Catching Up With Ben True

Published by Scott Bush
Sep 14th 2012, 3:11pm | 7599 views
Ben True - U.S. 5k Championships

Former Dartmouth All-American Ben True won the U.S. 5k Championships in 2011, outkicking Aaron Braun to the line, breaking the tape a mere one second ahead of Braun and finishing in a very good time of 13:43. Struggling earlier this summer with what was diagnosed as Lyme disease, True managed to line up at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, finishing sixth in the 5k and 12th in the 10k. Currently training in New Hampshire, we caught up with True this week to discuss his illness, his current training situation and his expectations for this weekend.


Scott Bush (SB): You had some health issues you were dealing with at the Trials. Can you talk about the illness leading up to the Trials and how it affected you?

 Ben True (BT): I was very sick leading up to the trials. It was terrible timing. I couldn't train (or run) for two weeks leading into the races. Complete body shut down.  

SB: How was the recovery process post-Trials and what have you been up to since then?

BT: Luckily I was able to get on antibiotics immediately after the race and quickly returned to health. I went over to Europe and ran a few races before coming back to the US for some R and R.

SB: Last year you won the U.S. 5k Championships. This year, the field field is even more loaded. What are your expectations heading into the race?

BT: I honestly haven't seen the starting list, but I am sure there will be a great field. I am just coming back to training after some time off, but with that said, whenever I toe a starting line I have the aspirations to win.

SB: You strike a nice balance between road racing and track racing. Do you see yourself starting to transition over to the road full time starting next year? Maybe tackle the marathon?

BT: No. Road races are fun, but I am a track racer and will stay on the track. I think eventually I will run some marathons, but not for a few years. I have a lot of goals and aspirations on the track before moving up to the marathon.

SB: You are part of the In the Arena training group in Vermont. Could you talk a little about the group and what its mission is?

BT: Yes. While I am currently apart of In The Arena, an organization that helps support athletes in return for the athletes volunteering in their local community, the training group no longer exists. In The Arena is a national program that sponsors athletes in all Olympic sports. In The Arena believes in using athletes to provide positive role models to children in need in their communities.  

Personally, I helped found and currently coach a middle school running program in a school with very limited athletic opportunities.

SB: What is your current training situation? Is Tim Broe still your coach?

BT: I currently train alone in New Hampshire, but Tim Broe is still coaching me.

SB: You were quite the cross-country skier in high school and college. Do you still competitively ski or is that something you're holding off on now as you focus on being the best professional runner you can be?

BT: No, I no longer competitive ski. Once I graduated from college I gave up skiing to focus on and pursue running to its highest level.

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