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Jan 25th 2009, 1:37am | 778 views
Doug Logan

Video interview with USATF CEO Doug Logan

For nearly six months, new USATF CEO Doug Logan has put his stamp on how he would like to see the sports of track and field, cross country and road racing run in the United States. From a complete overhaul of the organization to increasing the visibility of the sport, Logan has taken hold of the preverbial reigns and run USATF into a new direction.

While Logan has discussed his new vision for USATF and every aspect of the sporting world it encompasess, many questions remain unanswered. Well, here at Trackshark we've booked a two-hour interview with Mr. Logan and would like to make you apart of the Q&A. We have our questions, but we know you have yours. We'd like all of you to send in your questions for Mr. Logan, no matter how tough they might be, as we'll select many of them to act throughout the course of the interview.

In less than a week we'll take the trip down to Indianapolis, conducting the interview on Tuesday, January 27. In the meantime, please submit your questions via the form below. We may or may not use your questions, but the larger the field of questions the better the interview will be. We want the tough questions, the hard questions that the fans of the sport want answered and Mr. Logan wants to answer as well.

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