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NCAA Conference Predictions

Predictions for major conferences

PAC-10 Champs

The top 5 in this conference could go any way.  Manjula could be the biggest threat but because of the lack of competitions its hard to say.  Ross has been the most consistent over high bars.

1.  Nick Ross (Arizona, Fr.) 2.18m (7-1.75) SB

2.  Trent Arrivey (Washington State, Sr.) 2.16m (7-1) SB

3.  Manjula Wijesekara (USC, Sr) 2.15m (7-0.5) SB

4.  Edgar Rivera Morales (Arizona, Fr.) 2.20m (7-2.5) SB

5.  Danny Marconi (Oregon, So.) 2.19m (7-2.25) SB

SEC Champs

Ricky and Ryan are clearly the top 2 jumpers of the meet.  Brian Knight has jumped some high heights but has not been as consistent.

1.  Ricky Robertson (Ole Miss, Fr.) 2.28m (7-5.75) SB

2.  Ryan Fleck (Auburn, So.) 2.22m (7-3.25) SB

3.  Brede Ellingsen (Arkansas, Fr.) 2.19m (7-2.25) SB

4.  Brian Knight (Ole Miss, So.) 2.25m (7-4.5) SB

5.  Tyler Campbell (Alabama, So.) 2.16m (7-1) SB

Big 10 Champs

This conference is headed by Derek Drouin the clearcut favorite to win...after this its anyones game.  Many jumpers have some big jumps but have not been consistent.  Keep an eye out for senior Greg Shroka of Illinois. 

1.  Derek Drouin (Indiana, So.) 2.23m (7-3.75) SB

2.  Matt Fisher (Minnesotta, sr.) 2.19m (7-2.25) SB

3.  Ryan Fritz (Penn State, Sr.) 2.20m (7-2.5) SB

4.  Geoffery Davis (Purdue, Fr.) 2.22m (7-3.25) SB

5.  Adetayo Adesanya (Purdue, Sr.) 2.14m (7-0.25) SB

Big 12 Champs

Erik looks to be jumping the best in the conference so far this outdoor season but Paul Hamiltn will look to spoil his chances.  After that the conference could go any way.  Darrell Roddick is a talented guy but will be busy doing other events. 

1.  Erik Kynard (Kansas State, Fr.) 2.25m (7-4.5) SB

2.  Paul Hamilton (Nebraska, Jr.) 2.20m (7-2.5) SB

3.  Jamal Wilson (Texas, Jr.) 2.16m (7-1) SB

4.  Micheal Healey (Kansas State, Jr.) 2.14m (7-0.25) SB

5.  Darrell Roddick (Texas Tech, Sr.) 2.19m (7-2.25) SB