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USA Rankings 4/25

#1. (1) Jesse Williams -Jesse has not lost to a USA jumper this year.  He is also the early world leader for the high jump with his 7-8 (2.34m) jump to win the Mt. SAC relays over many of the best jumpers in the US.  He won the USA indoor champs with 2.28m (7-5.75).  Outdoor Meets (2.34m, 1st) Indoor Meets (2.22m, 3rd, 2.28m, 1st, 2.31m, 3rd, 2.34m, 2nd, 2.28m, 1st USA Champs)

#2. (2) Erik Kynard (Kansas State, So.)  Erik has jumped in 2 meets outdoors so far winning both by jumping 2.28m (7-5.75) in both competitions.  He will be jumping at the Drake Relays next.  Outdoor Meets (2.28m, 1st, 2.28m, 1st)  Indoor Meets (2.27m, 1st, 2.23m, 1st, 2.29m, 1st, 2.33m, 1st, 2.24m 1st Big 12 Champs, 2.20m, 3rd NCAA Champs)

#3. (4) Dusty Jonas -  Dusty looked good at the Mt. Sac Relays jumping 2.28m (7-5.75) to place 3rd.  Outdoor Meets (2.28m, 3rd)  Indoor Meets (2.22m, 1st, 2.24m, 1st, 2.20m, 5th, 2.17m, 7th)

#4. (7) Tora Harris (Asics) -Tora has only jumped in one meet this year but did wonderful.  He jumped 2.31m (7-7) the world champs A standard and decided that was good enough and called it a day.  He placed 2nd in the competition.  Outdoor Meets (2.31m, 2nd)  

#5. (9) Jamie Nieto (Unattached) - Jamie has jumped well in his 2 outdoor meets this year.  He opened up with 2.26m (7-5) and placed 5th at the Mt Sac Relays with a 2.24m (7-4.25) jump.  He placed 2nd at the USA indoor champs this year with ajump of 2.25m (7-4.5). Outdoor Meets (2.26m, 1st, 2.24m, 5th).  Indoor Meets (2.21m, 1st, 2.24m, 7th, 2.20m, 10th, 2.25m, 2nd USA Champs)

#6. (4) Andra Manson -  Andra has now jumped in 3 meets this year.  He opened up with a 2.25m (7-4.5) at the Texas Relays and has since jumped 2.20m (7-2.5) in 2 meets since.  Outdoor Meets (2.25m, 2nd, 2.20m, 6th, 2.20m, 1st)

#7. (5) Ricky Robertson (Mississippi, So.)  Ricky had a great indoor season but is not jumping as well outdoors.  He has a season best jump of 2.20m (7-2.5).  Outdoor Meets (2.13m, 4th, 2.20m, 2nd, 2.13m, 1st)  Indoor Meets (2.26m, 1st, 2.10m, 1st, 2.28m, 1st, 2.26m, 2nd, 2.27m, 3rd, 2.22m, 1st SEC Champs, 2.23m, 2nd NCAA Champs)

#8. (6) Keith Moffat (Nike) - Keith has only jumped in one meet outdoors this year.  He jumped 2.20m (7-2.5) to place 7th at the Mt Sac Relays.  Outdoor Meets (2.20m, 7th)  Indoor Meets (2.26m, 1st, 2.26m, 2nd, 2.27m, 3rd, 2.22m, 4th USA Champs)

#9. (NR) Dwight Barbiasz (Maryland, Jr.) Dwight has had a great start to the outdoor season.  He has won 2 meets in Florida jumping 2.23m (7-3.75) in both competitions.  He beat #2 jumper Ricky Robertson at the Florida Relays.  He won the ACC Champs and decided to stop jumping.  Outdoor Meets (2.23m, 1st, 2.23m, 1st) Indoor Meets (2.19, 1st, 2.22m, 1st, 2.19m, 1st ACC Champs, 2.20m, 4th NCAA Champs)

#10. (NR) Nick Ross (Arizona, So.)  Nick has jumped 2.20m (7-2.5) in 3 outdoor meets this year.  He placed 7th at the Mt Sac Relays last weekend.  The way he is jumping he will surely jump higher soon.  Outdoor Meets (2.20m, 2nd, 2.20m, 4th, 2.20m, 7th)  Indoor Meets (2.25m, 1st, 2.18m, 3rd place, 2.16m, 2nd, 2.19m, 2nd MPSF Champs, 2.20m, 8th NCAA Champs)