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Outdoor Training Blog 2011 - Makin It Happen
Saturday Jul 30Final race of the season for me minus a possible road mile in september and pan am games in october if i am selected to the team. I promised myself I would get out and at least put myself in position to run fast. I broke in the lead with...
May 1st 2011, 1:45am 3K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - Mar 6 - Mar 13 2011
Sunday Mar 13 - Outdoors Week 2 - Mark: 31 miles - Tim: 38.5Mark: 25 minute steady run before work. 4 miles.Tim: Easy jog. Ran 3 miles at a very relaxed pace. Just wanted to shake out the legs and make sure that I am feeling fresh mentally and physica...
Mar 14th 2011, 4:32pm 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - Feb 28 - Mar 6. 2011
Sunday Mar 6 - Outdoors Week 1: Mark: 20 miles Tim: 29 milesTim: Matt and I went for an easy 3 mile jog today. It was actually just under 3 miles but hey, I am feeling like I deserve a little wiggle room on this one. Total of 3 milesMark: I jogged ...
Mar 8th 2011, 5:40pm 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Indoor Recap 2011 - 3 Pacing Jobs - Matt Scherer
I'm not sure exactly how it has happened but my career as solely a pace maker has been jump started this indoor season with 3 major jobs. Initially I wasn't even planning on doing anything indoor but luckily I was still in good enough shape where I cou...
Mar 1st 2011, 6:47pm 15K views 0 likes 3 shares 0 comments
Indoor Training Blog
Monday Feb 28I am flying back to LA today, so I decided to just take a day off to recuperate from the weekend and prepare to get back to training again.Sunday Feb 27So the finals of USA’s were today..after how I felt yesterday, I was pretty n...
Feb 8th 2011, 6:18pm 2K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - Matt: Jan 22, 2011 Update
1/22/2011 An update on various things going or not going on in my life:Status of Playin In Dirt. It's hard to tell for sure right now what is happening or is going to happen. We missed a couple weeks of making a video and before we knew it here we are ...
Jan 23rd 2011, 3:08am 13K views 0 likes 3 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - Mark: Jan 3-22, 2011
Saturday, Jan 22Friday, Jan 21Thursday, Jan 20Wednesday, Jan 19Mark: Day offTuesday, Jan 18Mark: 8x200 with 2 min recovery, 25.2-27.1-26.0-26.0-26.0-25.7-26.0-24.8Monday, Jan 17Mark: Easy 25, lungs still not breathing too well

Sunday, Jan 16Mark: ...
Jan 23rd 2011, 3:05am 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - Week 11-12 - Dec 20, 2010-Jan 3, 2011
Sunday, Jan 2Mark: Soo,
the plan was to head to the high school track we normally go to and
when we got there it had stage equipment and stuff all over the track so
we couldnt workout on it. So we went to Reseda High School where they
Jan 2nd 2011, 4:43am 12K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments