Coming Soon...Dyestat Illinois

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Dec 31st 2012, 2:46pm | 5024 views

Coming soon…Dyestat Illinois

As you know in June of 2012, ESPN decided to drop its high school website which meant dropping Dyestat.  A stripped down version of Dyestat (Dyetrack) was brought back for the fall cross country season with efforts to obtain funding for the site.

At the beginning of November, John Dye announced ceasing operations for Dyestat.

A few weeks ago, RunnerSpace announced the acquisition of the Dyestat name and all of the assets connected with it including the Dyestat and Dyestat IL domain names, the Dyestat archives, and the Dyestat TFX database.

I am happy to announce in 2013 that Dyestat Illinois will be back…better than ever!

A launch date has not been determined yet for Dyestat Illinois but hopes are to have the website up and running by the end of January.

This will not be the same Dyestat Illinois that closed its doors last August. There will be new features that will be introduced in the first few weeks after the site is open. Along with that, we will give you coverage of both Boys and Girls Track & Field in Illinois starting with the indoor season in February and culminating with unprecedented state meet coverage from Charleston in May.

We also are hoping to have the TFX database that you love and enjoy up and running by the end of January.

Illinois Prep Harrier will still be around but will be reconfigured. Stay tuned for news on that. One feature that you liked from the fall season, Monday Morning Finish Line, will move to Dyestat Illinois.

I am excited for what the 2013 season will bring and the stories that Dyestat Illinois will be able to bring you.

If you have any comments or things that you would like to see on the new Dyestat Illinois, please contact me at

Michael Newman

Editor – Dyestat IL

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