2012 Nevada NIAA State Track and Field Championships / Boys 300M Hurdles

Published by shortCHINESEguy
May 24th 2012, 2:53am | 1,535 views
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If there were to have a ranking of the top highlights at the 2012 Nevada NIAA Track & Field Championships.. argruably the Boys 300m hurdles would be it for the drama at the finish line.


Reno"s Nick Norton had a sizable lead heading into the last hurdle.. and tragedy happened.


Nick kicked (yes.. kicked) the top of the hurdle and almost flipped the barrier. Down goes Nick.. and like a gymnastic tumbler, he had the sense to pick himself up.and barely beat the next runner to the finish line.


At first I didn't believe what was happening.. It was almost like slow motion as all the other runners seems to have stopped to witness the fall.. and as Nick picked himself up, the race seemed to resume like nothing happened.


Simply amazing.. there must be a video out there to adequately describe the sequence of events. My camera images doesn't do it justice.


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