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Midnight Run

Published by
Coach Matt   on Apr 6 2011, 05:58 AM

Due to a great bout of mid-day laziness, I ended up running at midnight tonight. What an absolutely beautiful night! Low 50's and the calm night air. Perfect. Earlier today I just kinda felt tired and like my run was going to be lethargic-feeling. So I'm glad that I waited. I ended up running 2.8M in 20:45, around 7:30 pace. It was an out-and-back run: 10:30 out and 10:15 back. Nothing too special about the distance or time, but with it being mostly downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back I was excited that I came back faster. Not to mention just the overall satisfaction of getting out there today after how I felt throughout the rest of the day. And for a guy like me who tends to be very routine-based, it was nice knowing I could be successful outside my traditional daily pattern.

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I love running late at night! Late summer nights are the best for me, they always seem to be good runs no matter the distance or pace.
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