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NCAA Championships Men's Preview and Final Rankings

Published by
Martin Bingisser   Jun 8th 2010, 6:24am

Unlike the women's competition, there are few big changes in my men's final rankigns. Results were all over the place at regionals, but the top throwers all moved through with the exception of Conor McCullough (Princeton) who did not compete at regionals.

This competition is almost two close to call. A case can be made for all of the top four to win the meet. Marcel Lomnicky (Virginia Tech) is the defending champion, has a history of peaking well, and has the best mark in the NCAA this year. Walter Henning (LSU) won the indoor title in March and has been the most consistent thrower this spring. Steffen Nerdal (Memphis) recently broke 72-meters for the first time and has a tendancy to throw personal bests at past NCAA meets. And, while I started to write off Alexander Ziegler (Virginia Tech) last week, he proved me wrong and showed he is returning to form after all by winning the East Regional and beating all the other favorites with a season best throw of 71.35m.

The only favorite that improved his case at regionals was Ziegler; the rest just turned in so-so performances that are hard to draw any conclusions from. As a result, I'm leaving my predictions relativly unchanged in this edition, with the exception of Ziegler moving up a few spots.

After the top four, the field is wide open. More than a dozen throwers sit between 65 and 68 meters. Some have been consistent, others haven't and we always give the edge to those that are consistent. When it comes down to championship time, it's more likely that the consistent thrower will continue to be consistent. While big personal bests and fluke throws always happen, we're thinking that the consistency shown by some of the West region qualifiers will put them in the top eight.

Rank Name School SB Previous
 1  Marcel Lomnicky  Virginia Tech  74.83m  1
 2  Walter Henning  LSU  72.98m  2
 3  Alexander Ziegler  Virginia Tech  71.35m  5
 4  Steffen Nerdal  Memphis  72.04m  4
 5  Trey Henderson  Virginia Tech  67.63m  6
 6  Dimitrios Fylladitakis  UTEP  68.82m  -
 7  Jason Lewis  Arizona State  67.07m  -
 8  James Rogan  Idaho  67.55m  7

Dropped from rankings: Conor McCullough (Princeton) (4); Branislav Danis (Georgia) (8).

Men Hammer Throw Offical Entries
     Name                 Year School           Seed   SB    
  1  Alexander Ziegler      FR VA Tech          71.35m 71.35m
  2  Steffen Nerdal         SR Memphis          68.23m 72.04m
  3  Walter Henning         JR LSU              67.72m 72.98m
  4  Marcel Lomnicky        SO VA Tech          67.55m 74.83m
  5  Jason Lewis            SR Az State         66.31m 67.07m
  6  Trey Henderson         JR USC              66.13m 67.63m
  7  Dimitrios Fylladitakis JR UTEP             65.78m 68.82m
  8  Adonson Shallow        SR SE Louisiana     65.76m 67.07m
  9  James Rogan            SR Idaho            65.52m 67.55m
 10  Zack Midles            SR Washington       64.81m 64.81m
 11  Michael Lauro          SO LSU              64.48m 66.36m
 12  Oliver Whaley          JR BYU              64.09m 64.09m
 13  KP Singh               JR Oklahoma         63.87m 65.69m
 14  Jordan Stray           JR Oregon           63.79m 66.36m
 15  Brad Millar            SR DePaul           63.73m 66.13m
 16  Branislav Danis        SR Georgia          63.53m 68.25m
 17  Timothy Morse          SR Radford          63.30m 65.70m
 18  J.C. Lambert           SO S. Illinois      63.22m 63.23m
 19  Mike Zajac             JR S. Carolina      63.14m 64.31m
 20  Matej Muza             SR VA Tech          62.56m 65.68m
 21  Matthew Gac            SR Buffalo          61.99m 61.99m
 22  Beau Whitney           SR Idaho            61.84m 62.52m
 23  Zach Berg              SR Clemson          61.65m 64.19m
 24  Hans Eriksson          SR UTEP             61.61m 63.23m

The CollegeHammer.com rankings are subjective and take into account the following factors: head-to-head record versus top rivals, season's best, previous big meet performances (i.e. peaking ability), recent performances, consistency, personal best, as well as other factors.

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