2012 Nevada NIAA State Track and Field Championships / Boys 100M

Published by shortCHINESEguy
May 20th 2012, 2:34pm | 1,506 views
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Bonanza runner leans across the finish line to claim the fastest HS runner in Nevada.


Honestly I don't know why they coined the 100m at the yard stick to measure the fastest man ( the 400m would be my logical choice with three attributes of speed, endurance, distance in the mix)


When I watch the 100m I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry commented.. what it might be like to train for four years or how ever long to get to the Olympics finals for the 100m and only to lose by "fill in the blank" by that much.


Well.. when there is a better example of  law of diminishing returns for practice time to get that .01 sec faster I want to know about it.The short distance sprints got to be it.  


It is so unpredicable.  Controlled explosion from the starting blocks and only fraction of a senton (Battleship Galactica) to make it right.


Nonetheless.. my admiration to the athletes whose need for speed and can flat out chase you down deservingly can have the Fastest Man title.  No arguments here.


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