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Tip: Build strength in the weight room to build speed on the track. Learn why - NikeRunning.com

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NikeTF.com - Nike High School Track and Field   May 22nd 2012, 11:33pm

Build strength in the weight room to build speed on the track. Learn why


Even training for short events in the 100-400m range takes patience. Think beyond speed drills. For a powerful acceleration pattern you need to be able to put major force into the starting block pedals. To find that force, look to the weight room. Olympic lifting might not be as fun as running your heart out, but patience and hard work in strength training will translate into better acceleration mechanics, as well as better performance during your speed development and speed endurance workouts.


Don’t expect PRs overnight. Improving strength, acceleration form and speed takes time. Focus on the process of becoming faster rather than the times you’re running: Take the time to learn correct lifting form and perform as many reps as it takes to really work your muscles. Improvement in speed will follow.



*Coach Jay's advice is provided as general training information. Use at your own risk. Always consult with your own heath care provider for questions relating to your specific training and nutrition.

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