A Chemist, School Teacher, and Track Star who has a beautiful smile!

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Destiny Woodbury


Education, family, and athletics are the first loves of Ms. Destiny Woodbury.  She is a middle school science teacher, speaks with her grandmother (Ella Mae) everyday, and is completing the hard work that is necessary to become a better athlete in her chosen sport of track and field.


Woodbury, at 24 years of age, states, “Life is great!  I can’t believe that I am a homeowner, with family in Rhode Island who I’m supporting the best way I can, and that I am still single.”  A scholar-athletic track and field star at the University of Rhode Island, she competed well while in college, setting numerous URI and New England collegiate records.


Unfortunately, during her post-collegiate training days she’s suffered through several injuries in 2008 and 2009 with IT-band, hip, and hamstring troubles being the major issues for her.  She states, “During my competitive years in high school and college I’d never been injured before, and as a result, its been tough years for me in both 2008 and 2009.  But it’s going to be a great year for me in 2010 because I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work and develop very close relationships with my track coaches and teammates who have help rehabilitate me back to normal health.”


Woodbury was featured in the book, “100 Heroes: People in Sports Who Make This a Better World”.  This book highlights her plight as a young girl growing up in a single parent family, one where her mom (Tanya) was in charge.  It goes on to share how Tanya had a drug addiction, and how this habit was what eventually contributed to the lost of her life.  Leaving Destiny, and her siblings (brother – Larry, and sister – Jasmin) to their own devices of needing to take care of themselves.  Thank goodness for grandma Ella Mae who stepped in to earn custody of the children while they were still at a very young age.  But in spite of the tough times (Destiny had once been a member of a shelter for 2 ½ months while living with her mom), she did learn how to be a leader.  She states, “My mom told me if you start something, you better finish it.  I recall that my mother was always smiling, even when she was having a hard time with her drug habit, and her personal life.  I’m a much stronger person as a result of my mothers presence.”  She continues, “My nana (the word she uses for her grandma), taught me everything, to stand up for myself, and that if you want something, then go get it.  She still calls me daily giving me continued encouragement, along with both her knowledge and wisdom.  She has an amazing spirit, one of love, prayer, and kindness.  I remember this being the case for me, and my siblings as we grew up under her leadership.  I love her dearly for this.  She should receive an award for everything that she did, and continues to do for us today.”


As for Woodbury, she continues to make a wonderful impact on our society-at-large by teaching science to middle school students, and by donating her time as a volunteer at a food kitchen.  Woodbury states, “Hunger, violence, drugs in our society gets me frustrated and I want to make it go away”.  She continues, “I do what I can to help our society, this makes me feel better inside, and I have not forgotten where I came from which causes me to want to help as much as one person can.”


Writing poetry serves as an outlet for her and running track is her solace.  Woodbury states, “It is just me and the track.  I use running as motivation for wanting to reach my goal of becoming a track and field athlete that hopes to qualify to participate as a competitor for the USA in the 2012 Olympics.”


And, what advice would you give to other women who want to reach for the stars?  She states, “Stay positive, believe in yourself, keep working hard, be happy, keep moving, do not let people stop you from reaching your goal, use the negative to turn it to positive, stay humble, and pray for guidance.”


It’s not so difficult to understand why Destiny Woodbury has become an inspiration to all that truly know her.  After all, she is a chemist, a schoolteacher, and a track star with a beautiful smile.  Can you just imagine if the rest of the world would follow the example of this shining star, and follow her philosophy of hard work?  I know that that world [which I hope that we’d all want to live in] would definitely be a better place for all of us because of her.


You go Destiny!



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