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2012 LIVE Webcast - USA 1 Mile Championships

 Thanks for watching the


 2012 USA 1 Mile Champs Webcast!

USA 1 Mile Road Championships



Start Time


Friends & Family Wave (all ages & abilities)

6:50 p.m.


Corporate Team Challenge Wave

7:04 p.m.


MN Team Circuit Championship Wave**

7:16 p.m.


Masters Wave (40 & over)

7:24 p.m.


Open Wave

7:39 p.m.


LIVE - USA 1 Mile Road Championship - Women***

7:53 p.m.


LIVE - USA 1 Mile Road Championship - Men***

8:03 p.m.

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26 comment(s)
full results are posted - http://www.runnerspa...o&event_id=2513
Sorry again about the women's race... The bike we were riding on for the earlier races wouldn't start so Kevin had to stop the feed and help push the bike to jump start it... Then it was a scramble to get everything working again. Just thought you would like to hear some of the fun action that goes on with live webcasts.
Vashon Islander
Thanks for the races, everyone!
Hi guys, had to postpone the live postrace interviews until after the awards since our cable snapped right after the race... I have never seen an hdmi cable snap before... sorry about that.
Chris Nickinson
Once again, top 3 men, 1st Craig Miller, 2nd Aaron Braun and 3rd Scott Smith #USARC
Chris Nickinson
Top 3 women: 1st Heather Kampf, 2nd Alisha Williams, 3rd Danielle Tauro #USARC
I get that this USARC intro is awesome, but how about some post race interviews?
Some results of that women's race would be grand...
Chris Nickinson
We will have results asap.
Chris Nickinson
Craig MIler, Aaron Braun and Scott Smith 1 2 3 #USARC
Chris Nickinson
Craig Miller charging! Braun reacts! #USARC
Chris Nickinson
3:06 at 3/4 Smith and Braun #USARC
Chris Nickinson
2:05 at 1/2 for men #USARC
Chris Nickinson
Mens race 62 at 1/4 #USARC
Chris Nickinson
Horn, Mack and Braun lead early on #USARC
Chris Nickinson
We've got the mobile camera back up; 1 minute to men's race! #USARC
Make sure you have a few backups for tomorrow at Oxy. Something always seems to happen.
for sure, it's much easier when you aren't on the back of a bike, but we will have three backups tomorrow instead of two.
Well, at least we got great coverage of the meaningless races before the championships.... :-\
Chris Nickinson
Heather Kampf wins the women's #USARC 1 mile championship!
ummmm....that's not good
Vashon Islander
OK, there it is, thanks!
Chris Nickinson
We will show the USA Championships in their entirety.
Vashon Islander
Where is the link for the finish line camera?
Are they showing any of the races leading up to the Championships?
The mile always seems to have the most exciting races, it's too bad David Torrence isn't here to try and four-peat.
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