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Middle School Boys 3000 - Bob Firman Invite 2011
Middle School Boys 3k - Bob Firman Invite 2009
Middle School Girls 3k - Bob Firman Invite 2009

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Ian Terpin posted a video Sep 25th 2011, 3:13pm
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Ian Terpin
Note: Sorry, but we missed the first few finishers of this race.
Shane posted a news article Sep 24th 2011, 11:19pm
Meet Info & Official Website Capital High School - ID HY-TEK's Meet Manager Bob Firman - 9/24/2011 ...
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The DI Varsity boys are currently incomplete. The Finish Lynx camera stopped taking pictures after 174, so the timer is manually reviewing the video from the backup system to create results. Please be patient with this process, as it is rather time consuming, but we will get them.

The JV Boys Sec 1 results will not be posted for some time and may not be available in their entirety. As was stated at the event, all three timing methods were shut down after a system crash as finishers were within 50m of the finish line and the timer was unable to get rebooted. We will also be looking at video from a 3rd party camera to recreate as many places as we can.

We understand everybody wants to see result immediately, and we are not happy that there were two crashes of the system, coupled with many athletes not wearing the correct chips (creating many issues with initial results). We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to be patient as we do everything we can to recreate those two races.

If you have any major concerns or questions, please email Tim, Dave or Ryan (emails are listed under the contact section). Your questions will be dealt with in a more timely fashion than posting comments here. Thanks
Am very concerned that the D1 Varsity boys does NOT include runners from 8.5 hours away ONE WAY! These kids took a day from school to travel, payed the necessary entry fee, stayed the night, infused a great deal of $ into the local economy, and don't have any notion of their time. What, pray tell can be done?
Where are the boys jv sec1, all of us worked hard, only to be left out!!!!!
These results are now final, please post here if you see any issues.
Martin Mom
Where are the results for the Girls 3K MS run?? Am I not seeing it?
In regard to all the comments here, we are still waiting on Finalized Results, the results posted so far are preliminary and will be fixed and updated asap.
Justin Sheets
thats not a complete list of the division 1 varsity boys race because half of my team isnt on there
Where is the Middle School Girls 3k?
guys JV D2 sec:1 is not posted......... all i know for my time is that i hit the 3 mile mark with the clock at 15:26, HELP
D2 girls are messed up. This is what they posted Saturday, I know they corrected most of it, but this not it.
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Ian Terpin posted a video Sep 27th 2009, 6:45pm
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Ian Terpin posted a video Sep 27th 2009, 4:53pm
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Shane posted a news article Sep 27th 2009, 5:14am
Bob Firman XC Invite 2009 Results ...
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