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Looking for More Height 2011 Season (Oct 15th 2010, 4:21pm)
First meet in 2010 (Jan 12th 2010, 12:50am)



Looking for More Height 2011 Season

Published by
kschernekau   Oct 15th 2010, 4:21pm

Back at it again.  Started training end of the summer 2010 to spark something that will get me more height.  I have been changing my approach to training.  Last year you may have read my blog about all my training efforts.  This year I am changing up the training somewhat.  As a 48 year old I have been looking for more strength and quickness.  In my evaluation of myself I think I am now finding that quickness again.  That is what is missing from where I was the last couple of years.  I did start biking over the summer to continue that strength work and I have started back in the weight room this fall because it is what we do as track athletes.  But I am in need of speed.  Going back to the drawing board and hitting up some great workouts from Rovelto and seeing if that will bring the spark back.  I am happy with my performances, but I still feel like I am leaving something on the table and I just can't find it.  Searching and searching, I will let you know if I find it and what it was.  I will keep you all posted. 

Track is the best, and it keeps me sane.... Peace, Kurt

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