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Dec 7th 2012, 8:20pm | 29764 views

EUGENE, OR, 12/7/2012 – RunnerSpace has partnered up with John Dye and is the new owner of the pioneer high school track web site DyeStat, it was announced today by RunnerSpace president Ross Krempley and DyeStat founder John Dye.

The new site hosted by RunnerSpace will feature the TFX performance ranking system and archives of DyeStat coverage since 1999.  Details will be announced soon.

DyeStat started in 1996 as a weekly newsletter covering high school track in Western Maryland, including track dad Dye’s son Derek (high jumper) and daughter Natalie (pole vaulter) at Middletown MD high school.  After Derek and Natalie won Maryland championships in 1997, DyeStat became the first national web site for high school track.  It featured the first current and deep national rankings, the DyeStat Elite 100, and on-site coverage of all major meets across the country.

In 2004, DyeStat was purchased by Student Sports of Torrance, Calif., which in turn was purchased by ESPN in 2008.  When ESPN closed it's high school sites in September of this year, Dye reacquired DyeStat assets.  

Dye said, “As I retire from active coverage of high school track, I am delighted to hand the DyeStat baton to Ross Krempley.  He shares my passion for the sport and brings new energy to it.  He expands recognition of the deserving young men and women in the best high school sport.”

Krempley said, "The staff is very excited and honored that John Dye has faith in us to keep the DyeStat brand and archives alive going forward!  Everyone on our team has grown up with DyeStat and have always looked up to them as the go to source for high school cross country and track & field, so partnering up on this was a perfect fit for us.  DyeStat has archives of countless moments that defined our sport going back to 1999, so losing all of that amazing content and history from the sport was going to be a tragedy in our opinion.  John Dye and the whole DyeStat staff has been through a lot over the past 13 years and we will do our best to continue the traditions that made DyeStat the number one high school cross country and track & field site for over a decade.  We have a lot to sort out over the next few months, but for now, we are focused on transitioning the archives while we prep for a relaunch during this indoor season!"

To see more updates as they are released check out and

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7 comment(s)
davie g
I was Natalie Dye's teaching assistant in Physical Chemistry at the University of Maryland. That's when I found out that John Dye was her dad. I appreciated reading Dyestat throughout the years, and I will appreciate reading HS T&F on this website.
Rick Reaser
Ross: As you know I am not just a videographer, but a T&F/XC Stat Junkie. <grin> 1) Where are the DyeStat Archives? Hopefully, you will put those back up. For California our beloved (and oftentimes totally worthless) HS State Federation and its Sections deferred posting results and record keeping to DyeStatCal--expecially when it came to Section Meets. The only meets you can find on the CA State Federation/Section websites are the State T&F and XC meets. (For "real" sports like Boys Football, Basketball and Baseball, all the play off results are maintained on the Section Websites. <grin>) I was looking for some historical stuff just today. 2) What are your plans for and what will become of the TFX T&F database? Rick Reaser
A buddy of mine once said grassroots or no roots, that's the difference. It will take a caring, supportive, energetic fan base once again. Let's make Dyestat a name to be remembered with a lasting futuristic legacy. If you're a follower, what would it take to make it great once again?
mike mather
Always enjoyed John and his wife and their site. Made everyone feel like family. With John retiring this will be a great move. I hope RunnerSpace will remember what made Dyestat great and try to maintain that in the future. Remember, it's high school, not NCAA. Let the kids run amuck a little bit. It's really their fun site and generates an amazing amount of message traffic. Where else can the New York and Virginia kids talk to the California/Arizona/Oregon kids. It's fantastic!
Great comment! "Let the kids run amuck a little bit."
Don Gosney
This is some of the best news I've heard in a long time. DyeStat became the defacto source for information about high school track and cross country. It's amazing how poorly ESPN handled this site after acquiring it. It's like they were clueless. Almost from the start they took a great product and turned it into cr**.

We'll all be the better now that DyeStat is being brought back by people who know something about the sport. ESPN may know something about B-Ball, Round Ball, Small Ball and maybe even Snow Ball but they knew nothing about high school track and field and cross country. And worse yet, they never seemed to understand how little they knew or sought help from people that actually DID know something.

I look forward to the new DyeStat.
Well put! All of us here at RS are tracknerds, so hopefully we can do it justice! Happy to hear any input. Just post ideas, concerns, must haves etc here in the comments.
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