Walt Murphy says, "Welcome Back, DyeStat!"

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Mar 1st 2013, 12:22am | 147202 views

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Thanks to Ross Krempley and the rest of the crew at, DyeStat, the innovative and popular website that helped pull together the high school T&F community in the U.S., is back in business, using the same familiar URL: (just in time for next week's New Balance Indoor Nationals!).

John Dye, who created the site in 1997 to see how his children, high jumper Derek and pole vaulter Natalie, compared to other preps in their respective events, is enjoying retirement in Las Vegas with his wife, Donna, who added an important feature to the site once it became national. “Donna on the Side,” featuring pictures she took of athletes and their families, added a human element to the results portion of the site.

In an email to Krempley, John Dye wrote, “This means a lot to me, Donna, Derek, and Natalie as well as all the others who helped build DyeStat over the years. Thanks very much. I know DyeStat is in good hands now. Yes, we...feel proud of what you have done to make DyeStat live again.”

Krempley points out that “It’s a work in progress,” but long-time visitors to DyeStat will see many of their old favorite sections, including TFX rankings and the ever-popular TrackTalk message boards.

Welcome back!

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Walt Murphy is the Man. He deserves many, many "rep points."
good to see dystat back in the groove
When it comes to the internet, anything pre-2000 is definitely "history."

Exciting to read stuff like this. I'm excited that RS has their ear to the ground of running and "history" (is it fair to call something less than twenty years old "history"??) of the sport, especially at the high school level.
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