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Edinburgh (Edin-"burra")
It's pissing rain outside on the eve of one of the best experiences one can have as a long distance runner. Unfortunately it hasn't been pissing enough. The WXC course, while tough, it's not all that muddy. The locals that I've been coaxing to get out ...
Mar 29 2008, 02:57 PM Viewed 18064 times, liked by 0 people, shared 5 times with 0 comments
1/17/08 - Living in Two Places at Once
Thought I'd tell everyone a little about how it's going living in two places at once. Yeah, sounds confusing, and sometimes it really is but I can explain. I live in Bend, I have a house, a wife, and a dog. I also have a job...sort of. (I don't work mu...
Jan 18 2008, 03:56 AM Viewed 17253 times, liked by 0 people, shared 4 times with 0 comments
1/12/08 - First Blog
So I'm convinced...sort of, but pretty confident anyway. I've switched over. I am now running barefoot. People look at me funny now...well, maybe not anymore than usually but now they say something. "What. Barefoot. You nuts." Not if you live i...
Jan 10 2008, 01:00 AM Viewed 2930 times, liked by 0 people, shared 4 times with 1 comments