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Locked and Loaded

Published by
jessehj1   Jun 27th 2009, 4:05pm

Well I cant really say much except that I am feeling great.  I have been training hard all year and now is the first time that I am truely rested.  I am stronger, faster and more confident than I have ever been.  I have high high hopes.  I am not going to throw out any height predictions but I am expecting big things for myself.  Being a competitive person I hate losing especially on my home track, Hayward Field.  

Last year when I was preping for the Olympic Trials I had a totally different mind set.  I was uptight and worried.  This year I am relaxed and carefree.  Yesterday I went fishing with two close friends on the McKinzie river.  Fly fishing actually.   It was great I was able to clear my head completely and enjoy Gods beautiful wildlife creations.  The only negative was that I got a lot of sun!  I was out for 4 hours and got burned.  But its alright I got a full day to recover.  Today I will do my pre meet warm up in the middle of watching my girl friend compete in the heptathlon. 

I am excited to compete and have my hometown Hayward field crowd behind me one last time this year. 

"Attitude determines altitude"


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