Deena Kastor Blog: The Ultimate Refreshment

Published by Coach Matt
Sep 18th 2010, 5:30am | 1278 views

I left Mammoth at 6 am on Saturday with the temperature hovering at 32 degrees. When I arrived in Las Vegas it was 101 degrees and I was in a long wool sweater. Hot. I couldn’t wait to get into light running clothes and shake my legs out. It made me reflect on all the years of traveling and how running was what I looked forward to most when I arrived at my destination.  Whether the flight was 14 hours or 45 minutes, a post-travel run was always a great reward.


Once I started my watch I could get some fresh air rather than breath in the recycled air of planes or the stale smell of jet fuel throughout the airports. My first few minutes are always uncomfortable as I shake out the travel tightness, but soon enough I am in full stride and relishing the freedom that comes with this sport. Not only did my body benefit from getting some fresh air, I also found running a great way to sight-see and get my bearings in a new place.

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