2011 Schedule - New Balance Indoor Nationals

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New Balance Indoor Nationals

March 11, 2011
        TRACK EVENTS    
10:00am         EE 60m H     Trials
10:45am         EE 60m     Trials
11:25am         EE 2 Mile     Final
12:15pm         EE 4x800m     Final
1:00pm         EE 60m H     Final
1:10pm         EE 60m     Final
1:20pm         EE 400m     Final (sections)
2:05pm         EE 800     Final
2:55pm         EE 200m     Trials
3:40pm         EE 4x200m     Final
4:15pm         EE Mile     Final
5:00pm         EE 200m     Final
5:10pm         EE 4x400m     Final
5:45pm         G – Distance Medley     Final
6:15pm         B – Distance Medley     FINAL
6:45pm         G - 5000 meters     FINAL
7:30pm         B - 5000 meters     FINAL
        FIELD EVENTS    
9:00am         G – EE Shot Put     FINAL
9:00am         G – EE Long Jump     FINAL
10:00am         G – EE Pole Vault     FINAL
12:00pm         B – EE Shot Put     FINAL
12:00pm         B – EE Long Jump     FINAL
12:30pm         G – EE High Jump     FINAL
1:00pm         B – EE Pole Vault     FINAL
3:00pm         G – EE Triple Jump     FINAL
3:00pm         G – EE Weight Throw     FINAL
3:00pm         B – EE High Jump     FINAL
6:00pm         B – EE Triple Jump     FINAL
6:00pm         B – EE Weight Throw     FINAL
6:00pm         G – High Jump     FINAL
March 12, 2011
    60m Hurdles     G – 8:15am     B – 8:00am
    Shot Put     G – 9:15am (estimated)     B – 11:15am (estimated)
    Long Jump     G – 10:30am (estimated) (pit 1)     B – 9:15am (estimated) (pit 2)
    High Jump     G - 12:30pm (estimated) (pit 1)     B – 1:15pm (estimated) (pit 2)
    800m / 1000m     G – 2:30pm (estimated)     B – 3:15pm (estimated)
        TRACK EVENTS    
8:30am         60m Dash     G/B Trials
9:15am         60m Hurdles     G/B Trials
10:05am         B – Shuttle Hurdles     FINAL
10:35am         G – Shuttle Hurdles     FINAL
11:05am         G – 4x200m Relay     Trials
11:25am         B – 4x200m Relay     Trials
11:45am         G – 4x1 Mile Relay     FINAL
12:35pm         B – 4x1 Mile Relay     FINAL
1:20pm         G – Sprint Medley     FINAL
1:50pm         B – Sprint Medley     FINAL
2:20pm         G – One Mile Walk     FINAL
2:35pm         B – One Mile Walk     FINAL
2:50pm         G – 400m     Trials
3:35pm         B – 400m     Trials
4:20pm         G - Freshman 400m     FINAL
4:35pm         B - Freshman 400m     FINAL
4:50pm         Freshman 1 Mile Run     G/B FINALS
5:30pm         G – 200m     Trials
6:15pm         B – 200m     Trials
7:15pm         G – 4x800m Relay     FINAL
8:00pm         B – 4x800m Relay     FINAL
        FIELD EVENTS    
12:00noon         B – Pole Vault     FINAL Unseeded
12:00noon         B – Long Jump     FINAL
2:00pm         G – Shot Put     FINAL
3:00pm         B – Pole Vault     FINAL Seeded
4:30pm         G – Long Jump     FINAL
5:00pm         B – Shot Put     FINAL
6:00pm         B – High Jump     FINAL
March 13, 2011
        TRACK EVENTS    
9:00am         G/B – 2 Mile Runs     Unseeded sections
9:30am         800m     FINAL - all but top 2 sections
10:05am         G -- 60m Hurdles     Semis
10:15am         B -- 60m Hurdles     Semis
10:25am         G -- 60m Dash     Semis
10:35am         B -- 60m Dash     Semis
10:45am         One Mile Run     FINAL - all but top 2 sections
11:10am         G – 4x400m Relay     FINAL - all but top section
11:25am         B – 4x400m Relay     FINAL - all but top section
11:50am         Opening Ceremonies    

The time schedule in the left column from noon on is an estimate. Meet management reserves the right to run ahead of schedule. Athletes should be prepared to run their event up to 1/2 hour prior to the event's estimated start time.
12:00pm         G – 4x200m Relay     FINAL
12:08pm         B – 4x200m Relay     FINAL
12:16pm         G – 2 Mile Run     FINAL
12:31pm         B – 2 Mile Run     FINAL
12:46pm         G – 60m Hurdles     FINAL
12:54pm         B – 60m Hurdles     FINAL
1:02pm         G – 60m Dash     FINAL
1:10pm         B – 60m Dash     FINAL
1:18pm         G – 400m     FINAL
1:26pm         B – 400m     FINAL
1:34pm         G - One Mile Run     FINAL (top 2 sections only)
1:49pm         B – One Mile Run     FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:04pm         G - 800m     FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:16pm         B – 800m     FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:28pm         G – 200m     FINAL
2:34pm         B – 200m     FINAL
2:40pm         G – 4x400m Relay     FINAL (top section only)
2:48pm         B – 4x400m Relay     FINAL (top section only)
        FIELD EVENTS    
9:30am         G – Weight Throw     FINAL
10:00am         G – Pole Vault     FINAL Unseeded
10:00am         B – Triple Jump     FINAL
12:30pm         B – Weight Throw     FINAL
1:00pm         G – Triple Jump     FINAL
1:00pm         G – Pole Vault     FINAL Seeded

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