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Results for the Weekend of 1/23/10

Published by
Martin Bingisser   on Jan 24 2010, 05:30 PM

UPDATE: On Sunday, Steffen Nerdal (Memphis) improved his nation-leading mark to 22.81m. That mark ads a foot to both his season best and personal best.According to the school's press release Memphis head Coach Kevin Robinson said "He is under a significant training load and I hate to even try to estimate where he will be at come NCAA Championship time. He is on fire and he is dominating everything he does right now. When he peaks, barring injuries, he is going to be amazing." Nerdal added that "It is really exciting to be at this point and I am way ahead of where I thought I would be at this point,” Nerdal said. “Obviously, a personal record in January is amazing. It is comforting to get a good mark this early in the season. I went home to Norway for four weeks to train over Christmas break. I was able to train well and work on the explosive stuff and I am always trying to get faster and stronger. I guess that training paid off today. I am still playing around with the weight and we will get serious with that closer to the NCAA Championships."

Walter Henning (LSU) threw the NCAA automatic qualifying mark in his first meet of the season on Friday.  You can watch the throw here.  NCAA outdoor champion Marcel Lomnicky (Virginia Tech) also opened up his season over the weekend, throwing a personal best of 21.24m.  Lomnicky's previous best was 20.99m at last year's NCAA indoor championships.  John Freeman (Georgia) also threw a new best for the second straight weekend.

Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois), last week's CollegeHammer.com Athlete of the Week, continues to impress the country.  She improved her personal best two feet last week and added another two feet this week.  Her new best of 21.34m was the top mark in the country this weekend, better than both D'Ana McCarty and Jere' Summers from Louisville.

In addition to collegiate results, I've also compiled some of the best post-collegiate results from the weekend.

Collegiate Men's Weight Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result            
  1 Steffen Nerdal            SR Memphis                 22.81m   74-10.00
  2 Walter Henning            JR LSU                     21.76m   71-04.75 (watch here)
  3 Marcel Lomnicky           SO Virginia Tech           21.24m   69-08.25
  4 John Freeman              SR Georgia                 20.62m   67-08.00
  5 Mike Zajac                JR South Carolina          20.29m   66-07.00
  6 Shallow Adonson           JR Southeast Louisiana     20.07m   65-10.25
  7 Brad Millar               SR DePaul                  20.03m   65-08.75
  8 Michael Lauro             SO LSU                     19.95m   65-05.50
  9 Ben Bishop                JR SIU-Edwardsville        19.84m   65-01.25
 10 KP Singh                  JR Oklahoma                19.81m   65-00.00
 11 Timothy Morse             SR Radford                 19.76m   64-10.00
 12 Aaron Falk                SR Hillsdale (D2)          19.72m   64-08.00
 13 Dimitrios Fylladitakis    JR UTEP                    19.64m   64-05.25
 14 Oliver Whaley             JR BYU                     19.59m   64-03.25
 15 Alexander Ziegler         FR Virginia Tech           19.44m   63-09.50
 16 Branislav Danis           SR Georgia                 19.32m   63-04.75
 17 Tony Connor               SR Kent State              19.30m   63-04.00
 18 Joshua Williams           SR Indiana State           19.30m   63-04.00
 19 Matt McHugh               JR Illinois                19.27m   63-02.75
 20 Patrick Onye              FR Indiana                 19.17m   62-10.75
 21 Joe Paradiso              SR Southern Illinois       19.14m   62-09.50
 22 Micah Hegerle             FR Minnesota               19.06m   62-06.50
 23 Drew Frizzell             JR Central Missouri (D2)   19.05m   62-06.00
 24 Brandon Colbert           JR Southeast Missouri      19.04m   62-05.75
Cutoff: 19.00m

Post Collegiate Men's Weight Throw  
========================================================================== Name Affiliation Result ========================================================================== 1 Cory Martin Nike 23.36m 76-07.75 2 Jake Freeman Unattached 22.78m 74-09.00 3 Garland Porter Unattached 22.53m 73-11.00 4 Libor Charfrietag Mizuno 21.86m 71-08.75 Collegiate Women's Weight Throw ========================================================================== Name Year School Result ========================================================================== 1 Jeneva McCall SO Southern Illinois 21.34m 70-00.25 2 D'Ana McCarty JR Louisville 20.93m 68-08.00 3 Jere' Summers SR Louisville 20.70m 67-11.00 4 Rickael Roach JR Southern Illinois 20.13m 66-00.50 5 Kelsey Hanley JR Indiana State 19.63m 64-05.00 6 Nikola Lomnicka SO Georgia 19.50m 63-11.75 (watch here) 7 Frednisha Marshall SR Stephen F. Austin 19.48m 63-11.00 8 Faith Sherrill JR Indiana 19.30m 63-04.00 9 Irene Cooper SR Western Michigan 19.17m 62-10.75 10 Gwen Berry JR Southern Illinois 19.10m 62-08.00 11 Mallory Barnes JR Dayton 18.76m 61-06.75 12 Victoria Flowers SO Connecticut 18.76m 61-06.75 13 Olga Ciura JR Southern Illinois 18.64m 61-02.00 14 Felisha Johnson FR Indiana State 18.60m 61-00.25 15 Stavey Wannemacher SR Purdue 18.59m 61-00.00 16 Samia Stokes JR LSU 18.51m 60-08.75 17 Jordyn Brown SR Texas 18.43m 60-05.75 18 Kelly Closse SO S. Plains College (JC) 18.43m 60-05.75 19 Tara Cooper JR Ashland (D2) 18.42m 60-05.25 20 Johanne Verpil SR Wisconsin 18.42m 60-05.25 21 Ayla Gill SO SMU 18.37m 60-03.25 22 Alesha Asiejie JR Georgia 18.37m 60-03.25 23 Sara Neubauer SR Air Force 18.18m 59-07.75 24 Amanda Murphy JR Montana State 18.08m 59-04.00 25 Kristy Woods SO Buffalo 18.04m 59-02.25 Cutoff: 18.00m Post Collegiate Women's Weight Throw
========================================================================== Name Affiliation Result ========================================================================== 1 Amber Campell Nike/Mjolnir 23.42m 76-10.00 2 Erin Gilreath Asics/NYAC 20.84m 68-04.50

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