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Athlete Blogs - Marshall Dillon - Gunning for the Top - DyeStatFL

Added: Sep 15th, 3:10pm in: Athlete Features
Greetings fellow coaches, athletes, and all those looking forward to the 2015 cross country season! I hope that everyone has had good summers and are feeling very confident in their training heading into the season. I know both I and my team here at Ch... [Read More]
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The Halls Adopt Four Ethiopian Sisters

Added: Sep 13th, 7:00pm in: Athlete Features
Our Journey to Becoming a Family
Published by Ryan and Sara Hall on September 8, 2015

We are excited to introduce you to our four beautiful daughters: Hana (15), Mia (13), Jasmine (8) and Lily (5)!... [Read More]
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Grant Fisher: Alive and Well - - Stanford University

Added: Sep 10th, 7:56pm in: Athlete Features
Grant Fisher: Alive and Well
Published by David Kiefer/Stanford SID on September 10, 2015

Grant Fisher arrived at Stanford on August 27 with an accomplishment unprecedented in high school running – no one else has won two Foot Locker national ... [Read More]
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Things to Know About Vaulter Sandi Morris

Added: Sep 8th, 4:45pm in: Athlete Features
Sandi Cheeks
Published by SPIKES on September 8, 2015

American pole vaulter Sandi Morris is, in her own words, “a busy bee”. So we were not disappointed when we caught up with the University of Arkansas graduate and wound ... [Read More]
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Siberia's Shubenkov Rises to the Top

Added: Sep 8th, 4:28pm in: Athlete Features
Sergey Shubenkov, Hot Hurdler From a Cold Climate
Published by IAAF on September 8, 2015

When Sergey Shubenkov settled into his blocks for the heats of the 110m hurdles at the IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2015, his mind was laced with doub... [Read More]
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RSNV Interview With Austin Rogers

Added: Sep 2nd, 3:42am in: Athlete Features

... [Read More]
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Athlete Blogs - Krissy Gear #1 - Shifting into High Gear - DyeStatFL 2015

Added: Aug 31st, 10:01pm in: Athlete Features
Hey DyeStatFL! My name is Krissy Gear and I’ll be a junior at Fort Myers High School this year. I hope everyone’s summer and summer training has been nothing short of fantastic. Shout out to my dawg Robert Brown for giving me the opportunit... [Read More]
Seeded by: DyeStatFL
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Track Capital #NewHogs Summer Series: Claudia Verstraten | Arkansas Razorbacks

Added: Aug 29th, 6:59pm in: Athlete Features
Track Capital #NewHogs Summer Series: Claudia Verstraten
Published by Joy Ekema-Agbaw on August 28, 2015

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The child of a sprinter and distance runner, Arkansas freshman Claudia Verstraten was blessed with the best... [Read More]
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