Invite today, so I just slipped away during a break in events and did a 6 minute warmup, then 10 minutes of back to backs with 15 second strides, then 15 seconds rest. 3 miles.

Friday Mar 4
Mark: Easy 4.5 mile run this morning.

Thursday Mar 3
Mark: I ran all the same times as today, so no need to repeat them :) 6.5 miles today, really racking up the tally here.

Wednesday Mar 2
Mark: 4 mile easy run...so..4 miles.

Tuesday Mar 1
Mark: Took another day off just to recover from travel and indoors and such. 0 miles

Monday Feb 28
Mark: I am flying back to LA today, so I decided to just take a day off to recuperate from the weekend and prepare to get back to training again. 0 miles

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